The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics. This series is followed by EIS Papers: Part B.
Related series: Faculty of Engineering - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Informatics - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2017

Pricing American-style Parisian up-and-out call options, Xiaoping Lu, Nhat Tan Le, Song-Ping Zhu, and Wenting Chen


Connection between trinomial trees and finite difference methods for option pricing with state-dependent switching rates, Jingtang Ma, Hongji Tang, and Song-Ping Zhu


Fractal spectral triples on Kellendonk's C*-algebra of a substitution tiling, Michael Mampusti and Michael F. Whittaker


Model-based optimization of ground source heat pump systems, Zhenjun Ma and Lei Xia


More mixed volume preserving curvature flows, James A. McCoy

Low voltage ride through of wind energy systems, Tarafdar H. Mehrdad and Kashem M. Muttaqi


Selection bias in the reported performances of AD classification pipelines, Alex F. Mendelson, Maria A. Zuluaga, Marco Lorenzi, Brian F. Hutton, and Sebastien Ourselin


Monte Carlo characterisation of the Dose Magnifying Glass for proton therapy quality assurance, Aaron Merchant, Susanna Guatelli, Marco Petasecca, Michael A. Jackson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld


Introducing dynamic dosimaging: Potential applications for MRI-linac, Peter E. Metcalfe, Sarah Alnaghy, Matthew Newall, Maegan Gargett, Mitchell Duncan, Gary P. Liney, Jarrad Begg, Bradley M. Oborn, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F Lerch, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Publicly verifiable databases with efficient insertion/deletion operations, Meixia Miao, Jianfeng Wang, Jianfeng Ma, and Willy Susilo


Bots without borders: how anonymous accounts hijack political debate, Katina Michael

Societal implications of wearable technology: interpreting "Trialability on the Run", Katina Michael, Deniz Gokyer, and Samer Abbas


RFID ownership transfer with positive secrecy capacity channels, Jorge Munilla Fajardo, Mike Burmester, Alberto Peinado, Guomin Yang, and Willy Susilo

An unconstrained statistical matching algorithm for combining individual and household level geo-specific census and survey data, Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Rob Tanton, David G. Steel, Payam Mokhtarian, and Sumonkanti Das


Innovative detectors for quality assurance dosimetry in SBRT of stationary and movable targets, Matthew Newall, Marco Petasecca, Mitchell Duncan, Iolanda Fuduli, Khalsa Al shukaili, Jeremy T. Booth, Paul J. Keall, Stephanie Corde, V Pereveratylo, Michael L. F Lerch, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld


Full scale co-digestion of wastewater sludge and food waste: bottlenecks and possibilities, Long D. Nghiem, Konrad Koch, David Bolzonella, and Jörg E. Drewes


Micromechanics-based investigation of fouled ballast using large-scale triaxial tests and discrete element modeling, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn


Simulation ballasted track behavior: numerical treatment and field application, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn


Stabilization of track substructure with geoinclusions- experimental evidence and DEM simulation, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

DEM modelling of geocell-stabilised sub-ballast under cyclic loading, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and Buddhima Indraratna


Multivariate spatial data fusion for very large remote sensing datasets, Hai Nguyen, Noel A. Cressie, and Amy Braverman


Formative assessment to develop oral communication competency using YouTube: self- and peer assessment in engineering, Sasha Nikolic, David Stirling, and Montserrat Ros


Maximising resource allocation in the teaching laboratory: understanding student evaluations of teaching assistants in a team-based teaching format, Sasha Nikolic, Thomas F. Suesse, Timothy J. McCarthy, and Thomas Goldfinch


Assessing the vulnerability of pumping stations to trash blockage in coastal mega-cities of developing nations, Robert Ighodaro Ogie, Sarah Dunn, Tomas Holderness, and Etienne Turpin

Spatio-topological network analysis of hydrological infrastructure as a decision support tool for flood mitigation in coastal mega-cities, Robert Ighodaro Ogie, Tomas Holderness, Michelle E. Dunbar, and Etienne Turpin

Cryptosporidium and Giardia distribution in water: re-evaluation, Jerry E. Ongerth


Nonlinear analysis of biaxially loaded rectangular concrete-filled stainless steel tubular slender beam-columns, Vipulkumar I. Patel, Qing Quan Liang, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Nonlinear analysis of circular high strength concrete-filled stainless steel tubular slender beam-columns, Vipulkumar I. Patel, Qing Quan Liang, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Bake hardening of automotive steels, Elena V. Pereloma and Ilana B. Timokhina


Effects of fabrication technique on tensile properties of fiber reinforced polymer, Thong m. Pham, Muhammad N. S Hadi, and Jim Youssef

