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Tuniz, A., Pope, B., Wang, A., Large, M. C. J., Atakaramians, S., Min, S., Pogson, E. M., Lewis, R. A., Bendavid, A., Argyros, A., Fleming, S. C. & Kuhlmey, B. T. (2012). Spatial dispersion in three-dimensional drawn magnetic metamaterials. Optics Express, 20 (11), 11924-11935.


We characterize spatial dispersion in longitudinally invariant drawn metamaterials with a magnetic response at terahertz frequencies, whereby a change in the angle of the incident field produces a shift in the resonant frequency. We present a simple analytical model to predict this shift. We also demonstrate that the spatial dispersion is eliminated by breaking the longitudinal invariance using laser ablation. The experimental results are in agreement with numerical simulations.



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