Papers from 2011

Extension of the Stober Method to the preparation of monodisperse resorcinol-formaldehyde resin polymer and carbon spheres, J Liu, Shizhang Qiao, Hao Liu, Jun Chen, Ajay Orpe, D Zhao, and Gao Qing (Max) Lu


Self-assembly of [1010] grown ZnO nanowhiskers with exposed reactive (0001) facets on hollow spheres and their enhanced gas sensitivity, Jun Liu, Xiaolong Chen, Wenjun Wang, Yu Liu, Qingsong Huang, and Zaiping Guo


Transverse current response in armchair graphene ribbons, Junfeng Liu, Zhongshui Ma, and Chao Zhang


Two-color terahertz response in bilayer graphene nanoribbons with spin-orbit coupling, Junfeng Liu, Bo Wang, Zhongshui Ma, and Chao Zhang

Heterogeneous ZnS hollow urchin-like hierarchical nanostructures and their structure-enhanced photocatalytic properties, Jun Liu, Zaiping Guo, Wenjun Wang, Qingsong Huang, Kaixing Zhu, and Xiaolong Chen


Highly porous metal oxide polycrystalline nanowire films with superior performance in gas sensors, Jun Liu, Zaiping Guo, Kaixing Zhu, Wenjun Wang, Chaofeng Zhang, and Xiaolong Chen

Sydney Soil Model. I: Theoretical Formulation, Martin D. Liu, John P. Carter, and David W. Airey

General strength criterion for geometerials including anisotropic effect, Martin D. Liu and Buddhima Indraratna


A mathematical function for the S-shape relationship, Martin D. Liu, K J Xu, and Suksun Horpibulsuk


Effects of cu and fe doping on raman spectra and on the structural and magnetic properties of ErMnO3, Peng Liu, Zhenxiang Cheng, Yi Du, and Xiaolin Wang


Structural, dielectric, antiferromagnetic, and thermal properties of the frustrated hexagonal Ho1-xErxMnO3 manganites, Peng Liu, Xiaolin Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, Yi Du, and Hideo Kimura

The puzzle of warrants trading below their intrinsic values in China's A-share market, Qiang Liu, Song-Ping Zhu, and Wei Fan


The effect of ownership structure on leverage decision: new evidence from Chinese listed firms, Qigui Liu, Gary Tian, and Xiaoming Wang

Size effect in micro multi-point sheet forming, Qiqian Liu, Wenzhi Fu, Cheng Lu, A K. Tieu, and Mingzhe Li


Split-attention and redundancy effects on mobile learning in physical environments, T C. Liu, Y C. Lin, M J. Tsai, and Fred Paas

Materials processing technology, X H Liu, Zhengyi Jiang, and J T. Han

Conducting polymers with immobilised fibrillar collagen for enhanced neural interfacing, Xiao Liu, Zhilian Yue, Michael J. Higgins, and Gordon G. Wallace

Sonochemical replication of chloroplast with titania for light harvesting, Xinye Liu, Shenmin Zhu, Haibo Jiang, Gang Zhou, Zhixin Chen, and Di Zhang

Research on the aerodynamic noise optimization of wind turbine airfoil, Xiong Liu, Wenbo Luo, Yan Chen, Zhiquan Ye, and Pengzhan Zhou

Semi-supervised maximum a posteriori probability segmentation of brain tissues from dual-echo magnetic resonance scans using incomplete training data, Wanqing Li, P Ogunbona, C deSilva, and Y Attikiouzel


Effect of thermal strain on J(c) and T-c in high density nano-SiC doped MgB2, Wenxian Li, Rong Zeng, Lin Lu, and S. X. Dou

Evolution of electromagnetic properties and microstructure with sintering temperature for MgB2/Fe wires made by combined in-situ/ex-situ process, Wenxian Li, Rong Zeng, Yun Zhang, Xun Xu, Y Li, and S X. Dou

Graphene micro-substrate-induced π gap expansion in MgB2, W. X. Li, Xun Xu, Q Chen, Yun Zhang, S H. Zhou, R Zeng, and S. X. Dou


Simultaneous activated carbon adsorption within a membrane bioreactor for an enhanced micropollutant removal, Xueqing Li, Faisal I. Hai, and Long Nghiem


Strategies to enhance the removal of the persistent pharmaceutically active compound carbamazepine by membrane bioreactors, Xueqing Li, Faisal I. Hai, Nichanan Tadkaew, Sara Gilbertson, and Long Nghiem

A generalised minimum variance controller for MIMO time-varying systems, Zheng Li


A comparison of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practiced with employees in Chinese and Multinational private Financial Intermediation and Accounting companies in China, Zhengfeng Li, Shaun Powell, and Alan Pomering

Disability and mammography screening: intangible barriers to participation, Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Susan Balandin, Ann Poulos, and Louella McCarthy


Smart use of data, information and communication: The INFORM-ed Best Local Practice Project - Grafton Base Hospital, Sheree Lloyd, Jean Collie, Alastair Mclnnes, Kevin King, Alison Lollback, and Angie Garland

Molecular competition between plasminogen activator inhibitors type -1 and -2 for urokinase: implications for cellular proteolysis and adhesion in cancer, Sergei Lobov and Marie Ranson

Using social network metrics to assess the effectiveness of broad based admission practices, Lori Lockyer, Shane P. Dawson, Leah Macfadyen, and David M. Mazzocchi-Jones

Techniques in the study of carbon transfer in ironmaking, Raymond J. Longbottom, Brian J. Monaghan, Michael Chapman, Sharon Nightingale, John G. Mathieson, and Robert J. Nightingale


Reporting Religion beyond the Conflict Frame, Eric Loo

Simultaneous single-molecule measurements of phage T7 replisome composition and function reveal the mechanism of polymerase exchange, Joseph J. Loparo, Arkadiusz W. Kulczyk, Charles C. Richardson, and Antoine M. van Oijen


Dietary glycaemic index and glycaemic load among Australian children and adolescents, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Anette E. Buyken, Kristina Heyer, and Victoria M. Flood

Dairy consumption and overweight and obesity: a systematic review of prospective cohort studies, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Victoria Flood, Debra Hector, Anna Rangan, and Timothy Gill

Methodology for adding glycemic index values to 24-hour recalls, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Victoria Flood, N. Turner, C. Everingham, and J. Gwynn

Sensemaking and sojourner adjustment among Korean entrepreneurs in London (UK), Sid Lowe, Ki Soon Hwang, and Fiona Moore

High-temperature thermal stability of Ti2AlN and Ti4AlN3: A comparative diffraction study, It-Meng Low, Wei Kong Pang, Shane Kennedy, and R I. Smith


The transcolonial politics of Chinese domestic mastery in Singapore and Darwin 1910s-1930s, Claire K. Lowrie

Muscular fitness, body composition and physical self-perception in adolescents, David Lubans and Dylan P. Cliff


A systematic review of the validity and reliability of sedentary behaviour measures used with children and adolescents, D R. Lubans, K Hesketh, D P. Cliff, L M. Barnett, J Salmon, J Dollman, P J. Morgan, A P. Hills, and L L. Hardy

The other side of the curtain, Irene M. Lucchitti

Crystal plasticity modeling of texture evolution and heterogeneity in equal channel angular pressing of aluminum single crystal, Cheng Lu, Guanyu Deng, A K. Tieu, Lihong Su, Hongtao Zhu, and Xianghua Liu

Development of high strength hull plate by normal hot rolling and high rate cooling process, Haina Lu, Xiuhua Gao, Z. Y. Jiang, Dongbin Wei, and Xianghua Liu

Study on size effect in mirco cross wedge rolling, Haina Lu, Dongbin Wei, Zhengyi Jiang, Ken-ichi Manabe, and Tsuyoshi Furushima

Synthesis and structural characterization of a TCNQ based organic semi-conducting material with a 2:5 stoichiometry, Jinzhen Lu, Xiaohu Qu, Germanas Peleckis, John F. Boas, Alan M. Bond, and Lisandra L. Martin


Halliday's model of register revisited and explored, Annabelle Lukin, Alison R. Moore, Maria Herke, Rebekah Wegener, and Canzhong Wu