Centroid tracking based dynamic hand gesture recognition using discrete Hidden Markov Models, Prashan Premaratne, Shuai Yang, Peter J. Vial, and Zubair Ifthikar


The integration of MRI in radiation therapy: Collaboration of radiographers and radiation therapists, Robba Rai, Shivani Kumar, Vikneswary Batumalai, Doaa Elwadia, Lucy Ohanessian, Ewa Juresic, Lynette Cassapi, Shalini K. Vinod, Lois C. Holloway, Paul J. Keall, and Gary P. Liney

Ballast breakage analysis using FBG acoustic emission measurement system, Ginu Rajan, J S. Vinod, Tristan Moses, B Prusty, and Jiangtao Xi

A new equation for the shear strength of cable bolts incorporating the energy balance theory, Haleh Rasekh, Ali Mirza, Jan Nemcik, Naj Aziz, and Xuwei Li

Extended ANOVA, J. C. W Rayner

Impact performance of concrete beams externally bonded with carbon FRP sheets, Alex M. Remennikov, Matthew Goldston, and M Neaz Sheikh


Experimental investigation and simplified modeling of response of steel plates subjected to close-in blast loading from spherical liquid explosive charges, Alex M. Remennikov, Tuan D. Ngo, Damith Mohotti, Brian Uy, and Michael Netherton

A concurrent multiple negotiation strategy for service level agreement negotiations in web-based service environments, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, Lei Niu, and Xishun Wang


The extension class and KMS states for Cuntz-Pimsner algebras of some bi-Hilbertian bimodules, Adam C. Rennie, David I. Robertson, and Aidan Sims


History of International Workshop on Mini-Micro- and Nano- Dosimetry (MMND) and Innovation Technologies in Radiation Oncology (ITRO), Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Marco Zaider, J Yamada, and M Zelefsky

Influence of exposure and geometric parameters on absorbed doses associated with common neuro-interventional procedures, M J. Safari, Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong, Weiloong Jong, Nathan Thorpe, Dean L. Cutajar, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, and Kwanhoong Ng

Whole body motion control of humanoid robots using bilateral control, Emre Sariyildiz and Hakan Temeltas

On the scale dependence of micro hydromechanical deep drawing, Hideki Sato, Kenichi Manabe, Tsuyoshi Furushima, Dongbin Wei, Zhengyi Jiang, and Sergei Alexandrov


Holistic sludge management through ozonation: a critical review, Galilee U. Semblante, Faisal I. Hai, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Kensuke Fukushi, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem

An experimental investigation into modeling solids friction for fluidized dense-phase pneumatic transport of powders, G Setia, Soumya Suddha Mallick, Renhu Pan, and Peter W. Wypych

Biochar and enhanced phosphate capture: Mapping mechanisms to functional properties, Jessica Shepherd, Stephen D. Joseph, Saran Sohi, and Kate Heal

Privacy-preserving point-inclusion protocol for an arbitrary area based on phase-encoded quantum private query, Runhua Shi, Yi Mu, Hong Zhong, Jie Cui, and Shun Zhang


Stir casting process for manufacture of Al-SiC composites, Shahin Soltani, R Azari Khosroshahi, R Taherzadeh Mousavian, Zhengyi Jiang, Alireza Fadavi Boostani, and D Brabazon


The angular dependence of a two dimensional monolithic detector array for dosimetry in small radiation fields, Nauljun Stansook, Marco Petasecca, Kananan Utitsarn, Matthew Newall, Peter E. Metcalfe, Martin G. Carolan, Michael L. F Lerch, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Computational aspects of the EM algorithm for spatial econometric models with missing data, Thomas F. Suesse and Andrew Zammit-Mangion

Development of an isolator working with magnetorheological elastomers and fluids, Shuaishuai Sun, Jian Yang, Weihua Li, Haiping Du, Gursel Alici, Tianhong Yan, and Masami Nakano


Application of fractional calculus in modelling ballast deformation under cyclic loading, Yifei Sun, Buddhima Indraratna, John Philip Carter, Timothy R. Marchant, and Sanjay Nimbalkar


Development of microencapsulated phase change material for solar thermal energy storage, Weiguang Su, Jo Darkwa, and Georgios Kokogiannakis

An effective edge-preserving smoothing method for image manipulation, Chang Tang, Chunping Hou, Yonghong Hou, Pichao Wang, and Wanqing Li

Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control for semi-active vehicle suspension with a magnetorheological damper and experimental validation, Xin Tang, Haiping Du, Shuaishuai Sun, Donghong Ning, Zhiwei Xing, and Weihua Li

