Papers from 2010

Experimental study on the deformation of oxide scale and friction during hot rolling of stainless steel 304L, Zhengyi Jiang, A K. Tieu, Dongbin Wei, Xue Shi, Junxia Huang, Sihai Jiao, Aiwen Zhang, and fei wu

Strip shape analysis of asymmetrical cold rolling of thin strip, Zhengyi Jiang, Dongbin Wei, Xiaozhong Du, Yanbing Du, and Matthew Hay

Analysis of Edge Cracks Initiation and Propagation during Cold Rolling of Thin Strip, Zhengyi Jiang, Haibo Xie, and Daniel Wai Yuen


One incident, two stories: News coverage of the Sino-US mid-air collision, Jiang Jinlong and Hao Xiaoming


Equilibrium and kinetic modeling of the adsorption of indigo carmine onto silk, Naparat Jiwalak, Saowanee Rattanaphani, John B. Bremner, and Vichitr Rattanaphani

District-level Estimates of Institutional Births in Ghana: Application of Small Area Estimation Technique Using Census and DHS Data, Fiifi Amoako Johnson, Hukum Chandra, James Brown, and Sabu Padmadas

An infrared spectral database for detection of gases emitted by biomass burning, Tim Johnson, Luisa Profeta, Robert Sams, David Griffith, and Robert Yokelson


Inversion-based feedforward control of polypyrrole trilayer bender actuators, Stephen W. John, Gursel Alici, and Christopher David Cook

A pilot study of combined working memory and inhibition training for children with AD/HD, Stuart J. Johnstone, Steven Roodenrys, Elise Phillips, Annelie Watt, and Sharlene Mantz

Varying required effort during interference control in children with AD/HD: task performance and ERPs, Stuart J. Johnstone, Annelie Watt, and Aneta Dimoska


Legal 'highs' available through the internet-implications and solutions?, Alison L. Jones


Journeys and pilgrimages: Marion Halligan's fictions, Dorothy L. Jones

Magic in the web, Dorothy L. Jones

Vernon Ah Kee - Sovereign Warrior, Garry C. Jones


Local government investing: a form of gambling?, Gregory Jones and Graham D. Bowrey

A CSCL approach to blended learning in the integration of technology in teaching, Michael Jones


Encouraging SME eCollaboration - the role of the champion facilitator, Michael L. Jones and Lois Burgess


Teaching, learning and talking: Mapping "the trail of fire", Pauline T. Jones


Relationships between child, parent and community characteristics and weight status among young children, Rachel A. Jones, Anthony D. Okely, Peter Caputi, and Dylan P. Cliff

Process evaluation of the Hunter Illawarra Kids Challenge using parent support study: a multisite randomized controlled trial for the management of child obesity, Rachel A. Jones, Janet M. Warren, Anthony D. Okely, Clare E. Collins, Philip J. Morgan, Dylan P. Cliff, Tracy Burrows, Jane Cleary, and Louise Baur


When does alcohol sponsorship of sport become sports sponsorship of alcohol? A case study of developments in sport in Australia, Sandra C. Jones

Constructing sports stars: appliable linguistics and the language of the media, Sandra C. Jones and Shoshana J. Dreyfus


Health warning labels on alcohol products - the views of Australian university students, Sandra C. Jones and Parri Gregory

Australian women's awareness of breast cancer symptoms and responses to potential symptoms, Sandra C. Jones, Parri Gregory, Caroline Nehill, Lance R. Barrie, Karen Luxford, A. Nelson, Helen Zorbas, and Donald C. Iverson

'Just don't eat chicken': the challenge of engaging Australian adults in appropriate preventive behaviours for bird flu, Sandra C. Jones, Donald C. Iverson, and Louise Waters

Australian women's awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms, risk and protective factors, and estimates of own risk, Sandra C. Jones, Christopher A. Magee, Jane Francis, Karen Luxford, Parri Gregory, Helen Zorbas, and Donald C. Iverson


'Like me, want me, buy me, eat me': relationship-building marketing communications in children's magazines, Sandra C. Jones, Nadia L. Mannino, and Julia Green


