Papers from 2011

Literature review: understanding nursing competence in dementia care, Victoria Traynor, Kumiyo Inoue, and Patrick A. Crookes

Pyrolysis of fulvenallene (C7H6) and fulvenallenyl (C7H5): theoretical kinetics and experimental product detection, Adam J. Trevitt, G da Silva, M Steinbauer, and P Hemberger

Branching fractions of the CN + C3H6 reaction using synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry: evidence for the 3-cyanopropene product, Adam J. Trevitt, Talitha M. Selby, Craig A. Taatjes, Satchin Soorkia, J D. Savee, D L Osborn, and S R Leone

Corrigendum to ‘‘The chaperone action of bovine milk aS1- and aS2-caseins and their associated form aS-casein’’ [Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 510 (2011) 42–52], Teresa M. Treweek, David C. Thorn, William E. Price, and John A. Carver

The chaperone action of bovine milk αS1- and αS2-caseins and their associated form αS-casein, T. M. Treweek, David Thorn, William E. Price, and John Carver


Cyber taman mini indonesia indah: Ethnicity and imagi-nation in blogging culture, Endah Triastuti and Inaya Rakhmani

Procurement at the Chivay Obsidian source, Arequipa, Peru, Nicholas Tripcevich and Alex Mackay

Synthesis of nano-hematite for possible use in sunscreens, Laurianne Truffault, Benjamin Choquenet, Konstantin Konstantinov, Thierry Devers, Celine Couteau, and Laurence J. M Coiffard

Synthesis and characterization of Fe doped CeO2 nanoparticles for pigmented ultraviolet filter applications, Laurianne Truffault, Qiwen Yao, David Wexler, Ivan P. Nevirkovets, Konstantin Konstantinov, Thierry Devers, and Sharon Nightingale

Truncation, cross-linking and interaction of crystallins and intermediate filament proteins in the aging human lens, Roger J. Truscott, Jason D. McArthur, Andrew Aquilina, and Shi-Ping (Jim) Su

Tight binding of proteins to membranes from older human cells, Roger J. W Truscott, S. Comte-Walters, Z. Ablonczy, J. Schwacke, Yoke Berry, Anastasia Korlimbinis, M. Friedrich, and K. Schev

Developments in global fisheries to 2020: implications for Australia's fisheries interests and enforcement obligations, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Kwame Mfodwo


Train schedule coordination at interchange station in an open railway market through agent negotiation, Chi W. Tsang, Tin K. Ho, and Kwan Ho Ip

A checking method for probabilistic seismic-hazard assessment: case studies on three cities, H. H. Tsang, S. Yaghmaei-Sabegh, P Anbazhagan, and M. Neaz Sheikh

Infrastructure protection by scrap tyre-soil mixtures, Hing Ho Tsang, Saman Yaghmaei-Sabegh, Wei Xiong, N.T.K Lam, and M Neaz Sheikh


The hollow-face illusion in infancy: do infants see a screen based rotating hollow mask as hollow?, Aki Tsuruhara, Emi Nakato, Yumiko Otsuka, So Kanazawa, Masami K. Yamaguchi, and Harold Hill


Effects of membrane fouling and scaling on boron rejection by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, Kha Tu, Allan Chivas, and Long Nghiem


Coupling effects of feed solution pH and ionic strength on the rejection of boron by NF/RO membranes, Kha Tu, Long Nghiem, and Allan Chivas


Stacked-and-drawn metamaterials with magnetic resonances in the terahertz range, Alessandro Tuniz, Richard Lwin, Alex Argyros, Simon Fleming, Elise Pogson, Evan Constable, R. A. Lewis, and Boris Kuhlmey

The ω-3 and ω-6 fats in meals: a proposal for a simple new label, N. Turner, Todd Mitchell, Paul L. Else, and Anthony J. Hulbert


Cross-sector research collaboration in Australia: the cooperative research centres program at the crossroads, Tim Turpin, Samuel Garrett-Jones, and Richard Woolley


Practice and prospect of fully mechanised mininig technology for thin coal seams under complex conditions in China, Shihao Tu, Fangtian Wang, Yan Lu, Qi Wu, and Qingsheng Bai


Transforming inequality in the classroom: Not as easy as it sounds, Shawn Tyler

Do natural antibodies compensate for humoral immunosenescence in tropical pythons?, Beata Ujvari and Thomas Madsen


