The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics.

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Papers from 2018

Excess Pore Water Pressure Generation and Mud Pumping in Railways under Cyclic Loading, Aruni Lakmali Abeywickrama Bamunusing Kankanamge, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

KMS states on C-algebras associated to a family of ⁎-commuting local homeomorphisms, Zahra Afsar, Astrid An Huef, and Iain F. Raeburn

Experimental evidence of liquid feeding during solidification of a steel, Gautam Agarwal, Murugaiyan Amirthalingam, Suk Chun Moon, Rian J. Dippenaar, Ian Richardson, and Marcel Hermans


Study of Solidification Cracking in a Transformation-Induced Plasticity-Aided Steel, Gautam Agarwal, A Kumar, H Gao, Murugaiyan Amirthalingam, Suk Chun Moon, Rian J. Dippenaar, Ian Richardson, and Marcel Hermans


Load forecasting under changing climatic conditions for the city of Sydney, Australia, Tanvir Ahmed, Dao Hoang Vu, Kashem M. Muttaqi, and Ashish P. Agalgaonkar


Mechanisms of stabilization of expansive soil with lignosulfonate admixture, Dennis Pere Alazigha, Buddhima Indraratna, J S. Vinod, and Ana Heitor


Factors Affecting the Bond Strength Between the Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Concrete and Steel Reinforcement, Mustafa Sameer Abdulkareem Al-azzawi, Tao Yu, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Learning Planning Model for Semantic Process Compensation, Ahmad Alelaimat, Metta Santipuri, Yingzhi Gou, and Aditya K. Ghose

Misalignment between business and IT strategic objectives in Saudi Arabia public sector organisations, Abdulaziz Alghazi, Mengxiang Li, Tingru Cui, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Jun Shen

Pre-treatment verification of lung SBRT VMAT plans with delivery errors: Toward a better understanding of the gamma index analysis, Thahabah Alharthi, Elise M. Pogson, Sankar Arumugam, Lois C. Holloway, and David Thwaites


Effect of Geogrid Reinforcement on the Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Pavements, Abbas Sahib Abd-Ali Al-Hedad and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Behaviour of small-diameter self-compacting concrete-filled steel tubes, Faez Alhussainy, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Softer is Harder: What Differentiates Soft Robotics from Hard Robotics?, Gursel Alici


Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Bending Behavior of Soft Pneumatic Actuators Made of Discrete Actuation Chambers, Gursel Alici, Taylor Canty, Rahim Mutlu, Weiping Hu, and Vitor Sencadas

Technical Note: Penumbral width trimming in solid lung dose profiles for 0.9 and 1.5 T MRI-Linac prototypes, Sarah Alnaghy, Jarrad Begg, Trent Causer, Thahabah Alharthi, Laura Glaubes, Bin Dong, Armia George, Lois C. Holloway, and Peter E. Metcalfe


Influence of Steel Fibres on the Behaviour of RPC Circular Columns Under Different Loading Conditions, Ahmed Al-Tikrite and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Stress-Strain Relationship of Unconfined RPC Reinforced with Steel Fibers under Compression, Ahmed Al-Tikrite and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Small sample inference for probabilistic index models, Gustavo Amorim, Olivier Thas, Karel K. Vermeulen, Stijn Vansteelandt, and Jan De Neve


Detailed balance as a quantum-group symmetry of Kraus operators, Andreas Andersson


Physical cleaning techniques to control fouling during the pre-concentration of high suspended-solid content solutions for resource recovery by forward osmosis, Ashley Ansari, Faisal I. Hai, Tao He, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem


Assessing the integration of forward osmosis and anaerobic digestion for simultaneous wastewater treatment and resource recovery, Ashley Ansari, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, Hao H. Ngo, Wenshan Guo, and Long D. Nghiem


Graded Steinberg algebras and their representations, Pere Ara, Roozbeh Hazrat, Huanhuan Li, and Aidan Sims


Recent advances in photonic dosimeters for medical radiation therapy, James Archer and Enbang Li


Biocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, industrial chemicals, steroid hormones and pesticides in a membrane distillation-enzymatic bioreactor, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Faisal I. Hai, Jinguo Kang, Jason P. Van De Merwe, Frederic Leusch, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem

Impact of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Marine Environment on Aquaculture, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem

An Experimental Study on the Shear Performance of Fully Encapsulated Cable Bolts in Single Shear Test, Naj Aziz, Haleh Rasekh, Ali Mirza, Guanyu Yang, Saman Khaleghparast, and Jan Nemcik


A construction for {0,1,-1} orthogonal matrices visualized, N A. Balonin and Jennifer Seberry

