The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2015


Professional misconduct: the case of the medical board of Australia v Tausif (Occupational Discipline), Caroline Colton


Professional misconduct: the case of the medical board of Australia v Tausif (Occupational Discipline), Caroline Colton


Dumpster Diving: A Family Excursion, Shady E. Cosgrove

Masturbating with Prostitutes, Shady E. Cosgrove

Writing the (Othered) Self: Cultural Exchange and Creative Writing Pedagogy, Shady E. Cosgrove and Joshua M. Lobb

Christos Tsiolkas, 'Career', and anti-capitalist critique, Leigh Dale

Responses to Self Harm: An Historical Analysis of Medical, Religious, Military and Psychological Perspectives, Leigh Dale

The thunder after the lightning: language and Pasolini's medievalist poetics, Louise D'Arcens

Mad monks and the order of the tin ear, Louise D'Arcens and Clare Monagle

Quorum sensing systems in clostridia, Charles Darkoh and Godfred Asiedu

Embarrassment in 1968: Gore Vidal's sexuality in the public sphere, Guy R. Davidson

Introduction: Modernism and the networks of celebrity construction, Guy R. Davidson


'Just a couple of fags': Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, and celebrity feud, Guy R. Davidson

Sexuality and shame in James Baldwin's career, Guy R. Davidson

The time of AIDS and the rise of post-gay, Guy R. Davidson

Developing an equitable and ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management, Ruth A. Davis and Quentin A. Hanich

Sumpturary law at the movies: the Entertainments Tax Act 1916 (Cth), Caroline Dick


Book review: The End of Laissez-Faire? On the Durability of Embedded Neoliberalism, Timothy DiMuzio

Carbon capitalism: energy, social reproduction and world order, Timothy DiMuzio

The 1% and the Rest of us: a political economy of dominant ownership, Timothy DiMuzio

The plutonomy of the 1%: dominant ownership and conspicuous consumption in the new gilded age, Timothy DiMuzio

Debt as power, Timothy DiMuzio and Richard H. Robbins

Labeling as a social practice in online consumption communities, Anja Dinhopl, Ulrike Gretzel, and Andrew M. Whelan

Ignoring public opinion: the Australian and Polish decisions to go to war in Iraq, Fredrik Doeser and Joakim Eidenfalk

The dynamics of terrorist innovation, Adam Dolnik

Climate refugees or migrants? Contesting media frames on climate change justice in the Pacific, Tanja Dreher and Michelle Voyer

The SCAR Project: disability aesthetics of dis-ease, Nadine Ehlers


The Senate committee that deals with animal welfare is riding roughshod over dissenting views, Elizabeth J. Ellis

The graphic design project: employing structured and critical reflection to guide student learning, Grant N. Ellmers

Challenging economic inequality: tactics and strategies, Susan N. Engel and Brian Martin

Chinese market responses to overexploitation of sharks and sea cucumbers, Hampus B. Eriksson and Shelley Clarke

Governance structures and sustainability in Indian Ocean sea cucumber fisheries, Hampus B. Eriksson, Chantal Conand, Alessandro Lovatelli, Nyawira A. Muthiga, and Steven W. Purcell

Lessons for resource conservation from two contrasting small-scale fisheries, Hampus B. Eriksson, Maricela De La Torre-Castro, Steven W. Purcell, and Per Ola Christian Olsson


Contagious exploitation of marine resources, Hampus B. Eriksson, Henrik Osterblom, Beatrice Crona, Max Troell, Neil L. Andrew, James Wilen, and Carl Folke

Optimising fisheries management in relation to tuna catches in the western central Pacific Ocean: A review of research priorities and opportunities, K Evans, J Young, S Nicol, D Kolody, V Allain, Johann D. Bell, Jaclyn N. Brown, A Ganachaud, Alistair Hobday, B Hunt, Jane Innes, A Gupta, E Van Sebille, R Kloser, T Patterson, and A Singh

Inside the writer's room, the artist's studio and Flaubert's parrot, Nicola J. Evans

No genre for old men? The politics of ageing and the male action hero, Nicola J. Evans


Case Study: 27.4 Legal instruments: Great Eastern Ranges initiative, Malcolm D. Farrier

The constitution and conditions of everyday magic in late medieval and early modern catholic Europe, Sarah Ferber


Work with men to end violence against women: a critical stocktake, Michael Flood


Men and gender equality, Michael G. Flood


The employee's contractual duty of fidelity, Andrew Frazer

The Edge of Ladyspace: Ladi6 and the Political Limits of Self-Branding, Annalise Friend

Doing the math: Calculating the role of evolution and enculturation in the origins of geometrical and mathematical reasoning, Shaun Gallagher


Editor's Introduction, Shaun Gallagher

Invasion of the body snatchers: how embodied cognition is being de-radicalized, Shaun Gallagher

Relations between agency and ownership in the case of schizophrenic thought insertion and delusions of control, Shaun Gallagher

Reuse and body-formatted representations in simulation theory, Shaun Gallagher

Seeing thing the right way: normativity in social perception, Shaun Gallagher

Seeing without an I, Shaun Gallagher


The awesomeness of space, Shaun Gallagher

The new hybrids: continuing debates on social perception, Shaun Gallagher

The problem with 3-year-olds, Shaun Gallagher

What Marx could .. and should have learned from Hegel. Translation of WAs marx Von Hegel Hate lernen konnen ... und sollen, Shaun Gallagher


