Papers from 2011

Stocking Up: Securing our marine economy, Laura Eadie and Caroline Hoisington

ABF Information Series Number 8: Mental health, Kathy Eagar, Philip Burgess, and Harvey Whiteford

Improving the allocative and dynamic efficiency of health care in NSW, Kathy Eagar, Alan G. Owen, Peter D. Samsa, and Cristina J. Thompson

Revision of a method to measure growth in subacute care beds for the purposes of the national partnership agreement on improving public hospital services: draft final report, Kathy Eagar, Cristina J. Thompson, Frances D. Simmonds, Patrick E. Steele, Kerry C. Innes, and Jennifer P. McNamee


Subacute care classification, costing and funding project: project plan, Robert Gordon and D Mazeska

Classifying, costing and funding sub-acute services in NSW: final report, Robert Gordon, Patrick E. Steele, and Janette P. Green

From school to...? - Post school programs for school leavers with disabilities in 2011, Janette P. Green, Megan B. Blanchard, and Alan G. Owen

A Draft Strategic Framework for Institutional Strengthening in Fisheries Management and Development, Quentin Hanich, Ian Bertram, Maruia Kamatie, Mbwenea Teioki, and Alistair McIlgorm

A Scoping Study into Timor Leste Legislation and Policies Relating to Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Quentin Hanich and Martin Tsamenyi

Investigation of material properties and behaviour of coal for DEM, David B. Hastie and Andrew P. Grima


Centrelink Prosecutions at the Employment/Benefit Nexus: A Case Study of Wollongong, Freda Hui, Lee Moerman, and Kathy Rudkin


Subject coordinators: Leading professional development for sessional staff, Geraldine Lefoe, Dominique Parrish, Janne Malfroy, and Jo McKenzie

The United Nations and mass atrocity prevention: A review of current and potential capacity, Deborah Mayersen, Marissa Dooris, and Briony Lipton


Legacies and prevention of genocide and mass atrocities in the Asia-Pacific: A workshop report, Deborah Mayersen, Julia Mangelsdorf, and Aishath Latheef

Snowy River Recovery - Snowy flow response monitoring and modelling: Physical response to the spring 2010 environmental flow release to the Snowy River estuary, Errol McLean and Jon Hinwood

Asthma management program: Fourth evaluation progress report, Karen Quinsey, David L. Fildes, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Peter D. Samsa, Robert Gordon, James P. Dawber, and Darcy Morris

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program Evaluation: National Workshop and Webinars Report, Karen Quinsey, Darcy Morris, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Heather Yeatman, Wendy S. Nielsen, Deanne Condon-Paoloni, and David L. Fildes

Evaluation of the Asthma Management Program: mid-term review report: Volume 1, Karen Quinsey, Alan G. Owen, Robert Gordon, James P. Dawber, David L. Fildes, Peter D. Samsa, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Darcy Morris, Cristina J. Thompson, and Kathy Eagar

Cancer Australia National Lung Cancer Program: Evaluation Tools Compendium, Peter D. Samsa, Cristina J. Thompson, and Kathy Eagar

Validation and clinical translation of the revised continence and patient satisfaction tools: Final report, Janet E. Sansoni, Graeme Hawthorne, Nick Marosszeky, Kate H. Moore, Glenn Fleming, and Elisabeth A Owen

Maritime Energy Resources in Asia: Rising Tensions over Critical Marine Resources (NBR Special Report no.35, pp1-10), Clive H. Schofield

From Disputed Waters to Seas of Opportunity: Overcoming Barriers to Maritime Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia (NBR Special Report no.30), Clive H. Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, Hasjim Djalal, Ian Storey, Meredith Miller, and Tim Cook


Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission Project on People with Cognitive and Mental Health Impairment in the NSW Criminal Justice System, Linda Roslyn Steele

Ambulance service of NSW: responding to mental health frequent callers: final report, Cristina J. Thompson, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Darcy Morris, Alan G. Owen, and Kathy Eagar

