Papers from 2011

Hydrazine bisborane as a promising material for chemical hydrogen storage, Weiwei Sun, Qinfen Gu, Yanhui Guo, Zaiping Guo, Xuebin Yu, and H. K. Liu


Nanoconfinement of lithium borohydride in Cu-MOFs towards low temperature dehydrogenation, W.W Sun, Shaofeng Li, Jianfeng Mao, Zaiping Guo, Hua K. Liu, S. X. Dou, and Xuebin Yu

Strongly unforgeable proxy signature scheme secure in the standard model, Ying Sun, Chunxiang Xu, Yong Yu, and Yi Mu

In-situ implementation and validation of a CO2-based adaptive demand-controlled ventilation strategy in a multi-zone office building, Zhongwei Sun, Shengwei Wang, and Zhenjun Ma

Electrochemical properties and intermediatete-temperature fuel cell performance of dense yttrium-doped barium zirconate with calcium addition, Ziqi Sun, Emiliana Fabbri, Lei Bi, and Enrico Traversa

Lowering grain boundary resistance of BaZr0.8Y0.2O3-o with LiNO3 sintering-aid improves proton conductivity for fuel cell operation, Ziqi Sun, Emiliana Fabbri, Lei Bi, and Enrico Traversa

Rational design of 3D dendritic TiO2 nanostructures with favorable architectures, Ziqi Sun, Jung Ho Kim, Yue Zhao, Fargol Hasani Bijarbooneh, Victor Malgras, Youngmin Lee, Yong-Mook Kang, and S. X. Dou


Understanding the α-crystallin cell membrane conjunction, Shih-Ping Su, Jason D. McArthur, Michael G. Friedrich, Roger J. W Truscott, and J. A. Aquilina

Server-aided signatures verification secure against collusion attack, Willy Susilo, Sherman S. M. Chow, and Man Ho Allen Au

Preserving transparency and accountability in optimistic fair exchange of digital signatures, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu, Wei Wu, Robert H. Deng, Xinyi Huang, and J Zhou


Improving BDD cryptosystems in general lattices, Willy Susilo, Thomas V. Plantard, and Michael Rose

Interactive conditional proxy re-encryption with fine grain policy, Willy Susilo, Jiandong Wang, Liming Fang, and Chunpeng Ge

Craniofacial morphology of Homo floresiensis: description, taxonomic affinities, and evolutionary implication, T. Sutikna, E.W. Saptomo, - Jatmiko, Michael J. Morwood, T Djubiantono, H Baba, Rokhus Due Awe, D Kubo, and Y Kaifu

Captives of dentity: the betrayal of intercultural cooperation, Marcelo G. Svirsky


Stereoselective synthesis of two new trihydroxylated pyrrolidines using a meyer-schuster rearrangement, Nalivela K. Swamy and Stephen G. Pyne

Structural similarities in enzymatic, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts of water oxidation, Gerhard Swiegers, J Clegg, and R Stranger


Validation of an Australian electronic food frequency questionnaire to measure polyunsaturated fatty acid intake, Monika Swierk, Peter G. Williams, Jennifer Wilcox, Kenneth G. Russell, and Barbara J. Meyer

Submarine ridges and Eeevations of article 76 in light of published summaries of recommendations of the commission on the limits of the continental shelf, Philip A. Symonds and H Brekke


Commentary on Farbstein, R. "Technologies of art", Katherine Szabo

Molluscs in a world of islands: The use of shellfish as a food resource in the tropical island Asia-Pacific region, Katherine A. Szabo and Judith R. Amesbury


Effects of a single dose of exenatide on appetite, gut hormones, and glucose homeostasis in adults with Prader-Willi syndrome, Lisa Sze, Louise Purtell, Arthur Jenkins, Georgina Loughnan, Ellie Smith, Herbert Herzog, Amanda Sainsbury, Katharine Steinbeck, Lesley V. Campbell, and Alexander Viardot


Removal of trace organics by MBR treatment: the role of molecular properties, Nichanan Tadkaew, Faisal I. Hai, James A. McDonald, Stuart J. Khan, and Long Nghiem

