A web-based database for assessing roadway development performance



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Viglione, L., Baafi, E. Y., Hesami, S. & Gibson, G. (2009). A web-based database for assessing roadway development performance. Proceedings of the 2009 Coal Operators'' Conference (pp. 107-111). Wollongong, Australia: University of Wollongong.


There are various inherent characteristics of roadway development practices which fundamentally influence their overall performance rates. As part of a strategy to improve roadway development performance in Australian longwall mines, Australian Coal Association Research Project (ACARP) has initiated a benchmarking study by surveying each longwall mines. A web-based relational database system which has been developed purposely to monitor the performance of Australia longwall roadway developments is described. The benchmark study is aimed at assessing both the physical and operational factors influence roadway development practices and their performance indicators.