Climate-induced reaction norms for life-history traits in pythons, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, L Luiselli, and Thomas R. Madsen

Detecting the impact of invasive species on native fauna: Cane toads (Bufo marinus), frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) and the importance of spatial replication, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, and Thomas R. Madsen


How well do predators adjust to climate-mediated shifts in prey distribution? A study on Australian water pythons, Beata Ujvari, Rick Shine, and Thomas Madsen

Synthesis of 2-acetyl-5-(1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydroxyhexyl)thiazoles, Alison T. Ung, Stephen G. Pyne, Brian W. Skelton, A White, and G R. Jeoffreys

EX1 hydrogen-deuterium exchange in an all-helical protein and its cyclized derivative at neutral pH, Thitima Urathamakul, Neal K. Williams, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Jennifer L. Beck


Investigating the effects of pounding for inelastic base isolated adjacent buildings under earthquake excitations, Mehmet Uz and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Seismic history analysis of asymmetrical adjacent buildings with soil-structure interaction consideration, Mehmet Uz and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Asymmetric dynamics in stock market volatility, Abbas Valadkhani and Indika Karunanayake

Efficiency of Botswana's financial institutions: a data envelopment analysis, Abbas Valadkhani and Boitumelo Dudu Moffat

How can Iran's black market exchange rate be managed?, Abbas Valadkhani and Majid Nameni

Modelling the passage of food through an animal stomach: A chemical reactor engineering approach, Rodney van Bentum and Mark Ian Nelson

Methods of the Pharmacological Imaging of the Cannabinoid System (PhICS) study: towards understanding the role of the brain endocannabinoid system in human cognition, Hendrika H. van Hell, Matthijs G. Bossong, Gerry Jager, Rene S. Kahn, and Nick F. Ramsey


Evidence for involvement of the insula in the psychotropic effects of THC in humans: a double-blind, randomized pharmacological MRI study, Hendrika H. van Hell, Matthijs G. Bossong, Gerry Jager, Gert Kristo, Matthias J. P van Osch, Fernando Zelaya, Rene S. Kahn, and Nick F. Ramsey

Efectos crónicos del consumo de cannabis sobre el sistema de recompensa humano: un estudio de RMf, Hendrika H. van Hell, Matthijs Vink, Lindsey Ossewaarde, Gerry Jager, Rene S. Kahn, and Nick F. Ramsey


Towards space based verification of CO2 emissions from strong localized sources: fossil fuel power plant emissions as seen by a CarbonSat constellation, V Velazco, M Buchwitz, H Bovensmann, M Reuter, O Schneising, J P. Heymann, T Krings, K Gerilowski, and John P. Burrows


Validation of the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment by noncoincident MkIV balloon profiles, Voltaire Velazco, G. Toon, J.-F. Blavier, A. Kleinbohl, G. Manney, W. Daffer, P. Bernath, K. Walker, and C. Boone


Luxury buying in the United Arab Emirates, K.Prakash Vel, Alia Captain, Rabab Al-Abbas, and Balqees Al Hashemi


The role of the coach in facilitating positive youth development: Moving from theory to practice, Stewart Vella, Lindsay Oades, and Trevor Crowe

Integrated marketing: success story of Crystal Gallery, Prakash Vel, Usha R. Goplani, and Tehzun Sura


Conception, nurturing, leveraging and sustenance of a successful brand, Prakash Vel, Laila Suhail, Roshni Satyanarayan, and Sharon Easo

Dissociative and metacognitive factors in halluciantion-proneness when controlling for comorbid symptoms, Filippo Verase, Emma Barkus, and Richard Bentall

iPads, digital play and pre-schoolers, Irina Verenikina and Lisa Kervin

Disaggregate analysis of savings and investment, foreign capital inflows and growth in India, Reetu Verma

Saving and investment in Saudi Arabia: an empirical analysis, Reetu Verma and Ali S. Saleh


Do External Shocks Have a Permanent or a Transitory Effect on Thailand's Tourism Industry?, Reetu Verma, Ali S. Saleh, and Ranjith Ihalanayake


Dynamics and morphology of dendritic flux avalanches in superconducting films, J. Vestgarden, D. V. Shantsev, Y. Galperin, and T H. Johansen


