The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2001

Analysis of Contemporary and Emerging Navigational Issues in the Law of the Sea, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Kwame Mfodwo

Papers from 2000


Threats to Democracy: Conference Proceedings: the corporate assault on democracy., S. Beder


The Muggletonian Message: E. P. Thompson, William Blake and Intellectual Radicalism, Rowan Cahill

Grim wit and family outings in Janette Turner Hospital's The Ivory Swing, Maureen Clark

Perspectives on Post-Colonial Literature, Maureen Clark

The 'Dainty Female Toe' and the 'Brawny Male Arm': conceptions of bodies and power in automobile technology, Georgine W. Clarsen Dr

Modernisation and development in Mahathir's Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Modernising Malaysia, the garment industry: 'Pink Collared' workers and the double shift, Vicki D. Crinis

Women workers in Malaysia: globalisation and identity, Vicki D. Crinis


The voices in the making and unmaking of history: Arnold Bennett, Marie Corelli, and single women in late Victorian England, Sharon Crozier


Garantías mercantiles del crédito y democracia: un estudio doctrinal, Luis Gomez Romero


Pro-activity, partnership and prevention: the UK contribution to policing organised crime in Europe, Clive Harfield

Introduction: talking/having sex, Kurt Hirtler, Ola Stahl, and Victoria Willis

Wittgenstein, mind and meaning: Toward a social conception of mind (Book review), Daniel Hutto

Beyond Physicalism, Daniel D. Hutto

Threading words together, Dorothy L. Jones

Bhiithin and the Islandman: The Blaskets Translated, Irene M. Lucchitti


Renewing cultural studies, Philip Marshall

Behind the scenes of scientific debating, Brian Martin


Defamation havens, Brian Martin

Design flaws of the Olympics, Brian Martin

Directions for liberation science, Brian Martin

Myths of whistleblowing, Brian Martin


Research grants: problems and options, Brian Martin


Convivial media, Brian Martin and Wendy Varney


Australia on the small screen 1970-1995: The complete guide to tele-features and mini-series (book review), Margaret Nixon

Building partnerships of the AMETEC with other organisations, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Chris Baldwin


Satellite-based vessel monitoring systems International legal aspects & developments in state practice, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Erik Jaap Molenaar

Enhancing fisheries rights through legislation - Australia's experience, Ben M. Tsamenyi and A McIlgorm

Rights-based fisheries development in Australia: has it stalled, Ben M. Tsamenyi and A McIlgorm

The Maritime Dimensions of Independent East Timor, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Donald Rothwell

Lessons from the 1991 Soviet Coup, Wendy Varney and Brian Martin

Net resistance, net benefits: opposing MAI, Wendy Varney and Brian Martin

Nonviolent action and people with disabilities, Wendy Varney and Brian Martin

Navigational Rights off East Timor, Robin M. Warner

Papers from 1999


Celebrity and the media, Frances Bonner, Rebecca Farley, Philip Marshall, and Graeme Turner


Car Culture [Book Review], Georgine W. Clarsen Dr

Tracing the outline of nation: circling Australia by car, Georgine W. Clarsen Dr

Sketchinga Sea-Change: Atwood and Moodie, Anne A. Collett

Women workers in the garment industry and the impact of globalisation in Peninsular Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis


Who's afraid of the BEM? The politics of excellence, Clive Harfield

A cause for concern: reasons, causes and explanations, Daniel Hutto

Cognition without representation?, Daniel Hutto

Mind in action (Book Review), Daniel Hutto

The Presence of Mind, Daniel D. Hutto


The fiction of public life, Philip Marshall

Against intellectual property, Brian Martin

Conclusion: in Technology and Public Participation, Brian Martin

Introduction: in Technology and Public Participation, Brian Martin

Nonviolence versus capitalism, Brian Martin

Social defence strategy: the role of technology., Brian Martin

Suppressing research data: methods, context, accountability, and responses, Brian Martin