Patients assessment of chronic illness care (PACIC) in two Australian studies: structure and utility, Jane Taggart, Bibiana Chan, Upali W. Jayashighe, Bettina Christl, Judy Proudfoot, Patrick A. Crookes, Justin Beilby, Deborah Black, and Mark F. Harris


'Portraits of Moments' : Visual and Textual Entanglements in Narrative Research, Maria Tamboukou

Delay and duration effects of time frames on personal savings estimates and behavior, Leona Tam and Uptal Dholakia

Analysis of reverse logistics operations for a computer company, Albert Tan, Arun Kumar, and Balan Sundarakani

An efficient methodology for modelling nonlinear deflection of thin cantilever beams for microelectromechanical systems, Chenzhi Tang and Gursel Alici

Evaluation of length-scale effects for mechanical behaviour of micro- and nanocantilevers: I. Experimental determination of length-scale factors, Chenzhi Tang and Gursel Alici

Evaluation of length-scale effects for mechanical behaviour of micro- and nanocantilevers: II. Experimental verification of deflection models using atomic force microscopy, Chenzhi Tang and Gursel Alici

Media coverage of sport for athletes with intellectual disabilities: The 2010 Special Olympics national Games examined, Stephen J. Tanner, Kerry Green, and Shawn G. Burns


Increased intake of dietary polyunsaturated fat does not promote whole body or preferential abdominal fat mass loss in overweight adults, Sze-Yen Tan, Marijka Batterham, and Linda Tapsell


Activity counts from accelerometers do not add value to energy expenditure predictions in sedentary overweight individuals during weight loss interventions, Sze Yen Tan, Marijka Batterham, and Linda C. Tapsell

MoO3 nanoparticles dispersed uniformly in carbon matrix: A high capacity composite anode for Li-ion batteries, Tao Tao, Alexey Glushenkov, Chaofeng Zhang, Hongzhou Zhang, Dan Zhou, Zaiping Guo, Hua K. Liu, Qiyuan Chen, Huiping Hu, and Ying I. Chen

From the editor, Linda C. Tapsell

From the editor, Linda C. Tapsell


Food and nutrition security in the Australia-New Zealand region: Impact of climate change, Linda C. Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Mark Lawrence, Sharon Friel, Victoria M. Flood, Anne Therese McMahon, and Rosalind Butler

Food and nutrition security in the Australia-New Zealand region: impact of climate change, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Mark Lawrence, Sharon Friel, Victoria Flood, Anne Therese McMahon, and Rosalind Butler

The role of holistic processing in face perception: evidence from the face inversion effect, Jessica Taubert, Deborah M. Apthorp, David Aagten-Murphy, and David Alais


Beyond the Pale: Measures of Mobility in Postcolonial Australia, John Taylor

Lessons learned on lead poisoning in children: One-hundred years on from Turner's declaration, Mark Taylor, Carolyn Schniering, Bruce Lanphear, and Alison L. Jones

Human heat adaptation: an evaluation of the historical and contemporary evidence for ethnic differences, Nigel Taylor


Financial Literacy: A Review of Government Policy and Initiatives, Sharon Taylor and Suzanne Wagland


a new generation of historians on flight NZ449 (for Aroha) [poem], Alice Te Punga Somerville


The measure of a man's worth (after MLK and the content of his character) [poem], Alice Te Punga Somerville


time to write (for Larry) [poem], Alice Te Punga Somerville

Modelling peptide nanotubes for artificial ion channels, Ngamta Thamwattana, Barry J. Cox, and Fainida Rahmat

The influence of university entry scores on student performance in engineering mechanics, Giles Thomas, Alan Henderson, and Thomas L. Goldfinch


Using self- and peer-assessment to enhance students’ future-learning in higher education., Glyn Thomas, Dona Martin, and Kathleen Pleasants

Effect of the dopant anion in polypyrrole on nerve growth and release of a neurotrophic protein, Brianna C. Thompson, Simon E. Moulton, Rachael T. Richardson, and Gordon G. Wallace

