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A null-space-based control for cable driven manipulators
Davide Cattin, Emre Sariyildiz, and Kouhei Ohnishi


Characterization of rainwater chemical composition after a Southeast Asia haze event: insight of transboundary pollutant transport during the northeast monsoon
Mohd Shahrul Mohd Nadzir, Chin Yik Lin, Md Firoz Khan, Mohd Talib Latif, Doreena Dominick, Haris Hamid, Noorlin Mohamad, Khairul Maulud, Muhammad Wahab, Nurul Kamaludin, and Mohamad Lazim


Validation of MOPITT carbon monoxide using ground-based Fourier transform infrared spectrometer data from NDACC
Rebecca R. Buchholz, M Deeter, H M. Worden, J C. Gille, D P. Edwards, James W. Hannigan, Nicholas B. Jones, Clare Paton-Walsh, David W. T Griffith, D Smale, John Robinson, Kimberly Strong, Stephanie Conway, Ralf Sussmann, Frank Hase, Thomas Blumenstock, Emmanuel Mahieu, and Bavo Langerock


Three-dimensional bioprinting speeds up smart regenerative medicine
Qi Gu, He Zhu, Jing Li, Xia Li, Jie Hao, Gordon G. Wallace, and Qi Zhou


Support vector regression based inverse kinematic modeling for a 7-DOF redundant robot arm
Emre Sariyildiz, Kemal Ucak, Gulay Oke, Hakan Temeltas, and Kouhei Ohnishi


2-Phenylnaphthalenes and a polyoxygenated cyclohexene from the stem and root extracts of Uvaria cherrevensis (Annonaceae)
Chiramet Auranwiwat, Puttandon Wongsomboon, Thanaphat Thaima, Roonglawan Rattanajak, Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan, Anthony C. Willis, Wilford Lie, Stephen G. Pyne, and Thunwadee Ritthiwigrom


Comparisons of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) XCO2 measurements with TCCON
Debra Wunch, Paul O. Wennberg, Greg Osterman, B Fisher, Bret Naylor, Coleen M. Roehl, Christopher O'Dell, L Mandrake, C Viatte, Matthaus Kiel, David W. T Griffith, Nicholas M. Deutscher, and Voltaire A. Velazco


Robust force control of Series Elastic Actuators using Sliding Mode Control and Disturbance Observer
Emre Sariyildiz, Haoyong Yu, Takahiro Nozaki, and Toshiyuki Murakami


A robust state-space controller design for multi-mass resonant systems
Emre Sariyildiz, Haoyong Yu, Takahiro Nozaki, and Toshiyuki Murakami


Robust vibration control of two-mass resonant systems in state space
Emre Sariyildiz, Haoyong Yu, Takahiro Nozaki, and Toshiyuki Murakami


Numerical investigation of acoustic emission events of argillaceous sandstones under confining pressure
Zhaohui Chong, Xuehua Li, Jingzheng Lu, Tian Chen, Ji Zhang, and Xiangyu Chen


Behaviour of Small Diameter Steel Tubes under Axial Compression
Faez Alhussainy, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

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