The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Business - Papers .


Papers from 2010


Interconnection between motives and performances of internationalisation processes, Ty T. Choi

The Rudd hospital plan: many pitfalls to avoid on the way to a better health system, Kathy Eagar

The health of people in Australian immigration detention centres, Kathy Eagar and Janette P. Green

The Australian palliative care outcomes collaboration (PCOC) measuring the quality and outcomes of palliative care on a routine basis, Kathy Eagar, Prue Watters, David Currow, Samar Aoun, and Patsy Yates

The value of value of information: best informing research design and prioritization using current methods, Simon Eckermann, J Karnon, and A Willan

Shedding light on men: the building healthy men project, David Fildes, Yona Cass, F Wallner, and Alan Owen

Fiduciary Finance: Investment Funds and the Crisis in Financial Markets, Martin L. Gold

An interim prosthesis program for lower limb amputees: Comparison of public and private models of service, R. Gordon, Christopher A. Magee, Anna Frazer, Craig Evans, and Kathryn McCosker

A cost-effectiveness analysis of in-vitro fertilization by maternal age and number of treatment attempts, Alison Griffiths, Suzanne Dyer, Sarah Lord, Chris Pardy, Ian Fraser, and Simon Eckermann


Why do corporations accept voluntary codes on corporate governance and why is the acceptance so rapid among the corporations? A theoretical explanation, Walter Gunathilake and anil Chandrakumara


The customer service hall of shame, Mercedez Hinchcliff and Grace McCarthy


Climate Change Policy: Actions and Barriers in New Zealand, Geoff Kelly


Privatisation and marketisation of Indonesian public universities : a systematic review of student choice criteria literature, Andriani Kusumawati


Agreeing on meaning: a fundamental sharing of health information, Michael J. Lawley, D P. Hansen, M Kemp, D Vickers, and Donna Truran

Reusing the inter-organizational knowledge to support organizational knowledge management process: an ontology-based knowledge network, Nelson K. Y Leung, Sim Kim Lau, and Joshua Fan


Rationale and design of the Kanyini guidelines adherence with the polypill (Kanyini-GAP) study: A randomised controlled trial of a polypill-based strategy amongst Indigenous and non Indigenous people at high cardiovascular risk, Hueiming Liu, Anushka Patel, Alex Brown, Sandra Eades, Noel Hayman, Stephen Jan, Ian T. Ring, Greg Stewart, Andrew Tonkin, Tarun Weeramanthri, Vicki Wade, Anthony Rodgers, Tim Usherwood, Bruce Neal, David Peiris, Hugh Burke, Christopher Reid, and Alan Cass


Approaches to the postgraduate education of business coaches, Grace McCarthy


Employee wellbeing in Australian organisations - a snapshot of current practices, Grace McCarthy, Shamika Almeida, and Julia Ahrens

The use of metaphor for understanding and managing psychotic experiences: a systematic review, Tracy Mould, Lindsay Oades, and Trevor Crowe

A review and recommendations for optimal outcome measures of anxiety, depression and general distress in studies evaluating psychosocial interventions for English-speaking adults with heterogeneous cancer diagnoses, Nicole M. Rankin, P. Butow, Tim Luckett, Mayumi Oguchi, Gaynor Heading, Melanie Price, Nadine Hackl, and Madeleine King

Using N-of-1 trials to improve patient management and save costs, P A. Scuffham, J Nikles, G K. Mitchell, M J. Yelland, N Vine, C. Poulos, P I. Pillans, Guy M. Bashford, C del Mar, P J. Schluter, and P Glasziou


Analyzing the gap between sustainability and the supply of new talented people within the global foundry sector, Lee Styger

Reducing quality supply in a time of value need, Lee Styger

Barriers to transfer of collaborative recovery training into Australian mental health services: implications for the development of evidence-based services, Shivani Uppal, Lindsay Oades, Trevor Crowe, and Frank Deane

Optimal clinical trial design using value of information methods with imperfect implementation, A Willan and Simon Eckermann


The Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health (SEARCH): study protocol, Anna Williamson, Emily Banks, Sally Redman, Jonathan Craig, Alan Cass, Debra Fernando, Sandra Eades, Sandra Bailey, Richard Taylor, Kathleen F. Clapham, John Daniels, Sue Kippax, Peter McIntyre, Ann Baker, Beverley Raphael, and Frank Vincent

