The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2016

Updating the story of mental time travel: narrating and engaging with our possible pasts and futures, Daniel D. Hutto and Patrick H. McGivern


Radical History: Thinking, Writing and Engagement, Terence H. Irving and Rowan Cahill


Scholars and radicals: writing and re-thinking class structure in Australian history, Terence H. Irving and R.W. Connell


Review of "Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility", Michael R. Jacklin


Translated Lives in Australian 'Crónicas', Michael R. Jacklin

Assessing and reducing vulnerability to climate change: moving from theory to practical decision-support, Johanna E. Johnson, David Welch, Jeffrey A. Maynard, Johann D. Bell, Gretta Pecl, Julie Robins, and Thor Saunders

Ferocious Animals, Luke M. Johnson

Rural Sonnets, Luke M. Johnson

'The Author Is Dead, But: A Lacanian Response to Barthes's Return-to-the-Author Paradox', Luke M. Johnson

Pedogogy, pleasure and the art of poking fun: anti-colonial humour in Australian Indigenous studies, Garry C. Jones and Colleen McGloin

A zonal approach to maritime regulation and enforcement, Stuart B. Kaye

Combating Maritime Crime and Legal Capacity Building, Stuart B. Kaye

The Other Timorese Maritime Boundary - Timor Leste and Indonesia, Stuart B. Kaye

Local Government, Andrew H. Kelly and Dominic Crinnion


Perceptions of Taylorism and a Marxist scientific manager, Diana J. Kelly

The Scientific Manager and the FBI: The Surveillance of Walter Polakov in the 1940s, Diana J. Kelly


Cooking Culture, Madeleine T. Kelly

Fisher's Ghost Art Award, Madeleine T. Kelly


Patterns Beyond the Obvious, Madeleine T. Kelly

Reflexive encounters: fabric and form, Madeleine T. Kelly

The Waiting Room, Madeleine T. Kelly


Vital Signs, Madeleine T. Kelly and Carrie Kibbler


"Bush Law 101": Realising place and conscious pedagogy in the Law Curriculum, Amanda Kennedy, Trish Mundy, and Jennifer Nielsen


The implied human rights obligations of UNHCR, Niamh H. Kinchin

UNHCR and the complexity of accountability in the global space, Niamh H. Kinchin

Autopoiesis, free energy, and the life-mind continuity thesis, Michael D. Kirchhoff

Dreaming: Ontological and Methodological Considerations, Michael D. Kirchhoff

Never Mind the Gap: Neurophenomenology, Radical Enactivism, and the Hard Problem of Consciosuness, Michael D. Kirchhoff and Daniel D. Hutto

Study 1: Air Displacement, Jo Law


Twilight States and the Edges of Darkness, Jo Law and Agnieszka Golda

Regulation of offshore hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation under international law, Youna Le Berre Lemaire Lyons

Cultural legal studies as law's extraversion, Marett Leiboff


Fabulous law: legal fables, Marett Leiboff


The good old rule, the catspaw and a two-headed baby, Marett Leiboff

Cultural legal studies and law's popular cultures, Marett Leiboff and Cassandra E. Sharp

'Mem' and 'Cookie': the colonial kitchen in Malaysia and Singapore, Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir


Introducing a Special Issue on Rescuing Taste from the Nation: Oceans, Borders, and Culinary Flows, Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir, Krishnendu Ray, and Jaclyn Rohel

The land rights of indigenous and traditional peoples in Brazil and Australia, Marcia D. Leuzinger and Kylie Anne Lingard

Political developments after the 2011 general election, Jason Lim

The political opposition and its protracted journey towards a two-party system, Jason Lim

Artifacts and After Effects, Elizabeth Linden

BABZ Fair, Elizabeth Linden

Reading the Art of Appropriation, Elizabeth Linden


Reframing Pictures: Reading the Art of Appropriation, Elizabeth Linden

The Sydney Morning Herald Feminist Reading Group, Elizabeth Linden

The Rocks of Albany, Elizabeth Linden and James Angus

The New York Times Feminist Reading Group, Elizabeth Linden and Jen Kennedy

The New York Times Feminist Reading Group, Elizabeth Linden and Jen Kennedy

The Sydney Morning Herald Feminist Reading Group, Elizabeth Linden and Jen Kennedy

Utopia is No Place, Utopia is Process, Elizabeth Linden and Jen Kennedy

The potential of current legal structures to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interests in the Australian bush food industry, Kylie Anne Lingard

