Law Text Culture

Volume 1 (1994)

Law Text Culture is a journal committed to producing intersections of the law, textuality and all aspects of culture. It publishes work across a range of genres - from artwork to the traditional scholarly essay. It invites work which crosses borders - of genres and institutions, s well as disciplines and fields. The journal accepts work from people working outside and inside traditional educational and legal settings.Law Text Culture is particularly concerned with both law's textuality, that is, the specific textual forms by which the law circulates within a culture, and also the multiplicity of texts and subjects which the law touches and shapes, and which, in turn, impact on and change the law. This differentiates Law Text Culture from other interdisciplinary journals devoted to the fields of law and the humanities and law and literature.

Robin Hanley, Penny Pether, Joseph Pugliese, Maurice Scott - Editors

Journal Articles


R. Handley, P. Pether, J. Pugliese, M. Scott, J. Robinson, and C. Hough


Terra nullius
R. L. Ginibi


N. Horn


Eve was framed
B. Priestley


Nursing a grievance
P. Blazey-Ayoub