Are we exacerbating students' learning disabilities? An investigation of preservice teachers' attributions of the educational outcomes of students with learning disabilities, Wilhelmina J. Vialle and Stuart Woodcock


O Estado Novo do PT [Spanish], Luiz Werneck Vianna


Inauthentic Tales or Resonating Voices?, Mark Vicars


Identification of SERPINA1 as single marker for papillary thyroid carcinoma through microarray meta analysis and quantification of its discriminatory power in independent validation, Klemens Vierlinger, Markus H. Mansfeld, Oskar Koperek, Christa Nöhammer, Klaus Kaserer, and Friedrich Leisch

Additive and disruptive pedagogies: the use of slowmation as an example of digital technology implementation, Vetta Vratulis, Tony Clarke, Garry Hoban, and Gaalen Erickson


1-(3-Chlorophenyl)-2-methyl-4-nitro-1H-imidazole-5-carboxamide, Pawel W. Wagner, Maciej Kubicki, and A Korzanski

Teaching based on TEFI values: a case study, Elina Wainio, David Matarrita, Ulrike Gretzel, and Annica Isacsson

Residential air-conditioning and climate change: voices of the vulnerable, Gordon R. Waitt and Carol Farbotko

The extent and significance of rural festivals, Gordon R. Waitt, Christopher R. Gibson, John Connell, and Jim Walmsley

"It's about time you came out": Sexualities, mobility and home, Gordon R. Waitt and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

Journeys and returns: home, life narratives and remapping sexuality in a regional city, Gordon R. Waitt and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

'The guys in there just expect to be laid': Embodied and gendered socio-spatial practices of a 'night out' in Wollongong, Australia, Gordon R. Waitt, Loretta Jessop, and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

'Fornicating on floats'? The cultural politics of the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade beyond the metropolis, Gordon R. Waitt and Chris Stapel


Vertical drain consolidation analysis in one, two and three dimensions, Rohan T. Walker

Wireless ion-selective electrode autonomous sensing system, G G. Wallace, R L. Shepherd, D Diamond, N E. O'Connor, C Slater, B Corcoran, S Anastasova, C Fav, S T. Buda, and A Radu

A multiswitchable poly(terthiophene) bearing a spiropyran functionality: understanding photo- and electrochemical control, Gordon G. Wallace, Robert Breukers, David L. Officer, Lynn Dennany, Michael J. Higgins, Sanjeev Gambhir, Pawel W. Wagner, Klaudia K. Wagner, Dermot Diamond, Robert P. Byrne, and Michele Zanoni

Surfactant-controlled shape change of organic droplets using polypyrrole, Gordon G. Wallace, Hugh R. Brown, Yanzhe Wu, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Jennifer A. Halldorsson

Reversible shape memory of nanoscale deformations in inherently conducting polymers without reprogramming, Gordon G. Wallace, Michael J. Higgins, Klaudia K. Wagner, Paul J. Molino, and Willo Grosse

Synthesis of polypyrrole-Nafion composite films by gas phase electroformation, Gordon G. Wallace and Abdulazeez T. Lawal

Determining the orientation and molecular packing of organic dyes on a TiO2 surface using X-ray reflectometry, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, Matthew Griffith, Pawel W. Wagner, G Triani, and M James

Reproductive biology and spawning strategy of the catadromous percichthyid, Macquaria colonorum (Günther, 1863), Christopher Walsh, Charles Gray, Ronald J. West, and Lindsay F. G. Williams

Psychodynamic perspectives on organisational change and their relevance to Transformational Practice Development, Kenneth Walsh, Jackie Crisp, and Cheryle Moss


Biographies 2011 - JSEEM 1(1), Russell Walton


Editorial 2011 - JSEEM 1(1), Russell Walton


Guest editorial for the special issue on RFID-enabled healthcare: applications, issues and benefits, S. F. Wamba

Asymptotics for general multivariate kernel density derivative estimators, Matthew P. Wand, Tarn Duong, and Joes Chacon


Fiber metamaterials with negative magnetic permeability in the terahertz, Anna Wang, Alessandro Tuniz, Peter Hunt, Elise Pogson, R A. Lewis, Avi Bendavid, Simon Fleming, Boris Kuhlmey, and Maryanne Large


Nonlinear transverse current response in zigzag graphene nanoribbons, Bo Wang, Zhongshui Ma, and Chao Zhang