An Elastic Visco-Plastic Model for Soft Soil with Reference to Radial Consolidation, Pankaj Baral, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

Effectiveness of stone column reinforcement for stabilizing soft ground with reference to transport infrastructure, Sudip Basack, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

Stone Column-Stabilized Soft-Soil Performance Influenced by Clogging and Lateral Deformation: Laboratory and Numerical Evaluation, Sudip Basack, Firman Siahaan, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn


A digital image correlation study of a NiTi alloy subjected to monotonic uniaxial and cyclic loading-unloading in tension, Xiaohui Bian, Ahmed A. Saleh, Elena V. Pereloma, Christopher H. J Davies, and Azdiar Adil Gazder


A novel high-resolution 2D silicon array detector for small field dosimetry with FFF photon beams, Giordano Biasi, Marco Petasecca, Susanna Guatelli, Nicholas G. Hardcastle, Martin G. Carolan, Vladimir Perevertaylo, Tomas Kron, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Evaluating the effect of a Web-based e-learning tool for health professional education on clinical vancomycin use: a comparative study, Stuart Bond, Shelley P. Crowther, Suman Adhikari, Ping Yu, Adriana J. Chubaty, Jay Borchard, Craig S. Boutlis, Wilfred W. Yeo, and Spiros Miyakis


Metamorphic testing of navigation software: A pilot study with Google Maps, Joshua Brown, Zhiquan Zhou, and Yang-Wai Chow


Investigation of the radiation dose from cone-beam CT for image-guided radiotherapy: A comparison of methodologies, Jarryd Buckley, Dean Wilkinson, Alessandra Malaroda, and Peter E. Metcalfe

Cryptanalysis of RSA-type cryptosystems based on Lucas sequences, Gaussian integers and elliptic curves, Martin W. Bunder, Abderrahmane Nitaj, Willy Susilo, and Joseph Tonien


An online condition monitoring system implemented an internet connectivity and FTP for low speed slew bearing, Wahyu Caesarendra, Buyung Kosasih, Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo, Mochammad Ariyanto, L Daryl, and Daniel Pamungkas

Semiconductor real-time quality assurance dosimetry in brachytherapy, Mauro Carrara, Dean L. Cutajar, Saree Alnaghy, Anthony A. Espinoza, Anna Romanyukha, Stefano Presilla, Chiara Tenconi, Annamaria Cerrotta, Carlo Fallai, Mitra Safavi-Naeini, Marco Petasecca, Alannah Kejda, Michael L. F Lerch, Stephanie Corde, Michael A. Jackson, Andrew Howie, Joseph A. Bucci, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Performance assessment of a novel natural gas pressure reduction station equipped with parabolic trough solar collectors, Ermanno Lo Cascioa, Zhenjun Ma, and Corrado Schenone

Predicting the performance of embankments on PVD-improved subsoils, Jin-Chun Chai, Jack Shen, Martin D. Liu, and Da-Jun Yuan

Compressive behaviour of square fibre-reinforced polymer-concrete-steel hybrid multi-tube concrete columns, Chun Wa Chan, Tao Yu, and Shi Shun Zhang

Small area estimation under a spatially non-linear model, Hukum Chandra, Nicola Salvati, and Raymond L. Chambers

Improvement of bonding strength of horizontal twin-roll cast steel/aluminum clad sheet by electromagnetic fields, Gang Chen, Jintao Li, and Guangming Xu

Degradation of ferritic stainless steels at 1200 °C in air, Xiawei Cheng, Zhengyi Jiang, Brian J. Monaghan, Raymond Longbottom, Dongbin Wei, Ay Ching Hee, and Laizhu Jiang


Delay-dependent Fault-Tolerant Shape Control for Stochastic Distribution Systems, Yu Cheng, Long Chen, Tao Li, and Haiping Du


Structural Principles Analysis of Host-Pathogen Protein-Protein Interactions: A Structural Bioinformatics Survey, Huaming Chen, William Guo, Jun Shen, Lei Wang, and Jiangning Song

Approximate spatio-temporal top-k publish/subscribe, Lisi Chen and Shuo Shang


Metamorphic Testing: A Review of Challenges and Opportunities, Tsong Yueh Chen, Fei-Ching Kuo, Huai Liu, Pak-Lok Poon, Dave Towey, T H. Tse, and Zhiquan Zhou

Analytic properties of American option prices under a modified Black-Scholes equation with spatial fractional derivatives, Wenting Chen, Kai Du, and Xinzi Qiu

Application of MOSkin detector for in vivo dosimetry on total skin electron therapy (TSET), Jae Hyuk Choi, Dean L. Cutajar, Peter E. Metcalfe, and Simon J. Downes