Strategies to support the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the commercial development of gourmet bush food products, Kylie Anne Lingard and Paul Martin

Innovation cartography and patentomics: Past, present and future, Kylie Anne Lingard and Mark Perry

The Breadth and Depth of Maritime and Polar Geopolitics, Shaun Lin

Masters and Servants: Cultures of Empire in the Tropics, 1880-1930, Claire K. Lowrie


Fulling mills in medieval Europe: comparing the manuscript and archaeological evidence, Adam Robert Lucas

Stranded assets, externalities and carbon risk in the Australian coal industry: The case for contraction in a carbon-constrained world, Adam Robert Lucas

The phenomenology of gravidity: reframing pregnancy and the maternal through Merleau-Ponty, Levinas and Derrida, Jane M. Lymer


Enduring debates: closing the gender gap in Japan, Vera C. Mackie

From Hiroshima to Lausanne: The World Congress of Mothers and the Hahaoya Taikai in the 1950s, Vera C. Mackie


Remembering Bellona: Gendered Allegories in the Australian War Memorial, Vera C. Mackie


The Grandmother and the Girl, Vera C. Mackie

The Pacifist Handkerchief, Vera C. Mackie


Yoko Ono's Magical Thinking, Vera C. Mackie

Sentencing Indigenous offenders in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Elena Marchetti and Thalia Anthony

Asedio grupal a una estudiante de doctorado: lecciones y responsabilidades, Brian Martin

"Let's protest": surprises in communicating against repression, Brian Martin

Plagiarism, misrepresentation, and exploitation by established professionals: Power and tactics, Brian Martin


Public Controversy and Partisan Deliberation, Brian Martin

Ranking by medians, Brian Martin


Reflections on Censorship, Brian Martin


STS and Researcher Intervention Strategies, Brian Martin


Suppression of protest, Brian Martin

Mapping the trafficking of women across colonial Southeast Asia 1600s-1930's, Julia T. Martinez

Effective citizen action on invasive species: the institutional challenge, Paul Martin, Darryl Low Choy, Elodie Le Gal, and Kylie Anne Lingard

Deconstructing risk and developing resilience: the role of inhibitory factors in genocide prevention, Deborah Mayersen


Mediatisation, marginalisation and disruption in Australian Indigenous affairs, Kerry McCallum, Lisa Waller, and Tanja Dreher


Critical allies and feminist praxis: rethinking dis-ease, Colleen McGloin


Changes to Radio National are gutting a cultural treasure trove, Siobhan McHugh


How podcasting is changing the audio storytelling genre, Siobhan McHugh

The Affective Power of Sound: Oral History on Radio, Siobhan McHugh


Speaking with: Serial's Julie Snyder about making groundbreaking podcasts, Siobhan A. McHugh


Video didn't kill the radio star - she's hosting a podcast, Siobhan A. McHugh

Phoebe's Fall, Siobhan McHugh, Julie N. Posetti, Michael Bachelard, Richard Baker, Tom McKendrick, and Tim Young

'IP' Moral Rights Breaches are Deception Offences, Not Property Offences: Correcting a Category Error, James McKeahnie

Deconstructing Happiness: Critical Sociology and the Good Life, Jordan J. McKenzie

Happiness vs contentment? A case for a sociology of the good life, Jordan J. McKenzie


Hurt, Catherine McKinnon


Police custody health care: a review of health morbidity, models of care and innovations within police custody in the UK, with international comparisons, Iain McKinnon, Stuart DM Thomas, Heather Noga, and Jane Senior

Bernard Smith's blind spot: Aboriginal and Australian Art, Ian A. McLean

Beware Crossing: Transculturation in Australian Art, Ian A. McLean


Here's looking at: Dibirdibi Country - Topway by Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori, Ian A. McLean

Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic 1945-65, Ian A. McLean

Rattling Spears - A History of Indigenous Australian Art, Ian A. McLean


The Wanarn Painters of Place and Time: Old Age Travels in the Tjukurrpa, Ian A. McLean


With Secrecy and Despatch, Ian A. McLean


'Not in front of the parents!' Young people, sexual literacies and intimate citizenship in the internet age, Mark J. McLelland

Street music and the law: busker perspectives on the impact of local Council rules and regulations, Luke J. McNamara and Julia Quilter

The 'bikie effect' and other forms of demonisation: The origins and effects of hyper-criminalisation, Luke J. McNamara and Julia Quilter


Buskers enrich our streets and laws dont have to hinder they can help, Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter