The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2015

International marine governance and protection of biodiversity, Jeff Ardron and Robin M. Warner


Community gardens and farmers' markets: exploring representations of food culture in the Illawarra, Paula Arvela

Somatic apathy: body disownership in the context of torture, Yochai Ataria and Shaun Gallagher

Anglo-Chinese and the politics of overseas travel from New South Wales, 1898 to 1925, Kate Bagnall


Early Chinese newspapers in Australia: Trove presents a new perspective on Australian history, Kate Bagnall


Early Chinese newspapers: Trove presents a new perspective on Australian history, Kate Bagnall


Liveable cities: who decides what that means and how we achieve it?, Merridee L. Bailey, Amy Milka, Craig Lyons, David Lemmings, Gordon Raeburn, Katie Barclay, Roger Patulny, and Thomas Bristow


Signal eight times: nature, catastrophic extinction events and contemporary art, Su Ballard


Feminism and art: unexpected encounters, Susan (Su) Ballard and Agnieszka Golda


The moral choice of inFAMOUS: law and morality in video games, Michael Barnett and Cassandra E. Sharp

A 'Treat Equal to Wagner': Grainger's interactions with the music and culture of Polynesia, Graham C. Barwell

The future maritime security environment in Asia: a risk assessment approach, Sam Bateman

Maritime Asia: An Australian perspective, Walter S. Bateman

The East Asian seas: competing national spheres of influence, Walter S. Bateman

Legal and policy responses to climate change in the Philippines, Lowell Bautista

The Philippine Treaty Limits: Historical Context and Legal Basis in International Law, Lowell Bautista


Questioning law’s capacity, Fleur Beaupert and Linda Roslyn Steele


Children with gender dysphoria and the jurisdiction of the Family Court, Felicity Bell


Facilitating the Participation of Children in Family Law Processes, Felicity Bell

Judicial expression of a preliminary view, Felicity Bell

Who is a parent and why does it matter?, Felicity Bell

Optimising the use of nearshore fish aggregating devices for food security in the Pacific Islands, Johann D. Bell, J Albert, S Andrefouet, Neil L. Andrew, Michel Blanc, Philip Bright, Deidre Brogan, Brooke M. Campbell, Hugh Govan, John Hampton, Quentin A. Hanich, Shelton J. Harley, Arthur Jorari, Marcus P. Lincoln Smith, Scott Pontifex, Michael K. Sharp, William Sokimi, and Arthur P. Webb

Diversifying the use of tuna to improve food security and public health in Pacific Island countries and territories, Johann D. Bell, Valerie Allain, Edward H. Allison, S Andréfouët, Neil L. Andrew, Michael J. Batty, Michel Blanc, Jeffrey M. Dambacher, John Hampton, Quentin A. Hanich, Shelton Harley, Anne Lorrain, Michael McCoy, Nicholas McTurk, Simon Nicol, Graham Pilling, David Point, Michael K. Sharp, Paula Vivili, and Peter Williams

Pluricentricity and sociolinguistic relationships between French, English and indigenous Languages in New Caledonia, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

Book Review and Interview. David Robie. 2014. Dont Spoil My Beautiful Face: Media Mayhem and Human Rights in the Pacific. Auckland: Little Island Press. An Interview with Its Author, David Blackall and David Robie

The Trio Capital fraud and its victims: a study in freedom of information legislation failure, David Blackall and Jolyon Sykes


Travels with My Art: Moya Dyring and Margaret Olley, Melissa J. Boyde


Introduction: Art and Activism in Post-Disaster Japan, Alexander Brown and Vera C. Mackie

The progressive conservatism of Alexander Downer: the meta-narrative of resistance, family heritage and Edmund Burke, Paul Brown

The 'structural necessity' of the body without organs, Ian Buchanan

Assemblage theory and its discontents, Ian M. Buchanan

Frederic Jameson: Conversaciones sobre marxismo cultural, Ian M. Buchanan


September 17, 2011: Occupy without Counting, Ian M. Buchanan

Unignorable exteriors and unnavigable interiors, Ian M. Buchanan

Introduction: Towards a schizoanalytic criticism, Ian Buchanan, Tim Matts, and Aidan Tynan

The politics of representing disability exploring news coverage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Shawn G. Burns and Beth Haller


Regional Economic Impacts of a Closure of BlueScope Steel Operations in Port Kembla, Scott Burrows, Ashkan Masouman, and Charles Harvie


A living tradition, Rowan Cahill


Book review: John S. Ahlquist and Margaret Levi, In the Interest of Others: Organizations and Social Activism, Rowan Cahill


Groomed for War, Rowan Cahill


Radical ruminations (09 August), Rowan Cahill


Revisiting a struggle: Port Kembla, 1938, Rowan Cahill


Words for Pam, Rowan Cahill


Missing in action, Rowan Cahill and Terence H. Irving


'Radical Academia: Beyond the Audit Culture Treadmill' by Rowan Cahill and Terry Irving, Rowan Cahill and Terence H. Irving


Principles and practice for the equitable governance of transboundary natural resources: cross-cutting lessons for marine fisheries management, Brooke M. Campbell and Quentin A. Hanich

China's aquaculture and the world's wild fisheries, Ling Cao, Rosamond Naylor, Patrik Henriksson, Duncan Leadbitter, Marc Metian, Max Troell, and Wenbo Zhang


Mediating tragedy: facebook, aboriginal peoples and suicide, Bronwyn Carlson, Terri Farrelly, Ryan Frazer, and Fiona Borthwick