'Most men drink... especially like when they play sports' - alcohol advertising during sporting broadcasts and the potential impact on child audiences, Sandra C. Jones, Lyn Phillipson, and Lance R. Barrie


Children's magazines: reading resources or food marketing tools?, Sandra C. Jones and Amanda Reid


The use of female sexuality in Australian alcohol advertising: public policy implications of young adults' reactions to stereotypes, Sandra C. Jones and Amanda Reid

Are Australian consumers willing to pay for the installation of reversing cameras in motor vehicles?, Sandra C. Jones and Joanne Telenta


Developing pandemic communication strategies: Preparation without panic, Sandra C. Jones, Louise Waters, Omnia Holland, John Bevins, and Donald C. Iverson


Phase formation and magnetotransport of alkali metal doped Na0.75CoO2 thermoelectric oxide, Priyanka Jood, Germanas Peleckis, Xiaolin Wang, S. X. Dou, H Yamauchi, and M Karppinen

Accounting ethics - an empirical investigation of managing short-term earnings: financial management, Leonie Jooste

The hidden curriculum revisited: a critical review of research into the influence of summative assessment on learning, Gordon Joughin


Commentary: Media in the UAE: The Abu Dhabi powerhouse, Alma Kadragic

Dynamic crack propagations in prestressed concrete sleepers in railway track systems subjected to severe impact loads, Sakdirat Kaewunruen and Alexander Remennikov

Increased expression of the lysosomal cholesterol transporter NPC1 in Alzheimer's disease, Katarina Kagedal, Woojin Scott Kim, Hanna Appelqvist, S. Chan, Danni Cheng, Lotta Agholme, K. J. Barnham, H. McCann, Glenda Halliday, and Brett Garner

Frequency of malnutrition in older adults: a multinational perspective using the mini nutritional assessment, Matthias Kaiser, J. M. Bauer, C. Ramsch, W. Uter, Yves Guigoz, Tommy Cederholm, D. R. Thomas, Patricia Anthony, Karen Charlton, M. Maggio, Alan Tsai, Bruno Vellas, and C. C. Sieber

Comment on "Lead isotopic evidence for an Australian source of aeolian dust to Antarctica at times over the last 170,000 years" by P. De Deckker, M. Norman,, Balz S. Kamber, Samuel K. Marx, and Hamish A. McGowan

Chiral conducting polymers, Leon Kane-Maguire and Gordon G. Wallace

A longer look at the asymmetric dependence between hedge funds and the equity market, Byung Kang, Francis In, Gunky Kim, and Tong Kim

Using temporal variability to improve spatial mapping with application to satellite data, Emily Kang, Noel A. Cressie, and T Shi

Optimization of the cooling process of a heavy hydraulic turbine runner band casting in heat treatment, Jinwu Kang, T J. Wang, Hailiang Yu, Tianyou Huang, and Bin Liu


Communication curricula at universities in the Republic of Korea: Evolution and challenges in the digital age, Seok Kang

The Yang-Mills functional and Laplace's equation on quantum Heisenberg manifolds, Sooran Kang

Freud's excellent adventure down under: the only publication in Australia by the founder of psychoanalysis, Robert Kaplan

Syphilis, sex and psychiatry, 1789-1925: Part 1, Robert M. Kaplan

Syphilis, sex and psychiatry, 1789-1925: Part 2, Robert M. Kaplan

First description of Cryptosporidium bovis in Japan and diagnosis and genotyping of Cryptosporidium spp. in diarrheic pre-weaned calves in Hokkaido, Panagiotis Karanis, Takahashi Eiji, Lili Palomino, Kajohn Boonrod, Judit Plutzer, Jerry Ongerth, and Ikuo Igarashi

Perceptions of service quality: What's fun got to do with it?, Katherine Karl, Lynn Harland, Joy V. Peluchette, and Amy Rodie

A cross-cultural examination of student attitudes and gender differences in Facebook profile content, Katherine Karl, Joy V. Peluchette, and Christopher Schlagel

Should employees accept their boss's Facebook `friend' request? Examining gender and cultural differences, Katherine Karl, Joy V. Peluchette, and Christopher Schlagel

Who's posting Facebook faux pas? A cross-cultural examination of personality differences, Katherine Karl, Joy V. Peluchette, and Christopher Schlagel

