Papers from 2011

Rediscovering the essence of nursing: Exploring the impact of in clinical experience in Thailand for undergraduate nursing students from Australia, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna Moxham, Brenda Happell, and Teresa Sander


Preliminary evaluations on laser - Tandem GMAW, Ruham P. Reis, John Norrish, and Dominic Cuiuri

Response of foam- and concrete-filled square steel tubes under low-velocity impact loading, Alexander Remennikov, B. Uy, and Sih Kong

A parallel, multi-issue negotiation model in dynamic e-markets, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, X. Luo, and Danny Sutanto


Development of a water-mist based venturi system for dust control from maingate chocks and BSL, Ting Ren, Graeme Cooper, and Srinivasa Yarlagadda

Dust controls and monitoring practices on Australian longwalls, Ting Ren, Brian Plush, and Najdat I. Aziz

Multiple Early Triassic greenhouse crises impeded recovery from Late Permian mass extinction, Gregory Retallack, Nathan Sheldon, Paul F. Carr, M. Fanning, Caitlyn Thompson, Megan Williams, Brian G. Jones, and Adrian C. Hutton


Canadian and Australian pre-service teachers' use, confidence and success in various behaviour management strategies, Andrea Reupert and Stuart Woodcock


Retrieval of atmospheric CO2 with enhanced accuracy and precision from SCIAMACHY: validation with FTS measurements and comparison with model results, M Reuter, H Bovensmann, M Buchwitz, JP Burrows, B Connor, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. Griffith, J Heymann, Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Janina Messerschmidt, Justus Notholt, Christof Petri, J Robinson, O Schneising, V Sherlock, Voltaire V. Velazco, Thorsten Warneke, Paul O. Wennberg, and Debra Wunch

Management's critical turn: a critique of Adler's "paleo-marxism", James Reveley


The role of brookite in mechanical activation of anatase-to-rutile transformation of nanocrystalline TiO2: An XRD and Raman spectroscopy investigation, Masih Rezaee, Seyyed Khoie, and Hua K. Liu

Application of statistical methodology for the evaluation of mechanically activated phase transformation in nanocrystalline TiO2, Masih Rezaee, Seyyed MM Khoie, Davoud Haghshenas Fatmehsari, and Hua K. Liu

Carbothermal reduction and nitridation of titanium dioxide in the H2-N2 gas mixture, Sheikh Rezan, Guangqing Zhang, and Oleg Ostrovski


The Pros and Cons of Problem-Based Learning from the Teacher’s Standpoint, Luis Roberto C. Ribeiro

Competition between coordination and hydrogen bonding in networks constructed using dipyridyl-1H-pyrazole ligands, Christopher Richardson, Andrew D. Burrows, V M. Pop, M I. Haja Mohideen, D J. Kelly, and M F. Mahon

Selective incorporation of functional dicarboxylates into zinc metal-organic frameworks, Christopher Richardson, Andrew D. Burrows, S P. Rigby, and L C. Fisher

Outrage in Fallujah: strategies in the communication of political violence, Brendan Riddick

Medial midfoot fat pad thickness and plantar pressures: are these related in children?, Diane Riddiford-Harland, Julie R. Steele, and Louise Baur

Foot structure in obese children: Implications for footwear design, D Riddiford-Harland, J R. Steele, and L A. Baur


Young women, health, beauty and bodies: A post-structuralist and educator perspective, Rebecca Riedel


Poly(T) variation in heteroderid nematode mitochondrial genomes is predominantly an artefact of amplification, Angelique H. Riepsamen, Tracey A. Gibson, Janet Rowe, David J. Chitwood, Sergei Subbotin, and Mark P. Dowton

If the land's sick, we're sick: the impact of prolonged drought on the social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal communities in rural New South Wales, Colin W. Rigby, Alan Rosen, Helen L. Berry, and Craig R. Hart

Using linkage between hospital and ABS mortality data to enhance reporting of deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Ian T. Ring, Sarah Neville, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Helen Moore, Lee K. Taylor, Leonie Tickle, and Richard Madden


Counter-Terrorism and Information: The NSI Act, fair trials and open, accountable government, Mark Rix


Temporal stability of a hybrid swarm between the migratory marine and estuarine fishes Acanthopagrus australis and A. butcheri, David G. Roberts, Charles A. Gray, Ronald J. West, and David J. Ayre


