The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2017


Governmentality and fan resistance in the Japan pop culture sphere, Mark J. McLelland


Negotiating "cool Japan" in research and teaching, Mark J. McLelland


Submission re: City of Melbourne's proposed Activities (Public Amenity and Security) Local Law 2017, Luke J. McNamara, Julia Quilter, and Tamara Walsh

The Empire's Patriotic Fund: Public Benevolence and the Boer War in an Australian Colony, John McQuilton

Police perceptions of irrational unstable behaviours and use of force, Laura McTackett and Stuart DM Thomas


Australian politics explainer: Robert Menzies and the birth of the Liberal-National coalition, Gregory C. Melleuish


Baird's early exit means NSW loses a leader whose best years were yet to come, Gregory C. Melleuish


No longer tied to Britain, Australia is still searching for its place in the world, Gregory C. Melleuish

Indigenous children's multimodal communication of emotions through visual imagery, Kathy Mills, Alberto Bellocchi, Roger Patulny, and Jane Dooley

Swarm networks and the design process of a distributed meme warfare campaign, Teodor E. Mitew and Travis Wall

Register analysis in systemic functional linguistics, Alison Rotha Moore

Teaching with Twitter: A Case Study in the Practice of Audiencing, Christopher L. Moore and Sue Turnbull

A special Australian country thing: the small hall in Australian country life, David Nichols, Katherine Bowles, and Gordon R. Waitt

(Im)politeness and relationality, J Ohashi and Wei-Lin Chang

Teaching Australian Multicultural Literature, Wenche Ommundsen

The literatures of Chinese Australia, Wenche Ommundsen


The drivers of firm longevity: age, size, profitability and survivorship of Australian corporations, 1901-1930, Laura Panza, Simon Ville, and David Merrett

A visual analysis of gender bias in contemporary anatomy textbooks, Rhiannon Parker, Theresa A. Larkin, and Jonathan P. Cockburn

'I'll just text you': is face-to-face social contact declining in a mediated world?, Roger Patulny and Claire Seaman

Generalising men's affective experiences, Roger Patulny, Vern Smith, and Kai Ruo Soh


Fighting back against prolific online harassment in the Philippines, Julie N. Posetti


UNESCO report: surveillance and data collection are putting journalists and sources at risk, Julie N. Posetti

Quantitative analysis for maritime delimitation: reassessing the Bay of Bengal delimitation between Bangladesh and Myanmar, Wenxian Qiu and W Gullett


Judicial responses to alcohol-fuelled public violence: The Loveridge effect, Julia Quilter


'Zero tolerance' drug driving laws in Australia: A gap between rationale and form?, Julia Quilter and Luke J. McNamara

A new creative Kurdish constitution in the Middle East, Loqman Radpey and Gregory L. Rose

The New Nuclear Disorder: Challenges to Deterrence and Strategy by Stephen J Cimbala, Christopher Rahman


Is the Montreal Protocol a model that can help solve the global marine plastic debris problem?, Karen Raubenheimer and Alistair McIlgorm


Australian law to combat illegal logging in Indonesia: a gossamer chain for transnational enforcement of environmental law, Gregory L. Rose


Brandom and the Second Person, Glenda L. Satne

Diversity policies meet the competency movement: towards reshaping law firm partnership models for the future, Nan M. Seuffert, Trish Mundy, and Susan Price

'Fear' and 'hope' in graphic fiction: the schismatic role of law in an Australian dystopian comic, Cassandra E. Sharp


Identities in Transition: South Pacific, Paul Sharrad

Empires of the mind: Eurasianism and alternative history in post-Soviet Russia, Konstantin Sheiko and Stephen M. Brown


Korean-Chinese Film Remakes in a New Age of Cultural Globalisation: Miss Granny (2014) and 20 Once Again (2015) along the Digital Road, Kai Ruo Soh and Brian Yecies


Legal personality of robots, corporations, idols and chimpanzees: a quest for legitimacy, S M. Solaiman

Liability for industrial manslaughter caused by robots under statutory laws in Australia, S M. Solaiman

Crimes Committed by Directors Attributed to Corporations - Why Should Directors be Accessory?: Viewing through the Complicity Rules in Common Law, S M. Solaiman and Lars Bo Langsted

The Expression of Anger in the Public Sphere, Sarah Sorial

The Legitimacy of Pseudo-Expert Discourse in the Public Sphere, Sarah Sorial

Policing normalcy: sexual violence against women offenders with disability, Linda Roslyn Steele

Resistance is a structure not an event, Marcelo G. Svirsky


Sick bunnies and pocket dumps: "Not-selfies" and the genre of self-representation, Katrin Tiidenberg and Andrew M. Whelan

Investigating Miss Fisher: The Value of a Television Crime Drama, Sue Turnbull and Marion L. McCutcheon

Expansion of Chinese maritime power in the Indian Ocean: implications for India, Shishir Upadhyaya


Funding our farmers, Simon Ville

Australia: Settler capitalism sans doctrines, Simon Ville and David Merrett


Neither a Discipline nor a Colony: Renaissance and Re-imagination in Economic History, Simon Ville and Claire Wright

