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Early Silurian graptolites from Cadia, New South Wales
R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright


Llandovery (Early Silurian) graptolites from the Quidong Basin, NSW
R B. Rickards, R A. Parkes, and Anthony J. Wright


Silurian graptolites from the Barnby Hills Shale and the Hanover Formation, New South Wales
R B. Rickards, J R. Farrell, Anthony J. Wright, and E J. Morgan


New name for Silurian graptolite from NSW
R B. Rickards, G H. Packham, Anthony J. Wright, and Penelope Williamson


Phylum Brachiopoda: lamp shells
Donald MacFarlan, Margaret Bradshaw, Hamish Campbell, Roger Cooper, Daphne Lee, David MacKinnon, J Waterhouse, Anthony J. Wright, and Jeffrey Robinson


Facilitator versus preceptor: which offers the best support to undergraduate nursing students?
Sandra Walker, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna Moxham, Marc Broadbent, and Teresa Sander


Is food addiction a valid phenomenon through the lens of the DSM-5?
Nagesh B. Pai, Shae-Leigh Vella, and Katie Richardson

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