Valuing Cricketers Using Hedonic Price Models, Ajit Karnik

Financial crises and international stock market volatility transmission, Indika Karunanayake, Abbas Valadkhani, and Martin J. O'Brien

Improving communication when seeking informed consent: a randomised controlled study of a computer-based method for providing information to prospective clinical trial participants, Asuntha S. Karunaratne, Stanley G. Korenman, Samantha L. Thomas, Paul S. Myles, and Paul A. Komesaroff

Graph algebras, exel-laca algebras, and ultragraph algebras coincide up to Morita equivalence, Takeshi Katsura, Paul Muhly, Aidan Sims, and Mark Tomforde


Organisational perspectives on anti-doping Work in sport, Alanah Kazlauskas and Helen M. Hasan

A machine learning approach to link prediction for interlinked documents, Milly W. Kc, Rowena Chau, Markus Hagenbuchner, Ah Chung Tsoi, and Vincent Lee


Slowmation as a pedagogical scaffold for improving science teaching and learning, Stephen Keast, Rebecca Cooper, Amanda Berry, John Loughran, and Garry Hoban


Unpacking the RFID Investment Decision, Byron W. Keating, Tim R. Coltman, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Valerie Baker

Dependence of Charge Separation Efficiency on Film Microstructure in Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl):[6,6]-Phenyl-C 61 Butyric Acid Methyl Ester Blend Films, Panagiotis Keivanidis, Tracey Clarke, Samuele Lilliu, Tiziano Agostinelli, J Emyr Macdonald, James Durrant, Donal Bradley, and Jenny Nelson

Health promotion in sport: an analysis of peak sporting organisations' health policies, Bridget Kelly, Louise Baur, Adrian Bauman, Ben Smith, Shaimaa Saleh, Lesley King, and Kathy Chapman

Television food advertising to children: a global perspective, Bridget Kelly, Jason Halford, Emma Boyland, Kathy Chapman, Inmaculada Bautista-Castano, Christina Berg, Margherita Caroli, Brian Cook, Janine Coutinho, Tobias Effertz, Evangelia Grammatikaki, Kathleen Keller, Raymond Leung, Yannis Manios, Renata Monteiro, Claire Pedley, Hillevi Prell, Kim Raine, Elisabetta Recine, Lluis Serra-Majem, Sonia Singh, and Carolyn Summerbell


Examining opportunities for promotion of healthy eating at children's sports clubs, Bridget P. Kelly, Louise Baur, Adrian Bauman, and Lesley King


Opening up Australian preschoolers' lunchboxes, Bridget P. Kelly, Louise L. Hardy, Sarah Howlett, Lesley King, Louise Farrell, and Libby Hattersley


Climate Change Policy: Actions and Barriers in New Zealand, Geoff Kelly


Calculating clinically significant change: Applications of the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Scale to evaluate client outcomes in private practice, Peter Kelly

Calculating clinically significant change: Applications of the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Scale to evaluate client outcomes in private practice, Peter Kelly

Strategic roles of marine protected areas in ecosystem scale conservation, Richard Kenchington

Breakfast size is related to body mass index for men, but not women, Lillian Kent and Francis Worsley

ClassSim: an approach to education development through a simulation, Lisa K. Kervin, Brian Ferry, and Lisa A. Carrington

Virtual learning environment (ClassSim) examined under the frame of andragogy, Lisa K. Kervin, Brian Ferry, and Lisa A. Carrington


Effective literacy pedagogy: amplified by technology?, Lisa K. Kervin, Pauline T. Jones, and Irina M. Verenikina


Supporting educators with the inclusion of technology within literacy classrooms: A framework for "action", Lisa K. Kervin and Jessica Mantei


Incorporating technology within classroom literacy experiences, Lisa Kervin and Jessica Mantei

Mental illness among police fatalities in Victoria 1982-2007: Case linkage study, Dragana Kesic, Stuart DM Thomas, and James RP Ogloff


Fluctuations in productivity and denitrification in the southeastern Arabian Sea during the late Quaternary, Pratima Mohan Kessarkar, Venigalla Purnachandra Rao, S Naqvi, Allan R. Chivas, and Toshiro Saino