Buckled, stretchable polypyrrole electrodes for battery applications, Caiyun Wang, Wen Zheng, Zhilian Yue, Chee O. Too, and Gordon G. Wallace

Research of unsupervised posture modeling and action recognition based on spatial-temporal interesting points, Chuan-xu Wang, Yun Liu, and Wanqing Li

Ethnobotanical authentication and identification of Khrog-sman (lower elevation medicinal plants) of Bhutan, Phurpa Wangchuk, Stephen G. Pyne, and Paul A. Keller

Advanced directional drilling technology for gas drainage and exploration in Australian coal mines, Fangtian Wang, Ting Ren, Frank Hungerford, Shihao Tu, and Najdat I. Aziz


Threshold anonymous announcement in VANETs, Guilin Wang, L Chen, and S. L. Ng

Designated confirmer signatures with unified verification, Guilin Wang, Fubiao Xia, and Y. Zhao

Bisresorcinol derivatives from Grevillea glauca, H. Wang, D. Leach, M. Thomas, Stephen J. Blanksby, Paul Forster, and Peter Waterman


Magnetocaloric effect in layered NdMn2Ge0.4Si1.6, Jianli Wang, S.J Campbell, J.M Cadogan, A J Studer, Rong Zeng, and S. X. Dou


Critical magnetic transition in TbNi2Mn-magnetization and Mossbauer spectroscopy, Jianli Wang, S J. Campbell, S J. Kennedy, Rong Zeng, S. X. Dou, and Guangheng Wu


Magnetic phase transition and Mossbauer spectroscopy of ErNi2Mnx compounds, Jianli Wang, S J. Campbell, R Zeng, S. X. Dou, and S J. Kennedy


Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic order in NdMn2Ge1.6Si0.4, Jianli Wang, Stewart J. Campbell, John M. Cadogan, A J Studer, Rong Zeng, and S. X. Dou

Magnetic Structures of Pr0.8Lu0.2Mn2Ge2 and Pr0.6Lu0.4Mn2Ge2, Jianli Wang, A J Studer, S.J Campbell, Shane Kennedy, Rong Zeng, S. X. Dou, and Guangheng Wu

Sulfur-graphene composite for rechargeable lithium batteries, Jiazhao Wang, Lin Lu, Mohammad Choucair, John A. Stride, Xun Xu, and Hua K. Liu

Graphene-encapsulated Fe3O4 nanoparticles with 3D laminated structure as superior anode in lithium ion batteries, Jiazhao Wang, Chao Zhong, David Wexler, Nurul Idris, Zhaoxiang Wang, Li-Quan Chen, and Hua K. Liu

Microwave homogeneous synthesis of porous nanowire Co3O4 arrays with high capacity and rate capability for lithium ion batteries, Jieqiang Wang, Ben Niu, Guodong Du, Rong Zeng, Zhixin Chen, Zaiping Guo, and S. X. Dou


Theoretical and experimental research on designer surface plasmons in a metamaterial with double sets of circular holes, Kejia Wang, Lan Ding, Jinsong Liu, Xinmi Yang, Jessie Chin, and Tie Jun Cui

Solution derived Sm2O3 films on biaxially textured Ni-W substrates, Lin Wang, Dongqi Shi, Qi Li, and Xuebin Zhu

Quality of nursing documentation and approaches to its evaluation: a mixed-method systematic review, Ning Wang, David Hailey, and Ping Yu


Developing measurements of the quality of electronic versus paper-based nursing documentation in Australian aged care homes, Ning Wang, Ping Yu, David Hailey, and Deborah Oxlade

Statins: multiple neuroprotective mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases, Qing Wang, Junqiang Yan, Xiaohong Chen, Jin Li, Yu Yang, Jian Ping Weng, Chao Deng, and Midori Yenari


Sources of carbonaceous aerosols and deposited black carbon in the Arctic in winter-spring: Implications for radiative forcing, Q Wang, D J. Jacob, J A. Fisher, J Mao, E M. Leibensperger, C C. Carouge, P Le Sager, Y Kondo, J L. Jimenez, M J. Cubison, and S J. Doherty

Fault-tolerant supervisory control of building condenser cooling water systems for energy efficiency, Shengwei Wang and Zhenjun Ma