Ambulance Service of NSW: review the capacity of the paramedic to identify the low risk patient: final report, Cristina J. Thompson, Malcolm R. Masso, Anita B. Westera, Darcy Morris, and Kathy Eagar

Cancer Australia National Lung Cancer Program: evaluation framework, Cristina J. Thompson, Peter D. Samsa, and Kathy Eagar

Evaluation services for Cancer Australia's National Lung Cancer Program: Program logic, Cristina J. Thompson, Peter D. Samsa, and Kathy Eagar

Evaluation of the Alzheimer's Australia national quality dementia care initiative: second progress report, Cristina J. Thompson, Anita B. Westera, and Darcy Morris

Evaluation of the Alzheimer's Australia national quality dementia care initiative: first progress report, Anita B. Westera, Cristina J. Thompson, and Darcy Morris


Preliminary assessment of the handline (banca) fisheries in the Philippines (FIS/2009/033). Final Report, Ronald J. West, Mary Ann Palma, Noel Barut, Elaine Garvilles, and Desiderio Ayanan


Scaling up for New Opportunities in the Practical Use of Algae (Applied Phycology), Pia Winberg


Evaluating Microdictyon umbilicatum bloom biomass as an agricultural compost conditioner for native and commercial plants, Pia C. Winberg, Corrine DeMestre, and Stephen Wills


Seaweed cultivation pilot trials – towards culture systems and marketable products, Pia C. Winberg, Danielle Skropeta, and Alex Ullrich

Evaluation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program: Project Plan, Heather Yeatman, Janette P. Green, Karen Quinsey, Deanne Condon-Paoloni, Wendy S. Nielsen, and Elizabeth J. Cuthbert

Papers from 2010

Effects of solar UV radiation on terrestrial ecosystems. Patterns, mechanisms, and interactions with climate change. in Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion and its Interactions with Climate Change: 2010 Assessment , C L. Ballare, M M. Caldwell, S D. Flint, Sharon A. Robinson, and J F. Bornman

Shared care parenting arrangements since the 2006 family law reforms: Report for: Australian Government, Attorney-General's Department, Judy Cashmore, Patrick Parkinson, Ruth Weston, Roger Patulny, Gerry Redmond, Lixia Qu, Jennifer Baxter, Marianne Rajkovic, Tomasz Sitek, and Ilan Katz


Preliminary sample design for the New Zealand Health Survey 2010, Robert Graham Clark


The development of a pre-registration nursing competencies assessment tool for use across Australian universities, Patrick Crookes, Roy Brown, Phill Della, Denise Dignam, Helen Edwards, and Helen McCutcheon

Dairy effluent waste management report to Sydney Catchment Authority, Julian Fyfe and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

MFMRD Administrative Guidelines for Access and Licensing Processes for Oceanic Tuna Fisheries in Kiribati's EEZ, Quentin A. Hanich and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Review of Kiribati Access and Licensing Arrangements for Offshore Fisheries in Kiribati's EEZ, Quentin A. Hanich and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Valuing the future: the social discount rate in cost benefit analysis, Mark D. Harrison

Investigation of material properties and behaviour for DEM, David B. Hastie and Andrew P. Grima


Impacts of Tidal Barriers on the Ecology of Flood Mitigation Drain Fish Assemblages, Tom Heath and Pia C. Winberg


Environmental and Socio-Economic Considerations for Aquaculture in Jervis Bay, NSW, Alyssa Joyce, Ana M. Rubio-Zuazo, and Pia C. Winberg


Review on the use and production of algae and manufactured diets as feed for sea-based abalone aquaculture in Victoria, Lisa Kirkendale, Deborah V. Robertson-Andersson, and Pia C. Winberg


Contemporary Art, Craft and the Audience Management Report, Jennie A. Lawson

The Responsibility to Prevent: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies for Operationalisation, Deborah Mayersen


