Most Recent Additions


Embedding and Extension Properties of Hadamard Matrices Revisited
Dimitrios Christou, Marilena Mitrouli, and Jennifer Seberry


A framework for eHealth readiness of dietitians
Kirsty Maunder, Karen L. Walton, Peter G. Williams, Maree Ferguson, and Eleanor J. Beck


Large-scale multimodal gesture recognition using heterogeneous networks
Huogen Wang, Pichao Wang, Zhanjie Song, and Wanqing Li


Semiconductor real-time quality assurance dosimetry in brachytherapy
Mauro Carrara, Dean L. Cutajar, Saree Alnaghy, Anthony A. Espinoza, Anna Romanyukha, Stefano Presilla, Chiara Tenconi, Annamaria Cerrotta, Carlo Fallai, Mitra Safavi-Naeini, Marco Petasecca, Alannah Kejda, Michael L. F Lerch, Stephanie Corde, Michael A. Jackson, Andrew Howie, Joseph A. Bucci, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld


Agent-based influence maintenance in social networks
Weihua Li, Quan Bai, Tung Nguyen, and Minjie Zhang


Understanding the Global Scientific Value of Industry ROV Data to Quantify Marine Ecology and Guide Offshore Decommissioning Strategies
Dianne McLean, Peter Macreadie, D J. White, Paul Thomson, Ashley Fowler, Andrew Gates, Mark Benfield, Tammy Horton, Danielle Skropeta, Todd Bond, David Booth, Erika Techera, Chari Pattiaratchi, S Collins, Daniel O. B. Jones, Luke Smith, and Julian C. Partridge


Research on flow field perception based on artificial lateral line sensor system
Guijie Liu, Mengmeng Wang, Anyi Wang, Shirui Wang, Tingting Yang, Reza Malekian, and Zhixiong Li


The role of naloxone in the opioid crisis
Jody Morgan and Alison L. Jones


Total Synthesis of Natural Hyacinthacine C5, and six Related Hyacinthacine C5 Epimers
Anthony Carroll, Kongdech Savaspun, Anthony C. Willis, Masako Hoshino, Atsushi Kato, and Stephen G. Pyne


Single-particle fusion of influenza viruses reveals complex interactions with target membranes
Guus Van der Borg, Scarlett Braddock, Jelle S. Blijleven, Antoine M. van Oijen, and Wouter Roos


Open-source based testbed for multioperator 4G/5G infrastructure sharing in virtual environments
Ricardo Alaez, Jose Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Fatna Belqasmi, May El Barachi, Mohamad Badra, and Omar Alfandi


A Connected Future
Soly Mathew Biju and Alex Mathew

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