Using a multi-experimental approach to assess the fate of angled-and-released yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi), Lachlan W. Roberts, Paul A. Butcher, Matt K. Broadhurst, and Brian R. Cullis


What students are telling us about why they left their ICT course, Madeleine R. H Roberts, Tanya McGill, and Tony Koppi


Treatment of high TDS liquid waste: Is zero liquid discharge feasible?, Alexander Robertson and Long Nghiem

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of C2-symmetric binaphthyl scaffolded amino acid derivatives, M Robertson, John B. Bremner, J Coates, John Deadman, Paul A. Keller, Stephen G. Pyne, Kittiya Somphol, and David I. Rhodes

Single-grain OSL dating at La Grotte des Contrebandiers ('Smugglers' Cave'), Morocco: improved age constraints for the Middle Paleolithic levels, Richard Roberts, Zenobia Jacobs, Michael C. Meyer, V Aldeias, M A. El Hajraoui, and H Dibbie

Governing Knowledge: Discourses and Tactics of the European Union in Trade-Related Intellectual Property Negotiations, Daniel Robinson and Christopher R. Gibson


Prevention no cure: A critique of the report of Australia's national preventative health taskforce, Alex Robson and Mark D. Harrison

30 million years of Permian volcanism recorded in the Choiyoi igneous province (W Argentina) and their source for younger ash fall deposits in the Parana Basin: SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology evidence, A C. Rocha-Campos, M A. Basei, Allen Phillip Nutman, Laura E. Kleiman, R Varela, E Llambias, F M. Canile, and O de C R da Rosa

Validation of a one item screen for problem gambling, Matthew J. Rockloff, John F. Ehrich, Markus Themessl-Huber, and Lionel G. Evans

A unified approach to explicit bond price solutions under a time-dependent affine term structure modelling framework, Marianito R. Rodrigo and Rogemar S. Mamon

Exact and approximate traveling waves of reaction-diffusion systems via a variational approach, Marianito R. Rodrigo and Robert M. Miura

A human mandible (BH-1) from the Pleistocene deposits of Mala Balanica cave (Sićevo Gorge, Niš, Serbia), Mirjana Roksandic, Dusan Mihailovic, Norbert Mercier, Vesna Dimitrijevic, Mike W. Morley, Zoran Rakocevic, Bojana Mihailovic, Pierre Guibert, and Jeff Babb

Trial of a mobile phone method for recording dietary intake in adults with type 2 diabetes: evaluation and implications for future applications, M. Rollo, Susan Ash, Philippa M. Lyons-Wall, and A. Russell

Representations of gendered violence in Manga: the case of enforced military prostitution, Erik Ropers


The Nubian complex of Dhofar, Oman: an African Middle Stone Age industry in Southern Arabia, Jeffrey I. Rose, Vitaly I. Usik, Anthony E. Marks, Yamandu H. Hilbert, Christopher S. Galletti, Ash Parton, Jean Marie Geiling, Viktor Cerny, Mike W. Morley, and Richard Roberts

Thermoluminescence solid-state nanodosimetry- the peak 5A/5 dosemeter, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, L Oster, A Horowitz, E Fuks, S Marino, H Datz, Y S. Horowitz, and M Rainer

Small-sized UV radiometer on the basis of schottky diodes, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, V. Ryzhikov, G. Onyshchenko, S. Galkin, O. Opolonin, O. Lysetska, V. Perevertaylo, L. Piven, E. Voronkin, and I. Zenya

Transcriptional repression of the M channel subunit Kv7.2 in chronic nerve injury, K Rosen, Lezanne Ooi, Carine Dalle, Brian Robertson, Ian C. Wood, and Nikita Gamper

Brand positioning: The three-level positioning procedure, John R. Rossiter


Marketing measurement revolution: the C-OAR-SE method and why it must replace psychometrics, John R. Rossiter

Management humor: Asset or liability?, John R. Rossiter, Robert E. Wood, and Nadin Beckmann

Optimizing dietary fat in a weight-loss trial requires advice based on a structured "whole-of-diet" model, Lynda Ross, Linda C. Tapsell, and Yasmine Probst


Ion selectivity in channels and transporters, Benoit Roux, Simon Berneche, Berhard Egwolf, Bogdan Lev, Sergei Y. Noskov, Christopher N. Rowley, and Haibo Yu