The impact of uncertain rice supply in northeast Thailand on inventories and unfilled customer demand, Phatcharee Thongrattana, Ferry Jie, and Kevin Anthony Parton

Changing values: a view of Turkey and Egypt, Michael Thorpe, Payyazhi Jayashree, and Peter Hosie

Microstructure and magnetorheology of graphite-based MR elastomers, Tongfei Tian, Weihua Li, Gursel Alici, Haiping Du, and Yimin Deng

Sensing capabilities of graphite based MR elastomers, Tongfei Tian, Weihua Li, and Ying Deng

An investigation into the tribological behaviour of a work roll material at high temperature, A K. Tieu, Qiang Zhu, Hongtao Zhu, and Cheng Lu

Application of advanced analytical techniques to study structure-property relationship of hot rolled high strength low alloy steel, Ilana B. Timokhina, PD Hodgson, S P. Ringer, Rongkun Zheng, and Elena Pereloma

Factors affecting kinked steel grid reinforcement in MSE structures, N. Tin, Dennes Bergado, L. Anderson, and P. Voottipruex


Digit ratio, color polymorphism and egg testosterone in the Australian painted dragon, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, and Mats Olsson

Basal superoxide as a sexspecific immune constraint, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, Mark R. Wilson, and Mats Olsson


The Pearl Project: Key Findings, Barbara Feinman Todd


Real-time haptic modeling and simulation for prosthetic insertion, Catherine A. Todd and Fazel Naghdy


Precoded turbo code within 0.1dB of Shannon limit, S Tong, H Zheng, and B Bai

Breaking and repairing an approximate message authentication scheme, Dongvu Tonien, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, and Peter Nickolas


Undergraduate student peer mentoring in a multi-faculty, multi-campus university context, Robert A. Townsend, Melinda Delves, Tracy Kidd, and Bev Figg

Modeling encapsulation of acetylene molecules into carbon nanotubes, Thien Tran-Duc and Ngamta Thamwattana


Modelling carbon nanostructures for filtering and adsorbing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Thien Tran-Duc and Ngamta Thamwattana

Modelling encapsulation of acetylene molecules in carbon nanotubes, Thien Tran-Duc and Ngamta Thamwattana

Encapsulation of a benzene molecule into a carbon nanotube, Thien Tran-Duc, Ngamta Thamwattana, Barry Cox, and James M. Hill

Orientation of a benzene molecule inside a carbon nanotube, Thien Tran-Duc, Ngamta Thamwattana, and James M. Hill

Literature review: understanding nursing competence in dementia care, Victoria Traynor, Kumiyo Inoue, and Patrick A. Crookes

Pyrolysis of fulvenallene (C7H6) and fulvenallenyl (C7H5): theoretical kinetics and experimental product detection, Adam J. Trevitt, G da Silva, M Steinbauer, and P Hemberger

Branching fractions of the CN + C3H6 reaction using synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry: evidence for the 3-cyanopropene product, Adam J. Trevitt, Talitha M. Selby, Craig A. Taatjes, Satchin Soorkia, J D. Savee, D L Osborn, and S R Leone

Corrigendum to ‘‘The chaperone action of bovine milk aS1- and aS2-caseins and their associated form aS-casein’’ [Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 510 (2011) 42–52], Teresa M. Treweek, David C. Thorn, William E. Price, and John A. Carver

The chaperone action of bovine milk αS1- and αS2-caseins and their associated form αS-casein, T. M. Treweek, David Thorn, William E. Price, and John Carver


Cyber taman mini indonesia indah: Ethnicity and imagi-nation in blogging culture, Endah Triastuti and Inaya Rakhmani

Procurement at the Chivay Obsidian source, Arequipa, Peru, Nicholas Tripcevich and Alex Mackay

Synthesis of nano-hematite for possible use in sunscreens, Laurianne Truffault, Benjamin Choquenet, Konstantin Konstantinov, Thierry Devers, Celine Couteau, and Laurence J. M Coiffard

