About This Journal

The Journal of University Learning & Teaching Practice is an international higher education journal hosted at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia. It has over 90 reviewers from around the world providing a broad –based disciplinary approach. It is listed with EBSCO database. Submissions undergo a double blind peer review and resubmitted papers undergo a further check with one of the original reviewers.

Papers must be submitted in their entirety and must not have been previously published.

Review criteria

    The paper should have:
  • an important issue, initiative or problem with clear educational application;
  • critical, analytical and useful insights for learning and teaching practice;
  • a clearly stated context of interest to an international readership;
  • reference to the appropriate literature;
  • an easy to follow structure;
  • usually 7000 - 8000 words , including references, or approximately 15 pages with an upper limit of 20 pages.

Examples of the kind of papers we publish

  • Papers which describe the collection and interpretation of data concerning the design or use of an educational approach;
  • Papers which describe the application of principled methods, theory or tools to the design, development and/or implementation of an educational approach;
  • Organisational, management or policy initiatives in the area of educational design, development and implementation;
  • Large case studies of local experiences where an educational approach has been fully implemented for over at least one year;
  • Major educational technology developments;
  • Major pedagogical or curriculum development initiatives.

It is unlikely that we will publish your paper if it has no evidence of evaluation. Where local studies are reported there must be applicability in other contexts and a wider application.


Harvard referencing system must be used when submitting a paper to JUTLP. Examples for different kinds of work are available from the University Library Referencing and Citing page.


Go to ro.uow.edu.au/jutlp

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