Most Recent Additions


Progress in geant4 electromagnetic physics modelling and validation
J Apostolakis, M Asai, A Bagulya, Jeremy M. C Brown, H Burkhardt, N Chikuma, M A. Cortes-Giraldo, S Elles, V Grichine, Susanna Guatelli, Sebastian Incerti, V N. Ivanchenko, J Jacquemier, O Kadri, M Maire, L Pandola, D Sawkey, T Toshito, L Urban, and T T Yamashita


Bolstering heuristics for statistical validation of prediction algorithms
Alex F. Mendelson, Maria A. Zuluaga, Brian F. Hutton, and Sebastien Ourselin


Tuning superconductivity in FeSe thin films via magnesium doping
Wenbin Qiu, Zongqing Ma, Yongchang Liu, Md Shahriar Hossain, Xiaolin Wang, Chuanbing Cai, and S X. Dou


Effective area and charge density of chondroitin sulphate doped PEDOT modified electrodes
Alexander R. Harris, Paul J. Molino, Antonio G. Paolini, and Gordon G. Wallace


The Impact of Literature
Leigh Dale and Louise D'Arcens


Which voice? Which working class?
Terence H. Irving

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