Synthesis and characterization of Fe doped CeO2 nanoparticles for pigmented ultraviolet filter applications, Laurianne Truffault, Qiwen Yao, David Wexler, Ivan P. Nevirkovets, Konstantin Konstantinov, Thierry Devers, and Sharon Nightingale

Truncation, cross-linking and interaction of crystallins and intermediate filament proteins in the aging human lens, Roger J. Truscott, Jason D. McArthur, Andrew Aquilina, and Shi-Ping (Jim) Su

Tight binding of proteins to membranes from older human cells, Roger J. W Truscott, S. Comte-Walters, Z. Ablonczy, J. Schwacke, Yoke Berry, Anastasia Korlimbinis, M. Friedrich, and K. Schev

Developments in global fisheries to 2020: implications for Australia's fisheries interests and enforcement obligations, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Kwame Mfodwo


Train schedule coordination at interchange station in an open railway market through agent negotiation, Chi W. Tsang, Tin K. Ho, and Kwan Ho Ip

A checking method for probabilistic seismic-hazard assessment: case studies on three cities, H. H. Tsang, S. Yaghmaei-Sabegh, P Anbazhagan, and M. Neaz Sheikh

Infrastructure protection by scrap tyre-soil mixtures, Hing Ho Tsang, Saman Yaghmaei-Sabegh, Wei Xiong, N.T.K Lam, and M Neaz Sheikh


The hollow-face illusion in infancy: do infants see a screen based rotating hollow mask as hollow?, Aki Tsuruhara, Emi Nakato, Yumiko Otsuka, So Kanazawa, Masami K. Yamaguchi, and Harold Hill


Effects of membrane fouling and scaling on boron rejection by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, Kha Tu, Allan Chivas, and Long Nghiem


Coupling effects of feed solution pH and ionic strength on the rejection of boron by NF/RO membranes, Kha Tu, Long Nghiem, and Allan Chivas


Stacked-and-drawn metamaterials with magnetic resonances in the terahertz range, Alessandro Tuniz, Richard Lwin, Alex Argyros, Simon Fleming, Elise Pogson, Evan Constable, R. A. Lewis, and Boris Kuhlmey

The ω-3 and ω-6 fats in meals: a proposal for a simple new label, N. Turner, Todd Mitchell, Paul L. Else, and Anthony J. Hulbert


Cross-sector research collaboration in Australia: the cooperative research centres program at the crossroads, Tim Turpin, Samuel Garrett-Jones, and Richard Woolley


Practice and prospect of fully mechanised mininig technology for thin coal seams under complex conditions in China, Shihao Tu, Fangtian Wang, Yan Lu, Qi Wu, and Qingsheng Bai


Transforming inequality in the classroom: Not as easy as it sounds, Shawn Tyler

Do natural antibodies compensate for humoral immunosenescence in tropical pythons?, Beata Ujvari and Thomas Madsen


Climate-induced reaction norms for life-history traits in pythons, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, L Luiselli, and Thomas R. Madsen

Detecting the impact of invasive species on native fauna: Cane toads (Bufo marinus), frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) and the importance of spatial replication, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, and Thomas R. Madsen


How well do predators adjust to climate-mediated shifts in prey distribution? A study on Australian water pythons, Beata Ujvari, Rick Shine, and Thomas Madsen

Synthesis of 2-acetyl-5-(1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydroxyhexyl)thiazoles, Alison T. Ung, Stephen G. Pyne, Brian W. Skelton, A White, and G R. Jeoffreys

EX1 hydrogen-deuterium exchange in an all-helical protein and its cyclized derivative at neutral pH, Thitima Urathamakul, Neal K. Williams, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Jennifer L. Beck


Investigating the effects of pounding for inelastic base isolated adjacent buildings under earthquake excitations, Mehmet Uz and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Seismic history analysis of asymmetrical adjacent buildings with soil-structure interaction consideration, Mehmet Uz and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Asymmetric dynamics in stock market volatility, Abbas Valadkhani and Indika Karunanayake