Ocean governance in the South Pacific region: progress and plans for action, Joanna Vince, Elizabeth G. Brierley, Simone L. Stevenson, and Piers Dunstan


Neonatal imitation: theory, experimental design, and significance for the field of social cognition, S Vincini, Yuna Jhang, Eugene Buder, and Shaun Gallagher


Connections or conflict? A social and economic analysis of the interconnections between the professional fishing industry, recreational fishing and marine tourism in coastal communities in NSW, Australia, Michelle A. Voyer, Kate Barclay, Alistair McIlgorm, and Nicole Mazur

Using a well-being approach to develop a framework for an integrated socio-economic evaluation of professional fishing, Michelle A. Voyer, Kate Barclay, Alistair McIlgorm, and Nicole Mazur


Contested spaces: we shall fight on the beaches..., Michelle A. Voyer and Natalie Gollan

Transnational criminal law in Australia, Robin M. Warner and Marika McAdam


Banishment, transportation and a penal settlement, Ian C. Willis

Circular Quay Railway Station A Piece of Sydney Modernism, Ian C. Willis

El Caballo Blanco, a forgotten past, Ian C. Willis

Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens: an historical source, Ian C. Willis

Contemporary Mythography: In the Time of Ancient Gods, Warlords, and Kings, Ika Willis

Lucan, Reception, Counter-History, Ika Willis

Visualising the Interdisciplinary Research Field: The Life Cycle of Economic History in Australia, Claire Wright and Simon Ville

Holding regulators to account in New South Wales pollution law: part 2 - the limits of judicial review and civil enforcement, Sarah K. Wright

Fishing militia, the securitization of fishery and the South China Sea dispute, Hongzhou Zhang and Walter S. Bateman

Papers from 2016

Camden History v4 n1

Aspects of population dynamics of Red Pandora, Pagellus bellottii (Steindachner, 1882) from the coastal waters of Ghana, Samuel K. K Amponsah, Patrick K. Ofori-Danson, Francis K. E Nunoo, and Godfred Asiedu


Tatattoouile on the Menu: Tats in the Kitchen, a Side of Ink, and Food as Communication', Paula Arvela


Tattoos, Paula Arvela


'Politics: the art of PR', Anthony I. Ashbolt

Defining a disproportionate burden in transboundary fisheries: lessons from international law, Kamal Azmi, Ruth A. Davis, Quentin A. Hanich, and Adam Vrahnos

Data natures: the politics and aesthetics of prediction, Su Ballard, Teodor E. Mitew, Jo Law, and Joanna Stirling

Multimedia, Slow Journalism as Process, and The Possibility of Proper Time, Benjamin R. Ball

India and regional maritime security, Sam Bateman

The role of flag states, Sam Bateman

Managing maritime affairs: The contribution of maritime security forces, Walter S. Bateman

Maritime security governance in the Indian Ocean region, Walter S. Bateman

Meeting China halfway -- How to defuse the emerging US-China rivalry, Walter S. Bateman


Bridging Troubled Waters: China, Japan, and Maritime Order in the East China Sea. By James Manicom. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2014. Softcover: 266pp., Lowell Bautista


How will the next Philippine president navigate the turbulent waters of the South China Sea?, Lowell Bautista

The role of coastal states, Lowell Bautista


The South China Sea issue and Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Lowell Bautista


Duterte's foreign policy confusion, Lowell B. Bautista


Smooth waters ahead or rising tides of uncertainty? Philippine foreign policy under President Rodrigo Duterte, Lowell B. Bautista

The Philippines and the Arbitral Tribunal's award: a sombre victory and uncertain times ahead, Lowell B. Bautista


To rule over the waves, Lowell B. Bautista


Who's got the power?, Sharon Beder

Rana disaster: how far can we proceed with CSR?, Afroza Begum and S M. Solaiman

Barriers to empowering children in private family law proceedings, Felicity Bell


Empirical research in law, Felicity Bell

State child welfare departments and federal family law matters, Felicity Bell


'Such Slow Murder': Feminism, moral panic and homicidal women, Katherine Biber, Arlie Loughnan, and Julia Quilter


University of Wollongong and NSW Department of Education make more of languages in Illawarra, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

The legacy of racism and Indigenous Australian identity within education, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews and Bronwyn Carlson

Above and below the streets: a musical geography of anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo, Alexander Brown

Civil society organizations for sustainable agriculture: negotiating power relations for pro-poor development in India, Trent Brown

Sustainability as empty signifier: its rise, fall, and radical potential, Trent Brown

Urbanization, rural mobility, and new class relations in Darjeeling, India, Trent Brown, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase, and Timothy J. Scrase

Nossas máquinas, nós mesmos, Ian M. Buchanan

What must we do about rubbish?, Ian M. Buchanan

Creek Walking Dialogue: Art and Environmental Activism, Brogan Bunt, Kim Williams, and Lucas M. Ihlein

Diversity and journalism pedagogy: exploring news media representation of disability, Shawn G. Burns