Enhanced frequency response strategy for a PMSG-based wind energy conversion system using ultracapacitor in remote area power supply systems, Yingjie Tan, Kashem M. Muttaqi, Phil Ciufo, and Lasantha G. Meegahapola

Policy-controlled signatures and their applications, Pairat Thorncharoensri, Willy Susilo, and Yi Mu

Analysis of thin strip shape and profile in cold rolling: A way to improve strip profile and mechanical properties, Hasan Tibar and Zhengyi Jiang

A continued fraction inspired by an identity of Euler, Joseph Tonien


Optimisation of output factor measurements using the Magic Plate 512 silicon dosimeter array in small megavoltage photon fields, Kananan Utitsarn, Z A. Alrowaili, Nauljun Stansook, Michael L. F Lerch, Marco Petasecca, Martin G. Carolan, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

High-risk CTV delineation for cervix brachytherapy: Application of GEC-ESTRO guidelines in Australia and New Zealand, Shalini K. Vinod, University of New South Wales, Lauren Bell, Jacqueline Veera, Lucy Ohanessian, Ewa Juresic, Nira Borok, Philip Chan, Raphael Chee, Viet Do, Geetha Govindarajulu, Swetha Sridharan, Carol Johnson, Daniel Moses, Sylvia Van Dyk, and Lois C. Holloway

Seismic performance of CFRP-confined circular high-strength concrete columns with high axial compression ratio, Daiyu Wang, Zhenyu Wang, Scott T. Smith, and Tao Yu

Determining the diffusion coefficient of gas diffusion in coal: development of numerical solution, Gongda Wang, Ting X. Ren, Qingxin Qi, Jia Lin, Qingquan Liu, and Jian Zhang

Low complexity message passing-based receiver design for Wiener phase-noise channels, Wei Wang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Zhongyong Wang, Qinghua Guo, and Jiangtao Xi

A hybrid-learning based broker model for strategic power trading in smart grid markets, Xishun Wang, Minjie Zhang, and Fenghui Ren

Laves phase precipitation behavior in the simulated fine-grained heat-affected zone of creep strength enhanced ferritic steel P92 and its role in creep void nucleation and growth, Xue Wang, Xiao Wang, Hui Jun Li, Hong Wu, Yao Ren, Hong-Wei Liu, and Hong Liu

Numerical study on the operating performances of a novel frost-free air-source heat pump unit using three different types of refrigerant, Zhihua Wang, Fenghao Wang, Zhenjun Ma, and Mengjie Song

Dynamic character investigation and optimization of a novel air-source heat pump system, Zhihua Wang, Fenghao Wang, Xinke Wang, Zhenjun Ma, X Wu, and Mengjie Song

Comparison of the scuffing behaviour and wear resistance of candidate engineered coatings for automotive piston rings, Shanhong Wan, Dongshan Li, Guang An Zhang, Anh Kiet Tieu, and Bo Zhang


A study of the tribological behaviour of TiO2 nano-additive water-based lubricants, Hui Wu, Jingwei Zhao, Wenzhen Xia, Xiawei Cheng, Anshun He, Jung-Ho Yun, Lianzhou Wang, Han Huang, Sihai Jiao, Li Huang, Suoquan Zhang, and Zhengyi Jiang


Experimental studies with two novel silicon detectors for the development of time-of-flight spectrometry of laser-accelerated proton beams, M Würl, S Reinhardt, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F Lerch, Linh T. Tran, S Karsch, W Assmann, J Schreiber, and Katia Parodi

A rational layout of double-row stabilizing piles for large-scale landslide control, Shiguo Xiao, Jinxiu Zeng, and Yuping Yan

Effects of nano-TiO2 additive in oil-in-water lubricant on contact angle and antiscratch behavior, Wenzhen Xia, Jingwei Zhao, Hui Wu, Xianming Zhao, Xiaoming Zhang, Jianzhong Xu, Ay Ching Hee, and Zhengyi Jiang

Synergistic effect from anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and organic wastes, Sihuang Xie, John Wickham, and Long D. Nghiem

On nodes placement in energy harvesting wireless sensor networks for coverage and connectivity, Changlin Yang and Kwan-Wu Chin

Hybrid microfluidics combined with active and passive approaches for continuous cell separation, Sheng Yan, Jun Zhang, Dan Yuan, and Weihua Li


Processing, characterisation and electromechanical behaviour of elastomeric multiwall carbon nanotubes-poly (glycerol sebacate) nanocomposites for piezoresistive sensors applications, Yi Yan, Vitor Sencadas, Jiangshan Zhang, Guoqing Zu, Dongbin Wei, and Zhengyi Jiang

A nonlinearly broadband tuneable energy harvester, Tanju Yildirim, Mergen H. Ghayesh, Weihua Li, and Gursel Alici