Suppression of dissent in science, Brian Martin

Technology, violence, and peace, Brian Martin


Whistleblowing and nonviolence, Brian Martin

The institutional framework for regional cooperation in ocean and coastal management in the South Pacific, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Papers from 1998

La dimension francophone à Maurice et analyse de l'identité mauricienne, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford


The threat of computer crime: identifying the problem and formulating a response at force level., Andy Bliss and Clive Harfield


Gardening in the tropics: a horticultural guide to Carribbean politics and poetics, with special reference to the poetry of Olive Senior, Anne Collett

"Half me and half you": voices of real ladies and literary grandmothers in the poetry of Joan Crate and Magaret Atwood, Anne A. Collett

Women work and the state in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis


Fisheries subsidies, the WTO and the Pacific Island tuna fisheries, Roman Grynberg and Ben M. Tsamenyi

The 1997 Australia-Indonesia Maritime Boundary Treaty: a secure legal regime for offshore resource development?, Max Herriman and Ben M. Tsamenyi

An ideal solution to the problems of consciousness, Daniel Hutto

Bradleyian metaphysics: a healthy scepticism, Daniel Hutto

Davidson's identity crisis, Daniel Hutto


Non-conceptual content and objectivity, Daniel Hutto

Review: Wittgenstein: Rethinking the Inner by Paul Johnston, Daniel Hutto


Self and world, Daniel Hutto


Cultivating empire: the gardens women write, Dorothy L. Jones


The floating web, Dorothy L. Jones


Voyaging In, Out and Down Under: a Discussion of Elizabeth Jolley’s ‘Vera Wright Trilogy’, Dorothy L. Jones

Making sense of nonsense: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein, John Lippitt and Daniel Hutto


Confession and identity, Philip Marshall


Playing backwards: Anticipatory memories in the Antipodes, Philip Marshall


Thinking through New, Philip Marshall


Debating point' political refutation of a scientific theory: the case of polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS, Brian Martin


Strategies for dissenting scientists, Brian Martin


Technology in different worlds, Brian Martin

'My body, my poetry/in a season without languages in Australia': translative process in the poetry of Ouyang Yu, Vasso K Kalamaris, Antigone Kefala and Ania Walwicz, J McDonnell and Anne A. Collett


Putting down roots: colony as plantation, Paul Sharrad


Desire, mateship and the 'national type': Vance Palmer's Legend for Sanderson, Antonio Simoes da Silva


Multilateral investment guarantee agency: a critical appreciation of its guarantee service, S M. Solaiman

Ocean energy and the law of the sea: The need for a protocol, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Max Herriman

Papers from 1997

Fishery management, environmental protection and trade liberalization, Harry F Campbell, Alistair McIlgorm, and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Women, Modernity and Cars in Inter-War Victoria, Georgine W. Clarsen Dr

Interview with Anna Rutherford, Anne A. Collett

Perspectives on home ground, foreign territory, Anne A. Collett

"Sharing a Common Destiny": Censorship, Imperialism and the Stories of Doctor Dolittle, Anne A. Collett

Malaysian women under the colonial gaze, Vicki D. Crinis

The story of the self: the narrative basis of self-development, J D.D Hutto

Beauty unmasked, Dorothy L. Jones

Post-colonial familes reconfigured: a discussion of The Bone People and Miss Smilla's Felling for Snow, Dorothy L. Jones

Setting limits: humour and Australian national identity, Dorothy L. Jones


The picture book ‘Kojuro and the Bears’: a cross-cultural comparison with ‘The Bears of Mount Nametoko’ (Nametoko yama no kuma), Helen Kilpatrick

Humberto Maturana: Interview, Adam Robert Lucas

Refugees, Thomas D. Musgrave

Papers from 1996

Down under Muslim law: principles and practices in Bangladesh, Afroza Begum


Shadows of 1951, Rowan Cahill

Lecture on Contemporary Australian literature, Anne A. Collett