Papers from 2011

Expertise in Time and Place: Rembering History and Context, David W. Mercer


Tariffs, subsidies, and profits: a re-assessment of structural change in Australia 1901–39, David Merrett and Simon Ville


Sex Trafficking and Global Governance in the Context of Pacific Mobility, Sally Engle Merry


Calibration of TCCON column-averaged CO2: the first aircraft campaign over European TCCON sites, Janina Messerschmidt, M. Geibel, T. Blumenstock, H. Chen, Nicholas Deutscher, A. Engel, D. Feist, C. Gerbig, M. Gisi, F. Hase, K. Katrynski, O. Kolle, J. Lavric, Justus Notholt, M. Palm, M. Ramonet, M. Rettinger, M. Schmidt, R. Sussmann, G. Toon, F. Truong, Thorsten Warneke, Paul Wennberg, Debra Wunch, and I. Xueref-Remy


Australian children are not consuming enough long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids for optimal health, Barbara J. Meyer and Nithin Kolanu


Are we consuming enough long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids for optimal health?, B J. Meyer

The IEEE symposium on technology and society 2010 (7-10 June): the social implications of emerging technologies, Katina Michael


Editorial: The social and behavioural implications of location-based services, Katina Michael and M G. Michael


The fallout from emerging technologies: on matters of surveillance, social networks and suicide, Katina Michael and M G. Michael


The importance of scenarios in the prediction of the social implications of emerging technologies and services, Katina Michael, M G. Michael, and Roba Abbas

Banking on Leverage, George M. Mickhail, Fahrettin Okcabol, Tony Tinker, and Aida Sy

Does AIS and MIS have a Future?, George M. Mickhail, Fahrettin Okcabol, Tony Tinker, and Aida Sy

European Accounting Theory: Early English Writers, George M. Mickhail, Fahrettin Okcabol, Tony Tinker, and Aida Sy

The French Contribution to the Early Development of Accounting Theory and Beyond, George M. Mickhail, Fahrettin Okcabol, Tony Tinker, and Aida Sy


Relationship between plantar pressures, physical activity and sedentariness among preschool children, Karen J. Mickle, Dylan P. Cliff, Bridget J. Munro, Anthony D. Okely, and Julie R. Steele

Soft tissue thickness under the metatarsal heads is reduced in older people with toe deformities, Karen J. Mickle, Bridget J. Munro, Stephen Lord, Hylton B. Menz, and Julie R. Steele


Gait, balance and plantar pressures in older people with toe deformities, Karen J. Mickle, Bridget J. Munro, Stephen R. Lord, Hylton B. Menz, and Julie R. Steele

Gender and age affect balance performance in primary school-aged children, Karen J. Mickle, Bridget J. Munro, and Julie Steele

An initial examination of the population genetic structure of Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Croatian apple orchards, Katarina M. Mikac, S. Simon, I Pejic, I Pajac, and B Baric

The use of an aeration system to prevent thermal stratification of a freshwater impoundment and its effect on downstream fish assemblages, Nathan G. Miles and Ronald J. West


What happens when we have data?, Andrew Alexis Miller


In the heat of the night - alternative pathway respiration drives thermogenesis in Philodendron bipinnatifidum, Rebecca Miller, N. Grant, L. Giles, Miquel Ribas-Carbo, J. A. Berry, Jennifer Watling, and Sharon A. Robinson

The results of a pilot time-and-motion study in three Australian hospitals: where do we spend our time?, Marianna Milosavljevic, Peter Williams, Geraldine Perez, and Tegan Dalla

Mortality of a herbivorous insect is greater on non-indigenous congeneric compared to native rush in coastal salt marsh, Todd E. Minchinton, David R. Britton, and Kerinne Harvey


Some geomorphological techniques used in constraining the likelihood of landsliding - Selected Australian examples, Anthony Miner, Phillip N. Flentje, C Mazengarb, J Selkirk-Bell, and Peter Dahlhaus


Propagation of optical spatial solitary waves in bias-free nematic-liquid-crystal cells, Antonmaria A. Minzoni, Luke W. Sciberras, Noel F. Smyth, and Annette L. Worthy