A parametrically broadband nonlinear energy harvester, Tanju Yildirim, Mergen H. Ghayesh, Thomas Searle, Weihua Li, and Gursel Alici


Blind adaptive multi-user detection for under-ice acoustic communications with mobile interfering users, Jingwei Yin, Guang Yang, Defeng (David) Huang, Lu Jin, and Qinghua Guo


Parallel GPU-based collision detection of irregular vessel wall for massive particles, Binbin Yong, Jun Shen, Hongyu Sun, Huaming Chen, and Qingguo Zhou

Neural Network Model with Monte Caro Algorithm for Electricity Demand Forecasting in Queensland, Binbin Yong, Zijian Xu, Jun Shen, Huaming Chen, Yanshan Tian, and Qingguo Zhou


Axial load-bending moment diagrams of GFRP reinforced columns and GFRP encased square columns, Jim Youssef and Muhammad N. S Hadi

An auxiliary variable-aided hybrid message passing approach to joint channel estimation and decoding for MIMO-OFDM, Zhengdao Yuan, Chuanzong Zhang, Zhongyong Wang, Qinghua Guo, and Jiangtao Xi


High-strength steel plates in hybrid fiber-reinforced polymer-concrete-steel columns: concept and behavior, Tao Yu, Lip H. Teh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Characterization of prompt gamma-ray emission with respect to the Bragg peak for proton beam range verification: A Monte Carlo study, Melek Zarifi, Susanna Guatelli, David Bolst, Brian F. Hutton, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, and Yujin Qi


Statistical properties of atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements: Looking down from space and looking up from the ground, Bohai Zhang, Noel A. Cressie, and Debra Wunch

Low complexity sparse Bayesian learning using combined belief propagation and mean field with a stretched factor graph, Chuanzong Zhang, Zhengdao Yuan, Zhongyong Wang, and Qinghua Guo

A multiagent-based domain transportation approach for optimal resource allocation in emergency management, Jihang Zhang, Minjie Zhang, Fenghui Ren, and Jiakun Liu


Stacking fault tetrahedron induced plasticity in copper single crystal, Liang Zhang, Cheng Lu, Anh Kiet Tieu, Lihong Su, Xing Zhao, and Linqing Pei

p-Type SnO thin layers on n-type SnS2 nanosheets with enriched surface defects and embedded charge transfer for lithium ion batteries, Yiqiong Zhang, Zhaoling Ma, Dongdong Liu, Shuo Dou, Jianmin Ma, Ming Zhang, Zaiping Guo, Ru Chen, and Shuangyin Wang


High-throughput sheathless and three-dimensional microparticle focusing using a microchannel with arc-shaped groove arrays, Qianbin Zhao, Jun Zhang, Sheng Yan, Dan Yuan, Haiping Du, Gursel Alici, and Weihua Li


A robust and tuneable mid-infrared optical switch enabled by bulk Dirac fermions, Chunhui Zhu, Fengqiu Wang, Yafei Meng, Xiang Yuan, Faxian Xiu, Hongyu Luo, Yazhou Wang, Jianfeng Li, Xinjie Lv, Liang He, Yongbing Xu, Junfeng Liu, C Zhang, Yi Shi, Rong Zhang, and Shining Zhu

Microstructures and mechanical properties of Al-Li 2198-T8 alloys processed by two different severe plastic deformation methods: A comparative study, Zhixiong Zhu, Jian Han, Chong Gao, Mao Liu, Jianwei Song, Zhiwei Wang, and Hui Jun Li

Fabrication and properties of strip casting 4.5 wt% Si steel thin sheet, Guoqing Zu, Xiaoming Zhang, Jingwei Zhao, Yuqian Wang, Yi Yan, Chengang Li, Guangming Cao, and Zhengyi Jiang

Papers from 2016

Analytic approximation formulae for European crack spread options, Mohammed Aba Oud and Joanna M. Goard


The effect of aging on thermomechanical and metal extraction properties of poly (vinyl chloride)/Aliquat 336 polymer inclusion membranes, Nurul Syazana Binti Abdul Halim, Philip G. Whitten, and Long D. Nghiem


Video enhanced multiple choice questions - personalising eLearning, Nadine Adams and Anne L. Porter

Assessment of titanium carbide chlorination by statistical design, Eltefat Ahmadi, E M. Sereiratana, Sheikh A. Rezan, F Y. Yeoh, M N. Ahmad Fauzi, and Guangqing Zhang

Strain rate dependence of deformation-induced transformation and twinning in a metastable titanium alloy, Mansur Ahmed, David Wexler, Gilberto Casillas, Dmytro G. Savvakin, and Elena V. Pereloma