High capacity and high rate capability of nanostructured CuFeO2 anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, Lin Lu, Jiazhao Wang, Xuebin Zhu, Xuanwen Gao, and Hua Liu

Deleuze and Guattari's historiophilosophy: philosophical thought and its historical Milieu, Craig A. Lundy

A call for standardized naming and reporting of human ESC and iPSC lines, Mai X. Luong, Jonathan Auerbach, Jeremy M. Crook, Laurence Daheron, Derek Hei, Geoffrey Lomax, Jeanne F. Loring, Tenneille Ludwig, Thorsten M. Schlaeger, Kelly P. Smith, Glyn N. Stacey, Ren-He Xu, and Fanyi Zeng


Merleau-Ponty and the Affective Maternal-Foetal Relation, Jane M. Lymer

Faith-based substance abuse treatment: Is it just about God? Exploring treatment providers' attitudes toward spirituality, forgiveness and secular components of treatment, Geoffrey C. B. Lyons, Frank P. Deane, and Peter J. Kelly

Spirituality and the treatment of substance use disorders: An exploration of forgiveness, resentment and purpose in life, Geoffrey Lyons, Frank P. Deane, Peter Caputi, and Peter Kelly


A lost opportunity for IMF reform?, Georgia Lysaght


Building future sustainability and democratic practices: The role of adult education in post-conflict communities , Georgia Lysaght and Peter Kell


Reactions of simple and peptidic alpha-carboxylate radical anions with dioxygen in the gas phase, Tony Ly, Benjamin B. Kirk, Pramesh I. Hettiarachchi, Berwyck L. Poad, Adam J. Trevitt, Gabriel da Silva, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Influences of commercial SiC and Al2O3-SiC synthesized from clay on the slag resistance of corundum material, Beiyue Ma, Qiang Zhu, Yong Sun, Jingkun Yu, and Ying Li

Gaseous nitrogen losses from coastal acid sulfate soils: a short-term study, B. C. T. Macdonald, O. T. Denmead, I. White, and G. Bryant


Practical and Pedagogical Aspects of Learning Through Participation: the LTP Assessment Design Framework, Jacqueline A. Mackaway, Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Debra Coulson, and Marina Harvey

Nature and significance of the Howiesons Poort to the post-Howiesons Poort transition at Klein Kliphuis rockshelter, South Africa, Alex Mackay

Potentially stylistic differences between backed artefacts from two nearby sites occupied ~60 000 years before present in South Africa, Alex Mackay

Application of sedimentary and chronological analyses to refine the depositional context of a Late Pleistocene vertebrate deposit, Naracoorte, South Australia, Amy C. Macken, Nathan R. Jankowski, Gilbert J. Price, Erick A. Bestland, Elizabeth H. Reed, Gavin Prideaux, and Richard G. Roberts


Embodied memories, emotional geographies: Nakamoto Takako's diary of the Anpo struggle, Vera Mackie


Tales of the City, Vera C. Mackie

Body condition and head size in snakes, Thomas R. Madsen

Cost of multiple matings in female adders (Vipera berus), Thomas R. Madsen


The potential demise of a population of adders (Vipera berus) in Smygehuk, Sweden, Thomas Madsen and Beata Ujvari


In-field Jc improvement by oxygen-free pyrene gas diffusion into highly dense MgB2 superconductor, Minoru Maeda, Jung Ho Kim, Y Zhao, Yoon-Uk Heo, K Takase, Y Kubota, C Moriyoshi, F Yoshida, Y Kuroiwa, and S X. Dou

Influence of hydrogen-containing argon gas on the structural parameters and superconducting properties of malic acid-doped MgB2 wires, M Maeda, J H. Kim, H Kumakura, Y-U Heo, Y Zhao, Y Nakayama, M Rindfleisch, and S. X. Dou


Relationships between self-rated health, quality of life and sleep duration in middle aged and elderly Australians, Christopher A. Magee, Peter Caputi, and Don Iverson


Short sleep mediates the association between long work hours and increased body mass index, Christopher A. Magee, Peter Caputi, and Don Iverson