Managerial Ownership, Capital Structure and Firm Value: Evidence from China’s Civilian-run Firms, Wenjuan Ruan, Gary Tian, and Shiguang Ma


Spectre of Jurisdiction: Supreme Court of New South Wales and the British Subject in Aotearoa/New Zealand 1823-1841, Wayne Rumbles

The application of compulsory pilotage in straits used for international navigation: A study of the straits of Malacca and Singapore, Mohd Mohd Rusli


Factors that Encourage Student Engagement: Insights from a Case Study of ‘First Time’ Students in a New Zealand University., Barbara Russell and Gloria R L Slater

Paediatric oncology patient preference for oral nutritional supplements in a clinical setting, Kenneth G. Russell, Jennifer Cohen, B Goodenough, K Rosen, and Claire E. Wakefield


Digital Tools of the Trade: The Social Media Fourum, Phil Ryan

Microbeam radiation-induced tissue damage depends on the stage of vascular maturation, Sara Sabatasso, Jean Albert Laissue, Ruslun Hlushchuk, Werner Graber, Alberto Bravin, Elke Brauer-Krish, Stéphanie Corde, Hans Blattmann, Guenther Gruber, and Valentin Djonov

On the error exponent of amplify and forward relay networks, Farzad Safaei, Bappi Barua, Mehran Abolhasan, and D. Franklin


A spatial analysis of multivariate output from regional climate models, Stephan Sain, Reinhard Furrer, and Noel A. Cressie

There's something fishy about that sushi: How Japan interprets the global sushi boom, Rumi Sakamoto and Matthew Allen

White people can't sell sushi: Unpacking Korean influence over sushi production in New Zealand, Rumi Sakamoto and Matthew Allen


A low complexity resource allocation algorithm for OFDMA cooperative relay networks with fairness and QoS guaranteed, Asem Salah, R. S.A.R. Abdullah, B. B. M. Ali, and Nidhal Odeh

Psychometric testing of the abbreviated Clinical Learning Environment Inventory (CLEI-19), Yenna Salamonson, Sharon Bourgeois, Bronwyn Everett, Roslyn Weaver, Kath Peters, and Debra Jackson


A highly ordered titania nanotube array as a supercapacitor electrode, Maryam Salari, Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi, Konstantin Konstantinov, and Hua K. Liu


Enhancement of the capacitance in TiO2 nanotubes through controlled introduction of oxygen vacancies, Maryam Salari, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, and Hua K. Liu

Texture evolution of cold rolled and annealed Fe-24Mn-3Al-2Si-1Ni-0.06C TWIP steel, Ahmed Saleh, E V. Pereloma, and Azdiar A. Gazder

Do cows belong in nature? The cultural basis of agriculture in Sweden and Australia, Katarina Saltzman, Lesley M. Head, and Marie Stenseke

Patient journey modeling using integrated data structures in healthcare service operations, Premaratne Samaranayake and Senevi B. Kiridena


Academic Publishing: A Faustian Bargain?, Grant Samkin


The atmospheric chemistry box model CAABA/MECCA-3.0, R Sander, A Baumgaertner, S Gromov, H Harder, P Jöckel, A Kerkweg, Dagmar Kubistin, E Regelin, H Riede, Adrian Sandu, D Taraborrelli, H Tost, and Zhi Xie

Recommended measures for the assessment of behavioral disturbances associated with dementia, Janet E. Sansoni, Nicholas Marosszeky, Yun-Hee Jeon, Siggi Zapart, Lee-Fay Low, Lynn Chenoweth, and Emily Sansoni


Dealer Group or Financial Planning Group? A Brief Technical Note, Lujer Santacruz


In-service Development For Graduate Teaching Assistants: A Blended-learning And Formative Approach, David Santandreu Calonge, Patrio Chiu, Dimple R. Thadani, Kai Pan Mark, and Cecilia F.K Pun

Effect of annealing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of cold rolled Fe-24Mn-3Al-2Si-1Ni-0.06C TWIP steel, D B Santos, Ahmed Saleh, Azdiar A. Gazder, Andrew Carman, Dayanna Moreira Duarte, Erica A. S Ribeiro, Berenice M. Gonzalez, and E V. Pereloma


Employer branding in selected companies in United Arab Emirates, Jawahitha Sarabdeen, Nada El-Rakhawy, and Haneen Niaz Khan

