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Cui, S., Zhu, H., Wan, S., Tieu, K., Tran, B. H., Wang, L. & Zhu, Q. (2017). Effect of loading on the friction and interface microstructure of lubricated steel tribopairs. Tribology International, 116 180-191.


In this study, the tribological behavior and interfacial evolution of GCr15/Mild steel tribopairs lubricated by inorganic sodium metaphosphate was investigated under different applied loads at 800 °C. The results show that sodium metaphosphate lubricates the contact effectively at the load ranging from 5 to 30 N, with higher loads causing increased friction and wear. A layer of glassy phosphate film formed between the contacts is responsible for the improved tribological performance. FIB/TEM and XRD analysis reveals that the phosphate film was mainly composed of amorphous Na-Fe orthophosphate matrix filled up with fine oxide wear debris.

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