Analytical Modelling of Indian-made Biodegradable Jute Drains for soft soil Stabilization: Progress and Challenges, Kirti Choudhary, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Buddhima Indraratna, and P Choudhury


Cooperative Secret Sharing Using QR Codes and Symmetric Keys, Yang-Wai Chow, Willy Susilo, Joseph Tonien, Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska, and Guomin Yang


Embedding and Extension Properties of Hadamard Matrices Revisited, Dimitrios Christou, Marilena Mitrouli, and Jennifer Seberry

Torque vectoring with active steering for improved lateral performance in electric vehicles, Philip A. Commins, Brett McAulay, and Haiping Du

Numerical analysis and experimental investigation into the effects of manufacturing errors on the running accuracy of the aerostatic porous spindle, Hailong Cui, Yang Wang, Xiaobin Yue, Ming Huang, Wei Wang, and Zhengyi Jiang

Investigation of different inorganic chemical compounds as hot metal forming lubricant by pin-on-disc and hot rolling, Shaogang Cui, Hongtao Zhu, Shanhong Wan, Bach H. Tran, Long Wang, and Anh Kiet Tieu

Classification of positive solutions to fractional order Hartree equations via a direct method of moving planes, Wei Dai, Yanqin Fang, and Guolin Qin

Investigation of high frequency emissions (supraharmonics) from small, grid-tied, photovoltaic inverters of different topologies, Dilini Darmawardana, Sarath Perera, Duane A. Robinson, Phil Ciufo, Jan Meyer, Matthias Klatt, and Jayatunga V. Jayatunga

The impact of PV inverters on audio frequency injection load control signals, Jason R. David, Sean T. Elphick, Phil Ciufo, and Sarath Perera


A silicon strip detector array for energy verification and quality assurance in heavy ion therapy, Emily Debrot, Matthew Newall, Susanna Guatelli, Marco Petasecca, Naruhiro Matsufuji, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

A simple model for transit dosimetry based on a water equivalent EPID, Shrikant Deshpande, Samuel J. Blake, Aitang Xing, Peter E. Metcalfe, Lois C. Holloway, and Philip J. Vial

An Improved 3D Surface Reconstruction Method Based on Three Wavelength Phase Shift Profilometry, Mingjun Ding, Jiangtao Xi, Guangxu Li, Limei Song, and Philip O. Ogunbona

Control technology for soft rock roadway in inclined coal seam: A case study in Nui Beo mine, Quang Ninh, Vietnam, Dao Viet Doan, Hongchao Zhao, Jiantao Cao, Chen Yong, and Wang Meng


Multizone Soundfield Reproduction With Privacy- and Quality-Based Speech Masking Filters, Jacob Donley, Christian H. Ritz, and W Kleijn

Secure Message Communication Protocol among Vehicles in Smart City, Amit Dua, Neeraj Kumar, Ashok Kumar Das, and Willy Susilo

Development and trend of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of multi-sensors information fusion for rolling bearings: a review, Zhihe Duan, Tonghai Wu, Shuaiwei Guo, Tao Shao, Reza Malekian, and Zhixiong Li

Influence of the Location of CFRP Strips on the Behaviour of Partially Wrapped Square Reinforced Concrete Columns under Axial Compression, Mai Duc, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Effect of cooling rate on microstructural evolution and hardness of self-shielded arc weld deposits containing 1 wt% aluminium, Milo Dumovic, Druce Patrick Dunne, John Norrish, Hui Jun Li, and Brian J. Monaghan


The impact of imaging modality (CT vs MRI) and patient position (supine vs prone) on tangential whole breast radiation therapy planning, Kylie L. Dundas, Elise M. Pogson, Vikneswary Batumalai, Geoff P. Delaney, Miriam M. Boxer, Mei Ling Yap, Verity Ahern, Christine Chan, Steven David, Marion Dimigen, Jennifer A. Harvey, Eng-Siew Koh, Karen Lim, George Papadatos, Elizabeth Lazarus, Joseph Descellar, Peter E. Metcalfe, and Lois C. Holloway


Martens-ite, Druce Patrick Dunne


Comparison of GMAW and SAW for NGW of 50 mm Q&T Steel Plate, Druce Patrick Dunne and Willy Pang

Membrane distillation to regenerate different liquid desiccant solutions for air conditioning, Hung Duong, Ivan Alvarez, Tinh Nguyen, and Long D. Nghiem


A novel electrospun, hydrophobic, and elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene membrane for membrane distillation applications, Hung Duong, Dan Chuai, Yun Chul Woo, Ho Kyong Shon, Long D. Nghiem, and Vitor Sencadas