Inkjet and extrusion printing of conducting poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) tracks on and embedded in biopolymer materials, Charles A. Mire, Animesh Agrawal, Gordon G. Wallace, Paul Calvert, and Marc in het Panhuis

Vaccination against 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza among Healthcare Workers in a Tertiary Hospital: rates, reasoning, beliefs, Spyridon Miyakis, V Giannakaki, E Moustakidis, A Trelopoulou, C Trakatelli, Vasilios Kotsis, and M Sion

The challenges of antimicrobial drug resistance in Greece, Spyridon Miyakis, Angelos Pefanis, and Athanassios Tsakris


Commentary: Educating journalism students to do comprehensive reporting, Bella Mody

The sustainability–profitability trade-off in tourism: can it be overcome?, Teresa Moeller, Sara Dolnicar, and Friedrich Leisch

Accountability, asbestos and indigenous rights: the case of Baryulgil, Lee C. Moerman and Sandra van der Laan

Accounting for long-tail asbestos liabilities: Metaphor and meaning, Lee C. Moerman and Sandra van der Laan

Discussion of the enabling environments for decentralised water systems, Magnus Moglia, K S. Alexander, and Ashok K. Sharma

Perceived performance of decentralised water systems: a survey approach, Magnus Moglia, Ashok K. Sharma, Kim Alexander, and Aditi Mankad


Balancing the tensions between shipping and marine environmental protection in the straits of malacca and singapore: Have the straits reached an environmental tipping point?, Mohd Mohd Rusli


Straits of Malacca and Singapore: Ensuring Safe Navigation, Mohd Mohd Rusli

The Christian origins of secularism and the rule of law, Richard Mohr


Reassembling the legal: the wonders of modern science in court-related proceedings, Richard Mohr and Francesco Contini

Da capo: law and religion from the top down, Richard Mohr and Nadirsyah Hosen

Late quaternary fire regimes of Australasia, S. Mooney, S. Harrison, P. Bartlein, A.-L. Daniau, J. Stevenson, K. Brownlie, Solomon Buckman Dr., Matthew Cupper, Jonathon Luly, M. Black, Eric Colhoun, D. D'Costa, John Dodson, S. Haberle, Geoffrey Hope, P. Kershaw, C. Kenyon, M. McKenzie, and N. Williams


Solidification and the δ/γ phase transformation of steels in relation to casting defects, Suk Chun Moon, Rian Dippenaar, and Sang-Hyeon Lee


The ‘Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids’ community effectiveness trial: study protocol of a community-based healthy lifestyle program for fathers and their children, Philip J. Morgan, David R. Lubans, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Robin Callister, Tracy Burrows, Richard Fletcher, Anthony D. Okely, Myles D. Young, Andrew Miller, Victoria Clay, Adam Lloyd, and Clare E. Collins

The Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids randomized controlled trial: Efficacy of a healthy lifestyle program for overweight fathers and their children, Philip Morgan, David Lubans, Robin Callister, Anthony D. Okely, Tracy Burrows, R fletcher, and Clare Collins

The Campanian Ignimbrite (Y5) tephra at Crvena Stijena Rockshelter, Montenegro, Mike W. Morley and Jamie Woodward


The dirt on assessing post-fire erosion in the Mount Lofty Ranges: comparing methods, Rowena H. Morris, Solomon Buckman, Paul Connelly, Deirdre Dragovich, Bertram Ostendorf, and Ross A. Bradstock

Screening for mental disorder comorbidity in Australian alcohol and other drug residential treatment settings, Kane Saxon Mortlock, Frank Deane, and Trevor Crowe

Rainwater tank households: water savers or water users?, Candice Moy

Significantly reduced bimolecular recombination in a novel silole-based polymer: fullerene blend, Attila J. Mozer, Gilles Dennler, Tracey M. Clarke, Dean DeLongchamp, Deanna Rodovsky, Christoph Lungenschmied, Jeff Peet, and Andrew Herzing

Perylene sensitization of fullerenes for improved performance in organic photovoltaics, Attila J. Mozer, Christian Hundschell, Bert Nickel, Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Xinliang Feng, Jonas Weickert, Holger C Hesse, and Klaus Mullen