Papers from 2009

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Nurse-led Care for Symptomatic Moderate-Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Nick Antic, C Buchan, Adrian Esterman, M Hensley, M Naughton, Steve Rowland, B Williamson, S Windler, Simon Eckermann, and R McEvoy

Salvation of the second shift: are wives immune to monday blues?, Charles S. Areni

(Waiting) time flies when the tune flows: music influences affective responses to waiting by changing the subjective experience of passing time, Charles S. Areni and Nicole Grantham


Impact of individual characteristics and cultural values on citizenship and task performance: experience of non-academic employees of universities, Anil Chandrakumara and Subashimi Senevirathne

Indirect comparison: relative risk fallacies and odds solution, Simon Eckermann, Michael Coory, and Andrew Willan

Globally optimal trial design for local decision making, Simon Eckermann and Andrew Willan


Enhancing the reusability of inter-organizational knowledge: an ontology-based collaborative knowledge management network, Joshua P. Fan, Nelson K Y Leung, and Sim K. Lau

Projecting subacute inpatient activity in New South Wales, Andrew Gibbs, Edwin J. Pearse, Hirani Jayasinha, Jennifer Sheehan, Kathleen Meleady, and Neill Jones


Management Education for Engineers, Peter Gibson and Peter W. Childs

Current funding and financing issues in the Australian hospice and palliative care sector, Robert Gordon, Kathy Eagar, Janette P. Green, and David C. Currow

Technology and the Principal: Implications for Leadership, Michael Hough


Analysing beef supply chain strategy in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, Ferry Jie and Kevin Anthony Parton


Balanced Scorecard for Australian cattle producers: an application, Ferry Jie and Kevin Anthony Parton

The impact of information quality on food quality performance indicator of Australian Beef Processors, Ferry Jie and Kevin Anthony Parton

The need for improved skills in the Australian meat industry, Ferry Jie and Kevin Anthony Parton


Identifying Sources of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty Along Thai Rice Supply Chain, Ferry Jie and Phatcharee Thongrattana


Framework of entrepreneurial orientation and networking: a study of SMEs performance in a developing country, Amie Kusumawardhani, Grace McCarthy, and Nelson Perera


Links are not enough: using originality reports to improve academic standards, compliance and learning outcomes among postgraduate students, Grace McCarthy and Ann M. Rogerson


Foreign Debt, Trade Openness, Labor Force and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sri Lanka, Ramesh Chandra Paudel and Nelson Perera

The effect of corporate competitive capabilities and supply chain operational capabilities on Malaysian SMEs: a conceptual framework, Nelson Perera, Ferry Jie, and Siti Nur 'Atikah Zulkiffli


Financial development and economic growth in Sri Lanka, Nelson Perera and Ramesh Chandra Paudel

A conceptual framework of rice supply chain in Thailand, Nelson Perera, Phatcharee Thongrattana, and Ferry Jie

Is the company the only meaningful brand for services?, Kaleel Rahman, Charles S. Areni, and Peter McDonald


Counter Terrorism and Access to Justice: Public Policy Divided?, Mark Rix


The Case of Dr Mohamed Haneef: An Australian 'Terrorism Drama' with British Connections, Mark Rix


Diversity Management in Australia and its Impact on Employee Engagement, Pat Skalsky and Grace McCarthy

Multiple sclerosis rehabilitation outcomes: analysis of a national casemix dataset from Australia, Tara L. Stevermuer, Frances D. Simmonds, F Khan, and L Turner-Stokes

Bridging the Gap between Theoretical and Applied Practices in Business, Engineering and Science, Lee Styger

Managing the supply and demand of raw talent in high growth sectors post the economic crisis, Lee Styger


Reconfiguration of Operational Relationships Post the Current Global Economic Crisis, Lee Styger


The live monitoring of carbon emissions for sustainable international trade and exchange, Lee Styger


Where have all the designers gone?, Lee Styger


Understanding the impact of environmental uncertainty on efficiency performance indicator of Thai rice millers, Phatcharee Thongrattana, Ferry Jie, and Nelson Perera

A contribution to research and development in the carer support sector: lessons on effective caring, Kathryn E. Williams and Alan G. Owen


The relationship between social capital and tacit knowledge, Karen Yuan Wang, Ferry Jie, and Kai-Ping Huang


A literature analysis on the supply chain operational capabilities in Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Siti Zulkiffli

Papers from 2008

Accounting for Managers, Anne Abraham, John Glynn, Michael Murphy, and Bill Wilkinson

