The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2016

Anti-shouting law: a war-time sumptuary impulse tied up with slouch hats and khaki, Caroline Dick

Testing the fabric: prescribing female dress in Australian early living-wage cases, Caroline Dick

Critical IPE, the open range and the illusion of the epoch, Timothy DiMuzio

Energy, capital as power and world order, Timothy DiMuzio

IPE and the unfashionable problematic of energy and capital, Timothy DiMuzio

Energy, capitalism and world order in IPE, Timothy DiMuzio and Jesse Salah Ovadia

The political economy of trade in the age of carbon energy, Timothy DiMuzio and Silke Trommer

Conscience Votes in Australia: Deliberation and Representation, Susan M. Dodds and Rachel A. Ankeny

Ignoring public opinion: the Australian and Polish decisions to go to war in Iraq, Fredrik Doeser and Joakim Eidenfalk


Pinkwashing the past: gay rights, military history and the sidelining of protest in Australia, Tanja Dreher

Indigenous voices and mediatized policy-making in the digital age, Tanja Dreher, Kerry Mccallum, and Lisa Waller

Genre pedagogy in higher education: the SLATE Project, Shoshana J. Dreyfus, Sally Humphrey, Ahmar Mahboob, and James R. Martin


"Good Relationships Mean Good Lives": Warrior-Survivor Identity/ies in David Alexander Robertson's 7 Generations, Debra L. Dudek


Defences in Unjust Enrichment: Questions and Themes, Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp, and Fred Wilmot-Smith

Identities, Nadine Ehlers


Greyhound ban shows need for joined-up thinking across all animal industries, Elizabeth J. Ellis


Curriculum reform: a transformation or consumption model for politics and international relations?, Susan N. Engel


Neoliberalism, massification and teaching transformative politics and international relations, Susan N. Engel and Dan Halvorson

Derek Kreckler: Accident&Process, Helen Ennis and derek kreckler

An ecosystem approach to small-scale fisheries through participatory diagnosis in four tropical countries, Hampus B. Eriksson, Dedi S. Adhuri, Luky Adrianto, Neil L. Andrew, Tenny Apriliani, Tim M. Daw, Louisa Evans, Len Garces, Egidius Kamanyi, Rosemarie Mwaipopo, Agus H. Purnomo, Reuben J. Sulu, and Doug Beare

Lipstick clapsticks: a yarn and a Kiki with an Aboriginal drag queen, Andrew Farrell

Devotional violence and emotional governance in a seventeenth-century French female religious house, Sarah Ferber

Psychotic reactions? Witchcraft, the devil and mental illness, Sarah Ferber


Financial fraud in the private health insurance sector in Australia: perspectives from the industry, Kathryn Flynn

Statelessness as a human rights issue: A concept whose time has come, Michelle Foster and Helene T. Lambert


Pain, politics and volunteering in tourism studies, Ryan Frazer and Gordon R. Waitt

Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Guy Freer, Michael Simic, Phillip Moriarty, and Samuel Martin


Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Guy Freer, Michael Simic, Phillip Moriarty, and Samuel Martin

Current legal developments: Republic of the Marshall Islands, David Freestone and Clive H. Schofield

Planting Some New Thoughts on the Landscape, Shaun Gallagher

The minds of others, Shaun Gallagher

What is Enlightenment (and what's in it for me)?, Shaun Gallagher


Active inference, enactivism and the hermeneutics of social cognition, Shaun Gallagher and Micah Allen


Agency and anxiety: delusions of control and loss of control in schizophrenia and agoraphobia, Shaun Gallagher and Dylan Trigg

Fenomenologiczny umysk, Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi


Michel Hockx, Internet Literature in China, Xiaoping Gao

Anti-Vilification Laws and Public Racism in Australia: Mapping the Gaps between the Harms Occasioned and the Remedies Provided, Katharine Gelber and Luke J. McNamara


Evidencing the harms of hate speech, Katharine Gelber and Luke J. McNamara


Protecting Earth's last conservation frontier: scientific, management and legal priorities for MPAs beyond national boundaries, Kristina Gjerde, Lora Reeve, Harriet Harden-Davies, Jeff Ardron, Ryan Dolan, Carole Durussel, Sylvia Earle, Jorge A. Jimenez, Peggy Kalas, Dan Laffoley, Nilufer Oral, Richard Page, Marta Chantal Ribeiro, Julien Rochette, Aurelie Spadone, Torsten Thiele, Hannah L. Thomas, Daniel Wagner, Robin M. Warner, Aulani Wilhelm, and Glen Wright

Feeling: sensing the affectivity of emotional politics through textiles, Agnieszka Golda

Many Little Things: Chika OHGI, Agnieszka Golda


A decade of murder and grief: Mexico's drug war turns ten, Luis Gomez Romero

Between love of revolution and hatred of injustice, or, the erotic jurisprudence of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Luis Gomez Romero


How the US is outsourcing border enforcement to Mexico, Luis Gomez Romero


Just who are the millions of 'bad hombres' slated for US deportation?, Luis Gomez Romero

Republicanism meets (dystopian) faerie: Harry Potter and the institutional disaster, Luis Gomez Romero


The wall and the beast: Trump's triumph from the Mexican side of the border, Luis Gomez Romero