The effect of a tiered body armour system on soldier physical mobility, Gregory Peoples, Aaron Silk, Sean Notley, Laura Holland, Brooke Collier, and Daniel Lee

Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing, Peter Phipps and Lisa Slater


Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion and its Interactions with Climate Change: 2010 Assessment, Sharon A. Robinson and Stephen R. Wilson


Using an automated oyster grading machine for long-term monitoring of oyster performance, Ana M. Rubio

The outer continental shelf in the Asia-Pacific Region: Progress and prospects, Clive Schofield, Andi Arsana, and Robert Van De Poll


Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission Project on People with Cognitive and Mental Health Impairments in the Criminal Justice System, Linda Roslyn Steele

Protein interactions and behaviour in multi-protein complexes, Moeava Tehei

Memorandum of Understanding Between MFMRD and PMU, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Quentin A. Hanich


Ecological Impacts of Floodgates on Estuarine Faunal Assemblages, Pia C. Winberg and Tom Heath

Introducing computer-based documentation in residential aged care: a multi-method evaluation of success, Ping Yu

Papers from 2009


Regression analysis of probability-linked data, Ray Chambers

Engaging hard-to-reach families and children: Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2004-2009, Natasha Cortis, Ilan Katz, and Roger Patulny


Power to the People: Building Sustainable Jobs in the Illawarra: a Report for the South Coast Labour Council, Mike Donaldson, Scott Burrows, Ann Hodgkinson, Frank V. Neri, Peter Kell, Chris Gibson, Gordon Waitt, and Frank Stillwell

Stronger Families in Australia study: the impact of Communities for Children, Ben Edwards, Sarah Wise, Matthew Gray, Alan Hayes, Ilan Katz, Sebastian Misson, Roger Patulny, and Kristy Muir


Compliance review: A study undertaken to support the development of a Regional MCS Strategy for Pacific Oceanic Fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich, Colin Brown, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Marcel Kroese, Duncan Soutar, and Christian McDonald


Soft drinks, weight status and health: a review, Debra Hector, Anna Rangan, Tim Gill, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, and Victoria M. Flood

Report on 'Equivalency' under the IUU Regulation 1005/2008, Jo-Anne McCrea, Quentin A. Hanich, and Martin Tsamenyi

Discussion Paper: Australia's ability to meet the requirements of European Commission Regulation No. 1005/2008 'establishing a Community system to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, Jo-Anne McCrea, Quentin Hanich, and Martin Tsamenyi

National evaluation (2004-2008) of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2004-2009, Kristy Muir, Ilan Katz, Christiane Purcal, Roger Patulny, Saul Flaxman, David Abello, Natasha Cortis, Cathy Thomson, Ioana Oprea, Sarah Wise, Ben Edwards, Mathew Gray, and Alan Hayes

Independent evaluation of headspace: the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, interim evaluation report, Kristy Muir, Shannon McDermott, Sandra Gendera, Saul Flaxman, Roger Patulny, Tomasz Sitek, David Abello, Ioana Oprea, and Ilan Katz


The Philippines as an Archipelagic and Maritime Nation: Interests, Challenges, and Perspectives, Mary Ann Palma


Building on our strengths: a framework to reduce racial discrimination and promote diversity in Victoria, Y Paradies, L Chandrakumar, Natascha Klocker, M Frere, K Webster, G Berman, and Peter McLean


Good Practice Guidelines: Leading Teaching Teams, Alisa Percy, Gerry Lefoe, Jeannette Stirling, Rosemary Beaumont, and Kathy Rudkin


Soft drinks, weight status and health: health professional update, Anna Rangan, Debra Hector, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Victoria M. Flood, and Tim Gill

International Principles in Marine Conservation and Management, G. L. Rose, Quentin Hanich, Ruth Davis, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Afroza Begum

The South China Sea Dispute: Increasing Stakes, Rising Tensions, Clive H. Schofield and Ian Storey


Safeguarding the Stocks: A report on analytical projects to support the development of a regional MCS strategy for Pacific oceanic fisheries, Duncan Soutar, Quentin A. Hanich, Mark Korsten, Tim Jones, and Jack McCaffrie

