Most Recent Additions


Choking RECtified: embodied expertise beyond Dreyfus
Daniel D. Hutto and Raul Sanchez-Garcia


Out of the Blue: An Act for Australia's Oceans
Chris Smyth, Meg Lee, Rob Prof Rob Fowler, Gregory L. Rose, and Marcus Haward


Where could the 9/11 terrorist trials go next?
Gregory L. Rose and Anthony Bergin


Modelling digestive constraints in non-ruminant and ruminant foregut-fermenting mammals
Adam Munn, W Jürgen Streich, Jurgen Hummel, and Marcus Clauss


Low complexity optimal soft-input soft-output demodulation of MSK based on factor graph
Sheng Tong, Defeng (David) Huang, Qinghua Guo, Jiangtao Xi, and Yanguang Yu

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