Significant performance improvement of porphyrin-sensitized TiO2 solar cells under white light illumination, Attila J. Mozer, G G. Wallace, David L. Officer, M James, M Griffith, P W. Wagner, K K. Wagner, and G Triani

Sodium fluoride-assisted modulation of anodized TiO2 nanotube for dye-sensitized solar cells application, Attila J. Mozer, Gordon G. Wallace, Yun Hau Ng, Jung-Ho Yun, Changhui Ye, and Rose Amal

Coexistence of femtosecond- and nonelectron-injecting dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells: inhomogeniety limits the efficiency, Attila J. Mozer, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, Matthew Griffith, Pawel W. Wagner, Shogo Mori, Kenji Sunahara, Akihiro Furube, and Ryuzi Katoh


Remarkable synergistic effects in a mixed porphyrin dye-sensitized TiO2 film, Attila J. Mozer, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, Matthew Griffith, Pawel W. Wagner, Klaudia K. Wagner, George Tsekouras, Shogo Mori, and Ying Dong


‘Natives’, ‘Immigrants’ and ‘libérés’: The Colonial Regulation of Mobility in New Caledonia, Adrian Muckle

Product deletion: a critical overview and empirical insight into this process, Jonathan Muir and Nina Reynolds


Islamist terrorism and Australia: an empirical examination of the "home-grown" threat, Sam Mullins


Australian Jihad: Radicalisation and Counter-Terrorism, Samuel J. Mullins


Daily and 3-hourly variability in global fire emissions and consequences for atmospheric model predictions of carbon monoxide, M Mu, James Randerson, G R. Van Der Werf, L Giglio, Prasad Kasibhatla, D Morton, G J. Collatz, R S. Defries, E J. Hyer, E M. Prins, David W. Griffith, Debra Wunch, G C. Toon, V Sherlock, and Paul O. Wennberg


Insights into gender, 'rurality' and the legal practice experience, Patricia Mundy


An Analytical Framework to Examine Changes in Performance Measurement Systems within the Banking Sector, Rahat Munir, Sujatha Perera, and Kevin Baird

Feeding biology of two functionally different foregut-fermenting mammals, the marsupial red kangaroo and the ruminant sheep: how physiological ecology can inform land management, Adam Munn, T. Dawson, and S. McLeod

Assessment, monitoring and emergency nursing care in blunt chest injury: A case study, Belinda Munroe and Kate Curtis

How nursing staff spend their time on activities in a nursing home: an observational study, Esther Naliaka Munyisia, Ping Yu, and David Hailey

Does the introduction of an electronic nursing documentation system in a nursing home reduce time on documentation for the nursing staff?, Esther N. Munyisia, Ping Yu, and David Hailey

The changes in caregivers' perceptions about the quality of information and benefits of nursing documentation associated with the introduction of an electronic documentation system in a nursing home, Esther N. Munyisia, Ping Yu, and David Hailey

Comment on: "New (40)Ar/(39)Ar ages for selected young (<1 >Ma) basalt flows of the Newer Volcanic Province, southeastern Australia" by E. Matchan & D. Phillips, Colin V. Murray-Wallace

Contrasting sedimentation rates in Lake Illawarra and St Georges Basin, two large barrier estuaries on the southeast coast of Australia, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Brian G. Jones, Craig R. Sloss, H Heijnis, and B P. Brooke

The yin and the yang of keratin amino acid substitutions and epidermolysis bullosa simplex, Dedee F. Murrell, Niken Trisnowati, Spyridon Miyakis, and Amy S. Paller


Dilemma of course content and curriculum in Indian journalism education: Theory, practice and research, C.S. H.N. Murthy


Epidemiology of influenza-like illness during pandemic (H1N1) 2009, New South Wales, Australia, David Muscatello, Margo Barr, Sarah Thackway, and C. Raina Maclntyre

Kinematic modeling for artificial flagellum of a robotic bacterium based on electroactive polymer actuators, Rahim Mutlu, Gursel Alici, and Weihua Li

A finite element model for efficiency of a moored floating OWC device in regular waves, Jean-Roch Nader, Song-Ping Zhu, Paul Cooper, and Brad Stappenbelt

Progress toward robust polymer hydrogels, Sina Naficy, Hugh R. Brown, Joselito M. Razal, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Philip G. Whitten

