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J. E. Sansoni, J. E., N. Marosszeky & E. Sansoni, "Recent findings: the dementia outcomes measurement suite (DOMS) project", National Health Outcomes Conference. Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration, Wollongong, Australia, (2008).


[extract] This summary paper provides an overview of recent work undertaken to develop an outcome measurement suite for people with dementia. The aim was to review all the published instruments used for the assessment, diagnosis, screening and outcomes monitoring/evaluation of people with dementia; in order to recommend a set of psychometrically valid measures for clinicians and researchers to use, across a range of different practice settings.

Based on previous work in developing a Continence Outcomes Measurement Suite (Thomas et al, 2006), the analysis combines clinical and academic sources of knowledge in order to produce realistic and useful recommendations. Specifically the approach combines psychometric evidence, with a review of the academic literature for impact, and consultation with clinical experts in the field about the suitability of instruments.

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