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Journal of Student Engagement: Education Matters

Aims & Scope

The editor invites submission of manuscripts for consideration from any undergraduate student of the School of Education, University of Wollongong. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor, Russell Walton (rwalton@uow.edu.au), as should all queries. Bear in mind that, as publicly accessible documents and a permanent record, the published papers need to be of a high standard, for the sake of the reputation of both the author(s) and the University of Wollongong. Non-University of Wollongong/School of Education submissions will be considered for special issues or as feature articles. Manuscripts that do not meet the standard expected will be returned. In all instances, submission is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Manuscripts are invited on any topic related to the field of education. This includes research, practical or theoretical, general theory or issues of concern. If authors are unsure of the relevance of a proposed topic, contact the editor for an opinion. However, while manuscripts may build on topics covered in assignments there should not be substantive reproduction. It is a condition of manuscript submission that the content has not been, or is not in the process of being, published or submitted elsewhere.

All contributors should be aware that JSEEM is published through Research Online, as part of the University of Wollongong library. Research Online is an open access repository, as such all published papers will be freely available, including public access through search engines such as Google. In this regard, contributors should be aware that they will be addressing an international audience.