Fuzzy clustering of human motor motion, Fazel Naghdy

HRM in paradise: similar or different? A study of tourist resorts in the Maldives, Ali Najeeb

The status of migrant workers in the Maldives: 'Precarious workers' or 'labour aristocrats'?, Ali Najeeb


Contextual effects in modeling for small domain estimation, Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad and David G. Steel

Bankfull hydraulic geometry; the role of in-channel vegetation and downstream declining discharges in the anabranching and distributary channels of the Gwydir distributive fluvial system, southeastern Australia, Gerald C. Nanson and Tim Pietsch

Naming conventions in geomorphology: contributions and controversies in the sandstone landscape of Zhangjiajie Geopark, China, Gerald C. Nanson, Robert A. Wray, Jan-Hendrik May, Andrew S. Goudie, Xiaoping Yang, Yuanxu Ma, Mike Crozier, Heather Viles, Gary Brierley, Guifang Yang, Chris Wood, Deli Qi, Piotr Migon, Wolfgang Eder, Simon Aiken, Guo-an Yu, Anze Chen, and He Qing Huang


Are the female entrepreneurs of beauty salons in India, victims of bad publicity?, Roshni Narendran

Connecting student self-regulation, metacognition and learning to analogical thinking in a physics problem-solving discourse, Samson Nashon and Wendy S. Nielsen


Challenges of Older Patients’ Knowledge About Warfarin Therapy, Sayeed Nasser, Judy Mullan, and Beata Bajorek


Dye-sensitized CuAlO2 photocathodes for tandem solar cell applications, Andrew Nattestad, Xiaoli Zhang, Udo Bach, and Yi-Bing Cheng


Isolation of linobiflavonoid, a novel biflavonoid from Linostoma pauciflorum Griff, Tawesin Navarat, Stephen G. Pyne, Uma Prawat, and Pittaya Tuntiwachwuttikul


Conversion of Australian food composition data from AUSNUT1999 to 2007 in the Clinical Trial Context, Elizabeth P. Neale, Yasmine C. Probst, Rebecca Thorne, Qingsheng Zhang, Jane E. O'Shea, Marijka J. Batterham, and Linda C. Tapsell


Development and validation of an Australian database for estimating the seafood content of canned products, Elizabeth Neale, Yasmine Probst, Marijka Batterham, and Linda C. Tapsell

Export volatility and output growth: Case of Turkey, Ramzi Nekhili and Serhan Ciftcioglu


Volatility dynamics in Dubai gold futures market, Ramzi Nekhili and Michael Thorpe

Theoretical probing of the phenomenon of the formation of the outermost surface layer of a multi-component particle, and the surface chemical composition after the rapid removal of water in spray drying, Mark I. Nelson, Harvinder S. Sidhu, and X.D. Chen


Determining the ultimate strength of 'tough skin', a glass fibre reinforced polymer liner, Jan Anton Nemcik, Ian Porter, Ernest Y. Baafi, and Jeffery Navin


Bearing capacity of a glass fibre reinforced polymer liner, Jan Anton Nemcik, Ian Porter, Ernest Y. Baafi, and Joshua Towns

Generalized extreme value additive model analysis via mean field variational bayes, Sarah Neville, M. Palmer, and M. Wand

Hybrid superconductor-ferromagnet transistor-like device, Ivan Nevirkovets and M A. Belogolovskii

Multi-terminal superconducting nonequilibrium device with a ferromagnetic screen, Ivan Nevirkovets, O Chernyashevskyy, J B. Ketterson, and Alexey V. Pan

Practical RFID ownership transfer scheme, Ching Yu Ng, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu, and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini

A scaling mitigation approach during direct contact membrane distillation, Long Nghiem and Tzahi Cath


Treatment of saline aqueous solutions using direct contact membrane distillation, Long Nghiem, Florian Hildinger, Faisal I. Hai, and Tzahi Cath

Treatment of coal seam gas produced water for beneficial use in Australia: A review of best practices, Long Nghiem, Ting Ren, Najdat I. Aziz, Ian Porter, and Gyanendra Regmi

Local intensity distribution descriptor for object detection, D Nguyen, Wanqing Li, and P Ogunbona