Conformation of graphene folding around single-walled carbon nanotubes, Tom Dyer, Ngamta Thamwattana, and Barry J. Cox

Dispersive shock waves in systems with nonlocal dispersion of Benjamin-Ono type, Gennady El, L T. K Nguyen, and Noel F. Smyth

Biomechanical approach in facilitating long-distance walking of elderly people using footwear modifications, Mustafa M. Elhadi, Christina Ma, Wing K. Lam, and Winson Lee

Laboratory investigation of the impact of PQ on induction motor performance, Sean T. Elphick, Matthew Crawford, Sarath Perera, and Phil Ciufo

A multi-objective design optimisation strategy for hybrid photovoltaic thermal collector (PVT)-solar air heater (SAH) systems with fins, Wenke Fan, Georgios Kokogiannakis, and Zhenjun Ma

Behaviour of Ambient Cured Steel Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Columns Under Axial and Flexural Loads, Nabeel Farhan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Engineering Properties of Ambient Cured Alkali-Activated Slag-Fly Ash Concrete Reinforced with Different Types of Steel Fiber, Nabeel Farhan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Corrosion on the Bond Between Reinforcing Steel Bars and Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete, Nabeel Farhan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Resonant responses of three-layered shear-deformable microbeams, Hamed Farokhi, Mergen H. Ghayesh, Alireza Gholipour, and Shahid Hussain

A novel design procedure for designing linear generators, Omar Farrok, Md Rabiul Islam, Youguang Guo, Jian Guo Zhu, and Wei Xu

A Split Translator Secondary Stator Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion, Omar Farrok, Md Rabiul Islam, Md Rafiqul Islam Sheikh, Youguang Guo, and Jianguo Zhu


Mechanical behaviour of micro-fine steel fibre reinforced sulphoaluminate cement composite, Hu Feng, Gang Chen, Muhammad N. S Hadi, M Neaz Sheikh, and Bowen Zhou


Mechanical properties of micro-steel fibre reinforced magnesium potassium phosphate cement composite, Hu Feng, M Neaz Sheikh, Muhammad N. S Hadi, Danying Gao, and Jun Zhao

Gamification artifacts and crowdsourcing participation: Examining the mediating role of intrinsic motivations, Yuanyue Feng, Hua Jonathan Ye, Yinghua Yu, Congcong Yang, and Tingru Cui

Quantifying the uncertainty of a model-reconstructed soilscape for archaeological land evaluation, Peter Finke, A Jafari, A Zwertvaegher, and Olivier Thas

Privacy-preserving Naive Bayes classifiers secure against the substitution-then-comparison attack, Chong Gao, Qiong Cheng, Pei He, Willy Susilo, and Jin Li


Investigation on the Vibration Effect of Shock Wave in Rock Burst by In Situ Microseismic Monitoring, Mingshi Gao, Hongchao Zhao, Yichao Zhao, Xiaojun Gao, and Xiangyu Wang

A CCA-secure key-policy attribute-based proxy re-encryption in the adaptive corruption model for dropbox data sharing system, Chunpeng Ge, Willy Susilo, Liming Fang, Jiandong Wang, and Yunqing Shi

Coupled nonlinear instability of cable subjected to combined hydrodynamic and ice loads, Ritwik Ghoshal, Anurag Yenduri, Aziz Ahmed, Xudong Qian, and R. K. Jaiman

Human behavior in online social networks, Joshua Gillen, Mark Freeman, and Holly Tootell


Behaviour of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer-confined hollow circular concrete columns with inner polyvinyl chloride tube, Hussamaldeen GOAIZ, Tao Yu, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Quality Evaluation Tests for Tensile Strength of Reactive Powder Concrete, Hussamaldeen GOAIZ, Tao Yu, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Shift-tail equivalence and an unbounded representative of the Cuntz-Pimsner extension, Magnus Goffeng, Bram Mesland, and Adam C. Rennie

Comparison of a one- and two-stage mixed model analysis of Australia's National Variety Trial Southern Region wheat data, Beverley J. Gogel, Alison B. Smith, and Brian R. Cullis

Look before you LIEEP: Practicalities of using ecological systems social marketing to improve thermal comfort, Ross Gordon, Katherine A. Butler, Paul Cooper, Gordon R. Waitt, and Christopher A. Magee

Empirically testing the concept of value-in-behavior and its relevance for social marketing, Ross Gordon, Sally Dibb, Christopher A. Magee, Paul Cooper, and Gordon R. Waitt

3D shape measurement of moving object with FFT-based spatial matching, Qinghua Guo, Yuxi Ruan, Jiangtao Xi, Limei Song, Xin-jun Zhu, Yanguang Yu, and Jun Tong