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Diversifying the use of tuna to improve food security and public health in Pacific Island countries and territories
Johann D. Bell, Valerie Allain, Edward H. Allison, S Andréfouët, Neil L. Andrew, Michael J. Batty, Michel Blanc, Jeffrey M. Dambacher, John Hampton, Quentin A. Hanich, Shelton Harley, Anne Lorrain, Michael McCoy, Nicholas McTurk, Simon Nicol, Graham Pilling, David Point, Michael K. Sharp, Paula Vivili, and Peter Williams


Not so fast! Talker variability in serial recall at standard presentation rates
Claire Mogensen, Leonie M. Miller, and Steven J. Roodenrys


Hope and emotional well-being: A six-year study to distinguish antecedents, correlates, and consequences
Joseph Ciarrochi, Philip Parker, Todd B. Kashdan, Patrick C. L Heaven, and Emma Barkus


Evaluation of a differentiation model of preschoolers' executive functions
Steven J. Howard, Anthony D. Okely, and Yvonne Ellis


Considering the history of digital technologies in education
Sarah Katherine Howard and Adrian Mozejko


Teachers: technology, change and resistance
Sarah Katherine Howard and Adrian Mozejko


Prevalence of overweight and obesity among Portuguese youth: A study in a representative sample of 1018-year-old children and adolescents
Luis B. Sardinha, Rute Santos, Susana Vale, Analiza M. Silva, Jose Pedro Ferreira, Armando M. M. Raimundo, Helena Moreira, Fatima Baptista, and Jorge Mota


Metabolic risk factors, physical activity and physical fitness in Azorean adolescents: A cross-sectional study
Carla Moreira, Rute Santos, Jose Cazuza De Farias Junior, Susana Vale, Paula Clara Santos, Luisa Soares-Miranda, Ana I. Marques, and Jorge Mota


Association between physical activity and motor skills and coordination in Portuguese children
Luis Lopes, Vitor Pires Lopes, Rute Santos, and Beatriz Pereira

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