Why we are not all novelists, Shaun Gallagher

The embodied phenomenology of phenomenology, Shaun Gallagher and Benjamin Aguda

A Neurophenomenology of Awe and Wonder: Towards a Non-reductionist Cognitive Science, Shaun Gallagher, Bruce Janz, Lauren Reinerman-Jones, J Trempler, and Patricia Bockelman Morrow

Enactive metaphors: learning through full-body engagement, Shaun Gallagher and Robb Lindgren

The role of embodiment and intersubjectivity in clinical reasoning, Shaun Gallagher and Helen G. Payne


Social cognition and psychopathology: a critical overview, Shaun Gallagher and Somogy Varga

Teaching culture in Australian Chinese Language classroom, Xiaoping Gao


The rise of the global south, the IMF and the future of law and development, Gabriel Garcia

The effects of civil hate speech laws: lessons from Australia, Katharine Gelber and Luke J. McNamara


Human Security and Livelihoods in Savo Island, Solomon Islands: Engaging with the Market Economy: A Report for Honiara City Council., Nichole Georgeou, Charles Hawksley, Anouk Ride, Melinda Kii, and Walter Turasi


'El Chapo' jailbreak is both a Mexican and an American story, Luis Gomez Romero

The jurisprudence of Ratatouille: the rat in the machine, Luis Gomez Romero

George Reid's anti-socialist campaign in the evolution of Australian liberalism, Zachary Gorman


Apportionment of damages for contributory negligence: a fixed or discretionary approach, James Goudkamp

The doctrine of illegality and interference with chattels, James Goudkamp and Lorenz Mayr

The failure of universal theories of tort law, James Goudkamp and John Murphy

Tort statutes and tort theories, James Goudkamp and John Murphy


Who owns tips? Hospitality workers and the distribution of customer gratuities, Amelia Gow and Andrew Frazer

Clocks and Clouds live performance Colbourne Ave, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima


Clocks and Clouds live performance Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories in Sound, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima

Friendship and happiness from a sociological perspective, Silvana Greco, Mary Holmes, and Jordan J. McKenzie

'Make a map, not a tracing': disclosing the cartographic aesthetic of Rimini Protokoll, Margaret M. Hamilton

The politics of interweaving performance cultures: beyond postcolonialism, Margaret M. Hamilton


If we want to keep tuna, the world needs to learn how to share, Quentin A. Hanich

Research into fisheries equity and fairness-addressing conservation burden concerns in transboundary fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich, Brooke M. Campbell, Megan Bailey, and Erik Jaap Molenaar


Hazardous attraction: External-to-vehicle distraction caused by billboard advertisements in Lahore, Ayesha Hasan

Introduction: Decolonizing domestic service: introducing a new agenda, Victoria Haskins and Claire K. Lowrie


Understanding im/politeness across cultures: and iinteractional approach to raising sociopragmatic awareness, Michael Haugh and Wei-Lin Chang

Troubles talk, (dis)affililation and the participation order in Taiwanese-Chinese online discussion boards, Michael Haugh and Wei-Lin Melody Chang


Doing deference”: identities and relational practices in Chinese online discussion boards, Michael Haugh, Wei-Lin Melody Chang, and Dániel Z. Kadar

Transitional justice as police-building in Solomon Islands: tensions of state building and implications for gender', Charles Hawksley and Nichole Georgiou


A climate-informed, ecosystem approach to fisheries management, Adel Heenan, Robert S. Pomeroy, Johann D. Bell, Philip L. Munday, William Cheung, Cheryl Logan, Russell E. Brainard, Affendi Yang Amri, Porfirio Alino, Nygiel Armada, Laura David, Rebecca Rivera-Guieb, Stuart Green, Jamaluddin Jompa, Teresa Leonardo, Samuel Mamauag, Britt Parker, Janna Shackeroff, and Zulfigar Yasin

Australia's boldest experiment: war snd the reconstruction in the 1940s, Brett Heino

Award regulation and the New South Wales Retail Sector, 1971-88: Crisis and experimentation amidst changing models of development, Brett Heino


Capitalism, regulation theory and Australian labour law: Towards a new theoretical model, Brett Heino

Refugees, limbo and the Australian media, Benjamin Hightower


The refugee limbo: negotiating the bar of Australian law, Benjamin Hightower


Papuans and Jokowi are hostage to Indonesian politics, Stephen Hill

Reconciling conflicts in pelagic fisheries under climate change, Alistair Hobday, Johann D. Bell, Timothée R. Cook, Maria A. Gasalla, and Kevin C. Weng


Social networks as sites of e-participation in local government, Travis Holland

The authority account of prudential options, Keith J. Horton

Korean cinema’s female writers–directors and the “Hegemony of Men”, Richard Howson and Brian Yecies

Basic social cognition without mindreading: minding minds without attributing contents, Daniel D. Hutto

Contentless perceiving: the very idea, Daniel D. Hutto

Enactive aesthestics: philosophical reflections on artful minds, Daniel D. Hutto

Just faking it? Pretend theory meets sexual fantasising, Daniel D. Hutto