How argument structure biases acceptance of advertising claims: explaining deviations from logical reasoning in terms of subjective probabilities, Charles S. Areni

(Tell me why) I don't like Mondays: does an overvaluation of future discretionary time underlie reported weekly mood cycles?, Charles S. Areni

Memories of "bad" days are more biased than memories of "good" days: past Saturdays vary, but past Mondays are always blue, Charles S. Areni and Mitchell Burger

Coronary heart disease, A Brown, Ian T. Ring, and W Walsh

The option value of delay in health technology assessment, Simon Eckermann and Andrew Willan


A heuristic search algorithm for flow-shop scheduling, Joshua P. Fan and Graham K. Winley

Is It Feasible and Desirable to Collect Voluntarily Quality and Outcome Data Nationally in Palliative Oncology Care?, David L. Fildes, Kathy Eagar, David C. Currow, Linda J. Kristjanson, Patsy Yates, and Samar Aoun

Financial Sustainability and the Imperative for Reform in Investment Organisation in Australia's Local Government , Martin L. Gold

Financial sustainability and the imperative for reform in investment organisation in Australia's local government sector, Martin L. Gold

The integration of mindfulness training and health coaching: An exploratory study, Anthony M Grant, Michael Cavanagh, and Gordon B. Spence


Rural palliative care program national evaluation project: patient and carer experiences, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Karen Quinsey, and Alan G. Owen

Successful learning and school design for the knowledge age, Michael J. Hough AM RFD ED


A design and input-specific classification framework of ontology matching techniques, Kar Yin Leung, S. Lau, and Joshua P. Fan


Enhancing the reusability of inter-organizational knowledge: an ontology-based collaborative knowledge management network, Kar Yin Leung, S. Lau, and Joshua P. Fan


The use of proxy / informant reports for people with dementia, Nicholas Marosszeky and Emily Sansoni

Estimating and projecting subacute care demand: findings from a review of international methods , Edwin J. Pearse, Andrew W. Gibbs, Jennifer Sheehan, Kathleen Meleady, Hirani Jayasinha, and Neill Jones

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health: Implementation, not more policies, Ian T. Ring and N Browne

Strengthening the link between policy formulation and implementation of Indigenous health policy directions., Ian T. Ring, Anna Matthews, and Lisa Pulver

Health status, Ian T. Ring and N Thomson


With reckless abandon: Haneef and Ul-Haque in Australia's 'War on Terror', Mark Rix


Australia and the 'War against Terrorism': terrorism, national security and human rights, Mark D. Rix

An evaluation of the quality of obstetric morbidity coding using an objective assessment tool, the Performance Indicators for Coding Quality (PICQ), Patricia M. Saad, Kerry C. Innes, Mary K. Lam, Megan Cumerlato, Vera Dimitropoulos, and Julie Rust


Recent findings: the dementia outcomes measurement suite (DOMS) project, Janet E. Sansoni, Nicholas Marosszeky, and Emily Sansoni


Developing and refining outcome measurement suites: an example from the National Continence Management Strategy, Janet E. Sansoni, Nicholas Marosszeky, and Emily Sansoni


The development of the Revised Urinary Incontinence Scale (RUIS), Janet E. Sansoni, Nicholas Marosszeky, Emily Sansoni, and Graeme Hawthorne

Style versus substance: multiple roles of language power in persuasion, John R. Sparks and Charles S. Areni

Mapping the Mind and Making Your Point, Lee Styger


The impact of uncertain environment on rice supply chain performance in Northeast Thailand, Phatcharee T. Thongrattana and Peter W. Robertson


The corporate social responsibilities in Sri Lankan universities, Kamal Tilakasiri, Grace McCarthy, and John Glynn


A global analysis of supply chain trends in the health industry, Siti Zulkiffli and Peter Wayne Robertson

Papers from 2007

Expected value of information and decision making in HTA, Simon Eckermann and Andrew Willan

The development of Version 2 of the AN-SNAP casemix classification system, Robert Gordon and Janette P. Green

Professional and peer life coaching and the enhancement of goal striving and well-being: An exploratory study, Anthony M Grant and Gordon B. Spence


Renewable Energy Strategies in England, Australia and New Zealand, Geoff Kelly


Toolkit for managing virtual teams, Grace McCarthy

Australasian Business Statistics, Nelson Perera, John Asafu-Adjaye, Ken Black, Mark Harris, Phillip Edwards, and Nazim Khan

Financial Derivatives and the Theory of Money, Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan