An integration of first-person methodologies in cognitive science



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Overgaard, M., Gallagher, S. and Ramsoy, T. (2008). An integration of first-person methodologies in cognitive science. Journal of Consciousness Studies: controversies in science and the humanities, 15 (5), 100-120.


A number of recent publications have argued that a scientific approach to consciousness needs a rigorous approach to first-person data collection. As mainstream experimental psychology has long abandoned such introspective or phenomenological method, there is at present no generally agreed upon method for first-person data collection in experimental consciousness studies. There are, however, a number of recent articles that all claim to provide a unique contribution to such a methodology. This article reviews these suggestions and extracts their core features. It is argued that the suggested methods are generally overlapping and compatible, and a number of concrete methods that easily are applied to experimental studies are put forward.

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Journal of Consciousness Studies

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