Dynamic category structure in spatial memory, Jesse Sargent, Stephen Dopkins, and John W. Philbeck


Phytochemical Studies on Stemona aphylla: Isolation of a New Stemofoline Alkaloid and Six New Stemofurans, Thanapat Sastraruji, Sukanda Chaiyong, Araya Jatisatienr, Stephen G. Pyne, Alison T. Ung, and Wilford Lie

Prioritizing information technology service investments under uncertainty, Jacques Sauve, Magno Queiroz, Antao Moura, Claudio Bartolini, and Marianne Hickey


Identification of phospholipids in human meibum by nano-electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry, Jennifer T. Saville, Zhenjun Zhao, Mark DP Willcox, Manjula A. Ariyavidana, Stephen J. Blanksby, and Todd W. Mitchell

Importance of location in successful retailing, Ravindra Saxena and Balqees Hashemi


Exploring customer perception and behavior towards CRM practices in banking sector: An empirical analysis, Ravindra Saxena and Pradeep Khandelwal

Everyday low price - a blessing in disguise for walmart during recession, Ravindra Saxena and Arpana Sharma

Phase detection using low-loss with aberration corrected STEM, C T. Schamp, G Casillas, and M Jose-Yacaman


Differential effect of contrast polarity reversals in closed squares and open L-junctions, Mark M. Schira and Branka Spehar

Reconsidering the dimensions of business-IT alignment, Frank Schlosser, Heinz-Theo Wagner, and Tim Coltman

Member ductility and design detail of some welded joints, L. Schmidt and P Morgan

Dynamic recovery and recrystallization during hot-working in an advanced TiAl alloy [Dynamische Erholung und Rekristallisation während der Warmverformung in einer TiAl-Hochleistungslegierung], Thomas Schmoelzer, Klaus-Dieter Liss, M. Rester, Kun Yan, Andreas Stark, Mark H. Reid, Matthew Peel, and Helmut Clemens

Oceans: the blue frontier - Book Review: Troubled Waters: Ocean Science and Governance, Geoff Holland and David Pugh (eds), Clive H. Schofield

Rising waters, shrinking states: the potential impacts of sea level rise on claims to maritime jurisdiction, Clive H. Schofield

Choppy waters ahead in "a sea of peace cooperation and friendship"?: Slow progress towards the application of maritime joint development to the East China Sea, Clive H. Schofield and Ian Townsend-Gault

Biphasic synthesis of Au@SiO2 core-shell particles with stepwise ligand exchange, M Schulzendorf, C Cavelius, P Born, Eoin Murray, and T Kraus


The Haunted Photograph : Context, Framing and the Family Story, Stefan Schutt and Marsha Berry


Review of Hasan, Ruqaiya [J. Webster, Ed.], Semantic Variation: Meaning in Society and Sociolinguistics (The Collected Works of Ruqaiya Hasan, Vol. 2), Claire Scott


Review of Weizmann, Elda. (2008), Positioning in Media Dialogue: Negotiating roles in the news interview, Claire Emily Scott


The amicable-Kronecker construction of quaternion orthogonal designs, Jennifer Seberry and Sarah S. Adams


A new generic digital signature algorithm, Jennifer Seberry, Vinhbuu To, and Dongvu Tonien

Innovative Calorimetric AC Loss Measurement of HTSC for Power Applications, K W. See, C D. Cook, and S X. Dou

Transport critical current of MgB2 wires: pulsed current of varying rate compared to direct current method, K W. See, X Xu, J Horvat, C D. Cook, and S. X. Dou

Individualized alpha activity and frontal asymmetry in major depression, Rebecca Segrave, Nick Cooper, R. Thomson, Rodney Croft, D. Sheppard, and Paul Fitzgerald

Enhanced Connectivity and Percolation in Binary and Doped in situ MgB2 Wires after Cold High Pressure Densification, Carmine Senatore, Md Shahriar Al Hossain, and Rene Flukiger

Automatic left ventricle detection in echocardiographic images for deformable contour initialization, Cher Hau Seng, Ramazan Demirli, Moeness G. Amin, Jason L. Seachrist, and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

SnSb/graphene composite as anode materials for lithium ion batteries, Kuok Hau Seng, Zaiping Guo, Zhixin Chen, and Hua K. Liu