Ying and Yang, Albert Wee Kwan Tan and Balan Sundarakani

The effects of model of care/demand management strategies on projected public sector acute and community based health services in the ACT, Cristina J. Thompson, Malcolm R. Masso, and Kathleen M. Eagar

Proposal for a Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Curriculum and Training Programme, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Quentin A. Hanich, and Mary Ann Palma


Source regions for CO2 at Cape Point assessed by modelling, 222Rn and meteorological data, S. Whittlestone, E. Kowalczyk, E.-G Brunke, and C. Labuschagne


Children's health and RF EMF exposure, Peter Wiedemann, Holger Schutz, Franziska Borner, Gabriele Berg-Beckhoff, Rodney J. Croft, Alexander Lerchl, Luc Martens, Georg Neubauer, Sabine Regel, and Michael Repacholi


Encouraging role based online learning environments - The BLUE Report, Sandra Wills, E. Rosser, E. Devonshire, E. Leight, C. Russell, and J. Shepherd


Seaweed Culture in Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture - Nutritional Benefits and Systems for Australia, Pia C. Winberg, Dilip Ghosh, and Linda Tapsell

Papers from 2008


Submission to the Independent Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Graham Bowrey and Ciorstan J. Smark


Illawarra Youth Unemployment Study: A Review of the Literature on the Causes of Youth Unemployment and Existing Policy and Program Responses, Scott Burrows


Innovative Approaches to Reducing Social Disadvantage - Social Inclusion, Scott Burrows


Aboriginal Languages Research: Impact of Learning an Aboriginal Language on Primary School Students’ Literacy in English, Paul Chandler, Caroline Haid, Caroline Jones, Kevin Lowe, and Jennifer Munro


Food, health and nutrition: where does chicken fit?, Karen E. Charlton, Yasmine Probst, Linda C. Tapsell, and Patrick J. Blackall

Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry. Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Death from Criminal Conduct [Sections 3.1-3.6 inclusive], Sharon M. Crozier-De Rosa and Karen George

The NSW Clinical Services Redesign Program: achievements and lessons, Kathleen M. Eagar, Malcolm R. Masso, Glenn Robert, and Paul Bate


A review of the empirical literature on the design of physical environments for people with dementia, Richard Fleming, Patrick A. Crookes, and Shima Sum


Carbon-centric Computing: IT Solutions for Climate Change, Aditya K. Ghose, Helen M. Hasan, and T. Spedding


Land Management and Land Cover on Land owned by Amenity Oriented Rural Landowners in Jamberoo Valley, Nicholas J. Gill, Laurie A. Chisholm, Peter Klepeis, Rohan Wickramasuriya, and John K. Marthick

Closing the Gaps: Building Capacity in Pacific Fisheries Governance and Institutions, Quentin A. Hanich, Feleti Teo, and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Analysis of the Chair's Revised Draft Text for a South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation, Quentin A. Hanich and Martin Tsamenyi

Investigations into Aerobelt Conveyor Inclinations for Alumina, David B. Hastie and Peter W. Wypych

Submission to the Review of the National Innovation System from the Innovation Research Network, Ron Johnston, Lyndal Thorburn, Don Scott-Kemmis, John Howard, Ross Chapman, Richard Seymour, Samuel Garrett-Jones, Christopher Witt, and Ian Marsh

Front-of-pack food labelling: Traffic light labelling gets the green light, B Kelly, C Hughes, K Chapman, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, H Dixon, and L King

Independent Evaluation of headspace: the National Youth Mental Health Foundation: Evaluation plan, Kristy Muir, Shannon McDermott, Ilan Katz, Roger Patulny, Saul Flaxman, and Sandra Gendera

Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers in Rural, Regional and Remote NSW, Trish Mundy


Life Journey Enhancement Tools (Life JET)., Lindsay G. Oades and T. P. Crowe