The wondrous (Baroque) gender revolution, or the rise and fall of the empire of fairies, Luis Gomez Romero

A contested contest: George Reid's election to the leadership of the New South Wales free trade party, Zachary Gorman

Reforming English Tort Law: Lessons from Australia, James Goudkamp


Divergent Evolution in the Law of Torts: Jurisdictional Isolation, Jurisprudential Divergence and Explanatory Theories, James Goudkamp and John Murphy

Contributory negligence in the twenty-first century: an empirical study of first instance decisions, James Goudkamp and Donal Nolan

Clocks and Clouds live performance at NOWnow Festival 2016, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima

Clocks and Clouds live performance Liquid Architecture Autotune Everything: Art and the Sonic - Cosmic - Politic, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima


Clocks and Clouds live performance Pretty Gritty #14: overtonal undertow, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima

The Australian Governments "White Paper on Reform of the Federation" and the Future of Australian Local Government, Bligh Grant, Roberta Ryan, and Andrew H. Kelly

Aboriginal literature (Australia), Michael R. Griffiths

'The Fortunate Traveller' in Transit: On a Walcott Manuscript and the Vicissitudes of North and South, Michael R. Griffiths


Deep-sea genetic resources: new frontiers for science and stewardship in areas beyond national jurisdiction, Harriet Harden-Davies


Marine science and technology transfer: can the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission advance governance of biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction?, Harriet Harden-Davies

The regulation of marine scientific research: addressing challenges, advancing knowledge, Harriet Harden-Davies


New laws for the high seas: four key issues the UN talks need to tackle, Harriet Harden-Davies, Genevieve Quirk, and Robin M. Warner

The responsibility to protect and the 'responsibility to assist': developing human rights protection through police building, Charles Hawksley and Nichole C. Georgeou


Sensitive Space: Malmgren's Inner Attitudes, Janys Hayes


Sites to remember: performing the landscape in cultural history, Janys Hayes


The Culture by Laura Jackson, Janys Hayes

Striking the Right Balance: Police Experience, Perceptions and Use of Independent Support Persons During Interviews Involving People with Intellectual Disability, Marie Henshaw, Benjamin L. Spivak, and Stuart DM Thomas


Four mid front vowels in Western Almeria: The effect of /s/, /r/, and /θ/ deletion in Eastern Andalusian Spanish, Alfredo Herrero de Haro


The acquisition of Spanish pronunciation by Welsh learners: Transfer from a regional variety of English into Spanish, Alfredo Herrero de Haro

(Re)Imagining law: marginalised bodies/Indigenous spaces, Benjamin Hightower and Kirsten Anker

Nordic Noir, Annette Hill and Sue Turnbull


The role of hegemonic masculinity and Hollywood in the New Korea, Richard Howson and Brian Yecies

Poison, polygamy and postcolonial politics: The first Chinese Australian novel, Zhong Huang and Wenche Ommundsen


A reconciliation for the future of psychiatry: Both folk psychology and cognitive science, Daniel D. Hutto

Narrative self-shaping: a modest proposal, Daniel D. Hutto

Narrative Understanding, Daniel D. Hutto

Remembering without stored contents: a philosophical reflection on memory, Daniel D. Hutto

Updating the story of mental time travel: narrating and engaging with our possible pasts and futures, Daniel D. Hutto and Patrick H. McGivern


Radical History: Thinking, Writing and Engagement, Terence H. Irving and Rowan Cahill


Scholars and radicals: writing and re-thinking class structure in Australian history, Terence H. Irving and R.W. Connell


Review of "Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility", Michael R. Jacklin


Translated Lives in Australian 'Crónicas', Michael R. Jacklin

Assessing and reducing vulnerability to climate change: moving from theory to practical decision-support, Johanna E. Johnson, David Welch, Jeffrey A. Maynard, Johann D. Bell, Gretta Pecl, Julie Robins, and Thor Saunders

Ferocious Animals, Luke M. Johnson

Rural Sonnets, Luke M. Johnson

'The Author Is Dead, But: A Lacanian Response to Barthes's Return-to-the-Author Paradox', Luke M. Johnson

Pedogogy, pleasure and the art of poking fun: anti-colonial humour in Australian Indigenous studies, Garry C. Jones and Colleen McGloin

A zonal approach to maritime regulation and enforcement, Stuart B. Kaye

Combating Maritime Crime and Legal Capacity Building, Stuart B. Kaye

The Other Timorese Maritime Boundary - Timor Leste and Indonesia, Stuart B. Kaye

Local Government, Andrew H. Kelly and Dominic Crinnion


Perceptions of Taylorism and a Marxist scientific manager, Diana J. Kelly

The Scientific Manager and the FBI: The Surveillance of Walter Polakov in the 1940s, Diana J. Kelly


Cooking Culture, Madeleine T. Kelly

Fisher's Ghost Art Award, Madeleine T. Kelly


Patterns Beyond the Obvious, Madeleine T. Kelly

Reflexive encounters: fabric and form, Madeleine T. Kelly

The Waiting Room, Madeleine T. Kelly


Vital Signs, Madeleine T. Kelly and Carrie Kibbler


"Bush Law 101": Realising place and conscious pedagogy in the Law Curriculum, Amanda Kennedy, Trish Mundy, and Jennifer Nielsen