Most Recent Additions


Sensitivity and response of Antarctic moss and terrestrial algae to fuel contaminants
Anna Nydahl, Catherine K. King, Jane Wasley, Sharon A. Robinson, and Dianne F. Jolley


Walking without optic flow reduces subsequent vection
Takeharu Seno, Stephen Palmisano, B Riecke, and S Nakamura


The Oculus Rift: a cost-effective tool for studying visual-vestibular interactions in self-motion perception
Juno Kim, Charles Y. Chung, Shinji Nakamura, Stephen Palmisano, and Sieu Khuu


Future challenges for vection research: definitions, functional significance, measures, and neural bases
Stephen Palmisano, Robert S. Allison, Mark M. Schira, and Robert J. Barry


Vision and virtual environments
David R. Badcock, Stephen Palmisano, and James G. May


Piaget and consciousness: Retrospect and prospect
Francisco Pons, Paul L. Harris, and Marc de Rosnay


Individual quality of life among at risk Indigenous youth in Australia
Richard D. Chenhall, Kate Senior, David Cole, Teresa Cunningham, and Ciaran O'Boyle


Negotiating human research ethics: Case notes from anthropologists in the field
Richard D. Chenhall, Kate Senior, and Suzanne Belton


A novel in vitro exposure technique for toxicity testing of selected volatile organic compounds
Shahnaz Bakand, Chris Winder, Christian Khalil, and Amanda Hayes


Validity and reliability of farsi version of Cornell Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire (CMDQ)
H Afifehzadeh-Kashani, A Choobineh, Shahnaz Bakand, M R. Gohari, H Abbastabar, and P Moshtaghi


Exposure assessment of greenhouse workers with anti- Cholinesterase pesticides by biological monitoring
Shahnaz Bakand, Y Dehghani, M R. Gohari, M Mosadegh, and S Mirmohammadi


Investigating the collection efficiency of ULPA filters for the removal of nano-sized aerosols
G R. Moradi, A Sadighzadeh, R Yarahmadi, Shahnaz Bakand, A A. Farshad, B Rzaiipour, S Musavi, and M Solhi

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