Applying semantic networks to hypertext design: effects on knowledge structure acquisition and problem solving, Mohamed Khalifa and Kathy Shen


Rehabilitation for Guillain Barre syndrome: Analysis of the Australian rehabilitation outcomes dataset, F Khan, Tara L. Stevermuer, and Frances D. Simmonds

'Water': diasporic cinema and the transcendence of genre, Sukhmani Khorana

The importance of estimating the contribution of the oceans to national economies, Judith Kildow and Alistair McIlgorm

Preparation and enhanced stability of flexible supercapacitor prepared from Nafion/polyaniline nanofiber, B C. Kim, J Kwon, J. Ko, J Park, C Too, and G G. Wallace

Changes in cholesterol biosynthetic and transport pathways after excitotoxicity, Ji-Hyun Kim, Jinatta Jittiwat, Wei-Yi Ong, Akhlaq A. Farooqui, and Andrew M. Jenner

Correlation between critical current density and n-value in MgB2/Nb/Monel superconductor wires, Jung Ho Kim, S. X. Dou, A Matsumoto, Seyong Choi, T Kiyoshi, and Hiroaki Kumakura

Comparative study of mono- and multi-filament MgB2 wires with different boron powders and malic acid addition, Jung Ho Kim, Yoon-Uk Heo, A Matsumoto, Hiroaki Kumakura, M Rindfleisch, Mike Tomsic, and S. X. Dou

Influence of hot-pressing on MgB2/Nb/Monel wires, Jung Ho Kim, A Matsumoto, Minoru Maeda, Y Yamada, K Wada, K Tachikawa, M Rindfleisch, Mike Tomsic, and Hiroaki Kumakura

Eccentric gaze dynamics enhance vection in depth, Juno Kim and Stephen Palmisano

Visually mediated eye movements regulate the capture of optic flow in self-motion perception, Juno Kim and Stephen Palmisano

Pilot gaze and glideslope control, Juno Kim, Stephen Palmisano, April Ash, and Robert Allison


Fluctuation conductivity of single-crystalline BaFe1.8 Co0.2As2 in the critical region, Soo Hyun Kim, Changho Choi, Myung-Hwa Jung, Jung-Bum Yoon, Young-Hun Jo, Xiaolin Wang, X.H Chen, X.F Wang, Sung-Ik Lee, and Ki-Young Choi

Crystal growth of alkali metal ion doped potassium niobate fiber single crystals, Hideo Kimura, R Tanahashi, Hongyang Zhao, K Maiwa, Zhenxiang Cheng, and Xiaolin Wang

Direct observation of the gas phase reaction of the cyclohexyl radical with dioxygen using a distonic radical ion approach, Benjamin Kirk, David Harman, and Stephen J. Blanksby


A survey and tutorial of RFID anti-collision protocols, Dheeraj K. Klair, Kwan-Wu Chin, and Raad Raad


Molecular characterization of the onset and progression of colitis in inoculated interleukin-10 gene-deficient mice: a role for PPARcx, Bianca Knoch, Matthew Barnett, Janine Cooney, Warren McNabb, Diane Barraclough, William Laing, Shuotun Zhu, Zaneta A. Park, Paul MacLean, Scott O. Knowles, and Nicole Roy


Influence of polyunsaturated fatty acids on intestinal barrier function during colitis, Bianca Knoch, Warren C. McNabb, and Nicole Roy

From global paradigms to grounded policies: local socio-cognitive constructions of international development policies and implications for development management, Jenny Knowles

Exploring loyalty in mobile information services: the role of sound amusements, Fumiyo Kondo, Jiro Hirata, and Dr. Shahriar Akter


Global estimates of CO sources with high resolution by adjoint inversion of multiple satellite datasets (MOPITT, AIRS, SCIAMACHY, TES), M Kopacz, D J. Jacob, J A. Fisher, J A. Logan, L Zhang, I A. Megretskaia, R M. Yantosca, K Singh, D K. Henze, J P. Burrows, M Buchwitz, I Khlystova, W. W McMillan, J C. Gille, D P. Edwards, A Eldering, V Thouret, and P Nedelec