It's like going to a cemetery and lighting a candle: Aboriginal Australians, sorry business and social media, Bronwyn Carlson and Ryan Frazer

Face and face practices in Chinese talk-in-interaction: A study in interactional pragmatics, Wei-Lin Chang

Negotiating global and interdisciplinary imperatives for indigenous education scholarship and pedagogy, Harvey Charles, Michelle Harris, and Bronwyn Carlson

Conservative instinct in Australian political thought: The Federation debates, 1890–1898, Stephen A. Chavura and Gregory C. Melleuish

Guarantees given by spouses as security for bank debts: the importance of independent advice, its scope and limitations, Charles YC Chew

Third party spousal guarantees given as security for bank debts: an anachronism or a perpetuation of gender stereotypes, Charles YC Chew

Colonialism, racial violence and loss: The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith and The Roving Party, Maureen Clark

Frontiers of mobilities studies, Georgine W. Clarsen


Mobile encounters: Bicycles, cars and Australian settler colonialism, Georgine W. Clarsen

Special section on settler-colonial mobilities, Georgine W. Clarsen

The 1928 MacRobertson Round Australia Expedition: colonial adventuring in the twentieth century, Georgine W. Clarsen


Olivetti and the missing third: fashion, working women and images of the mechanical-flâneuse in the 1920s and 1930s, Jonathan P. Cockburn


Professional misconduct: the case of the medical board of Australia v Tausif (Occupational Discipline), Caroline Colton


Professional misconduct: the case of the medical board of Australia v Tausif (Occupational Discipline), Caroline Colton


Dumpster Diving: A Family Excursion, Shady E. Cosgrove

Masturbating with Prostitutes, Shady E. Cosgrove

Writing the (Othered) Self: Cultural Exchange and Creative Writing Pedagogy, Shady E. Cosgrove and Joshua M. Lobb

Christos Tsiolkas, 'Career', and anti-capitalist critique, Leigh Dale

Responses to Self Harm: An Historical Analysis of Medical, Religious, Military and Psychological Perspectives, Leigh Dale

The thunder after the lightning: language and Pasolini's medievalist poetics, Louise D'Arcens

Mad monks and the order of the tin ear, Louise D'Arcens and Clare Monagle

Quorum sensing systems in clostridia, Charles Darkoh and Godfred Asiedu

Embarrassment in 1968: Gore Vidal's sexuality in the public sphere, Guy R. Davidson

Introduction: Modernism and the networks of celebrity construction, Guy R. Davidson


'Just a couple of fags': Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, and celebrity feud, Guy R. Davidson

Sexuality and shame in James Baldwin's career, Guy R. Davidson

The time of AIDS and the rise of post-gay, Guy R. Davidson

Developing an equitable and ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management, Ruth A. Davis and Quentin A. Hanich

Sumpturary law at the movies: the Entertainments Tax Act 1916 (Cth), Caroline Dick


Book review: The End of Laissez-Faire? On the Durability of Embedded Neoliberalism, Timothy DiMuzio

Carbon capitalism: energy, social reproduction and world order, Timothy DiMuzio

The 1% and the Rest of us: a political economy of dominant ownership, Timothy DiMuzio

The plutonomy of the 1%: dominant ownership and conspicuous consumption in the new gilded age, Timothy DiMuzio

Debt as power, Timothy DiMuzio and Richard H. Robbins

Labeling as a social practice in online consumption communities, Anja Dinhopl, Ulrike Gretzel, and Andrew M. Whelan

The dynamics of terrorist innovation, Adam Dolnik

Climate refugees or migrants? Contesting media frames on climate change justice in the Pacific, Tanja Dreher and Michelle Voyer

The SCAR Project: disability aesthetics of dis-ease, Nadine Ehlers


The Senate committee that deals with animal welfare is riding roughshod over dissenting views, Elizabeth J. Ellis

The graphic design project: employing structured and critical reflection to guide student learning, Grant N. Ellmers

Challenging economic inequality: tactics and strategies, Susan N. Engel and Brian Martin

Chinese market responses to overexploitation of sharks and sea cucumbers, Hampus B. Eriksson and Shelley Clarke

Governance structures and sustainability in Indian Ocean sea cucumber fisheries, Hampus B. Eriksson, Chantal Conand, Alessandro Lovatelli, Nyawira A. Muthiga, and Steven W. Purcell

Lessons for resource conservation from two contrasting small-scale fisheries, Hampus B. Eriksson, Maricela De La Torre-Castro, Steven W. Purcell, and Per Ola Christian Olsson


Contagious exploitation of marine resources, Hampus B. Eriksson, Henrik Osterblom, Beatrice Crona, Max Troell, Neil L. Andrew, James Wilen, and Carl Folke

Optimising fisheries management in relation to tuna catches in the western central Pacific Ocean: A review of research priorities and opportunities, K Evans, J Young, S Nicol, D Kolody, V Allain, Johann D. Bell, Jaclyn N. Brown, A Ganachaud, Alistair Hobday, B Hunt, Jane Innes, A Gupta, E Van Sebille, R Kloser, T Patterson, and A Singh

Inside the writer's room, the artist's studio and Flaubert's parrot, Nicola J. Evans

No genre for old men? The politics of ageing and the male action hero, Nicola J. Evans


Case Study: 27.4 Legal instruments: Great Eastern Ranges initiative, Malcolm D. Farrier

The constitution and conditions of everyday magic in late medieval and early modern catholic Europe, Sarah Ferber


Work with men to end violence against women: a critical stocktake, Michael Flood


Men and gender equality, Michael G. Flood