Big five personality factors, obesity and 2-year weight gain in Australian adults, Christopher A. Magee and Patrick C. L Heaven


Occupational factors and sick leave in Australian employees, Christopher Magee, Natalie Stefanic, Peter Caputi, and Don Iverson


Flux dynamics in (Y, Nd)1Ba2Cu3O7 superconductors, A S Mahmoud, Josip Horvat, and S X. Dou

Dynamic measurement of temperature field and deformation in hydraulic turbine blade at cooling stage of heat treatment, Jiyu Ma, Jinwu Kang, Tianjiao Wang, Hailiang Yu, and Tianyou Huang

Analysis of white blood cell counts in mice after gamma- or proton-radiation exposure, Casey Maks, X. Wan, Jeffrey Ware, Ana Romero-Weaver, Jenine Sanzari, Jolaine Wilson, Steve Rightnar, Andrew Wroe, Peter Koss, Daila Gridley, James Slater, and Ann Kennedy

Building consumers in to service evaluation: development of the MH-CoPES framework in New South Wales, Gillian Malins, Karen Oakley, and Rebecca Doyle

On improving scale-up procedures for dense-phase pneumatic conveying of powders, Soumya Suddha Mallick and Peter W. Wypych


Improving student success in difficult engineering education courses through Supplemental Instruction (SI) – what is the impact of the degree of SI attendance?, Joakim Malm, Leif Bryngfors, and Lise-Lotte Mörner


Turning into teachers before our eyes: The development of professional identity through professional dialogue, Jessica Mantei and Lisa Kervin

Improved hydrogen sorption performance of NbF5-catalysed NaAlH4, Jianfeng Mao, Zaiping Guo, and Hua Liu

Enhanced hydrogen storage performance of LiAlH4–MgH2–TiF3 composite, Jianfeng Mao, Zaiping Guo, Xuebin Yu, Mohammad Ismail, and Hua Liu

Improved Hydrogen Storage Properties of NaBH4 Destabilized by CaH2 and Ca(BH4)2, Jianfeng Mao, Zaiping Guo, Xuebin Yu, and Hua Liu


Improved reversible dehydrogenation of 2LiBH4+MgH2 system by introducing Ni nanoparticles, Jianfeng Mao, Zaiping Guo, Xuebin Yu, and Hua Liu

Culture versus gender: how the mainstream criminal court system is still getting it wrong, Elena M. Marchetti

Women who kill their abusers: how Queensland's new abusive domestic relationships defence continues to ignore reality, Elena M. Marchetti and Michelle Edgely

Glacial Lake Vitim, a 3000-km3 outburst flood from Siberia to the Arctic Ocean, Martin Margold, Krister N. Jansson, Arjen P. Stroeven, and John D. Jansen

Stem Cell Researchers Trust, Ambivalence and Reflexivity: Opportunities for Improved Science-Public Relations?, Nicola J. Marks


The Month-of-the-year Effect in the Australian Stock Market: A Short Technical Note on the Market, Industry and Firm Size Impacts, George Marrett and Andrew Worthington


Oxidation of 4-substituted TEMPO derivatives reveals modifications at the 1- and 4-positions, David Marshall, M L. Christian, G Gryn'ova, M L. Coote, Philip J. Barker, and Stephen J. Blanksby


Deadly censorship games: keeping a tight lid on the euthanasia debate, Brian Martin


Debating vaccination: understanding the attack on the Australian Vaccination Network, Brian Martin


ERA: adverse consequences, Brian Martin


Monckton and Notre Dame: a case for free speech?, Brian Martin


On being a happy academic, Brian Martin


Mobbing y anulación de la disidencia/descontento: tras las huellas de sus interrelaciones, Brian Martin and Florencia Peña


Indigenous Australia-Indonesian intermarriage: Negotiating citizenship rights in twentieth-century Australia, Julia T. Martinez

Foraging distances and habitat preferences of a recent urban coloniser: the Australian white ibis, John Martin, Kristine French, G. Ross, and R. Major

Holocene dust deposition rates in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin record the interplay between aridity and the position of the mid-latitude westerlies, Samuel K. Marx, Balz Kamber, Hamish McGowan, and John Denholm