The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is one of the UAE’s oldest and most prestigious universities with a proud, Australian heritage. Established in 1993 by the University of Wollongong in Australia, UOWD represented a very early Australian initiative in the UAE. From a small beginning at Almullah Plaza, through its landmark presence at Jumeirah Beach Road and to its current location at Dubai Knowledge Village, UOWD is recognized as being an integral part of Dubai. Today, as an independent UAE institution of higher education, UOWD attracts students not just from the UAE and Australia but from all over the world. Approximately 2,500 students comprising more than 80 nationalities are currently enrolled at UOWD and enjoy a quality academic experience.


Papers from 2016

OLFinder: Finding opinion leaders in online social networks, Abolfazl Aleahmad, Payam Karisani, Masoud Rahgozar, and Farhad Oroumchian

A relational understanding of work-life balance of Muslim migrant women in the west: future research agenda, Faiza Ali, Ashish Malik, Vijay Edward Pereira, and Akram Al Ariss

Reducing employee turnover intention: a customer relationship management perspective, Olayemi A. Aliyu and Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo


Word of mouth in consumers purchase decisions: The moderating role of product type, Ali Bhayani

Reflection and dielectric measurement for salinity of water using microstrip loop antenna and dielectric probe, E M. Cheng, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, S F. Khor, K Y. You, K Y. Lee, M A. Rojan, S Abu Bakar, N F. Mohd Nasir, Z Zakaria, and W H. Tan

Emerging HRM perspectives on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neurobiological science on organisational effectiveness, Peter Hosie, Arpana Sharma, L Herkenhoff, J A. Heydenfeldt, and R P.J. Kingshott

Portraying an employee performance management system based on multi-criteria decision analysis and visual techniques, Alessio Ishizaka and Vijay Edward Pereira


The determinants of tax haven FDI, Chris Jones and Yama Temouri

A query term re-weighting approach using document similarity, Payam Karisani, Masoud Rahgozar, and Farhad Oroumchian

Learning to rank: new approach with the layered multi-population genetic programming on click-through features, Amir Hosein Keyhanipour, Behzad Moshiri, Farhad Oroumchian, Masoud Rahgozar, and Kambiz Badie


Educational application for special needs is a learning tool the way forward?, Zeenath Reza Khan, Yusra Y. Ibrahim, Sonia C. Sadhwani, and Sharifa T. Salum

Critical success factors for employee suggestion schemes: A Literature review, Flevy Lasrado, Mohammed Zaki Arif, Aftab Haider Rizvi, and Chris Urdzik

Antecedents of consumer brand engagement and brand loyalty, Civilai Leckie, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, and Lester W. Johnson

Exploring the perceived value of social practice theories for business-to-business marketing managers, Sidney Lowe, Michel Rod, Astrid Kainzbauer, and Ki-Soon Hwang

The antecedents of customer loyalty: A moderated mediation model of customer relationship management quality and brand image, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo and Saman Khajehzadeh

Franchisee-based brand equity: The role of brand relationship quality and brand citizenship behavior, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, Margaret J. Matanda, and Michael T. Ewing

An exploration of the role duality experienced by HR professionals as both implementers and recipients of HR practices: Evidence from the Indian Railways, Vijay Edward Pereira and Rita Fontinha

Reverse dependency: A longitudinal case study investigation into headquarter- subsidiary relationship in the context of an emerging economy, Vijay Edward Pereira, Surender Munjal, and M K. Nandakumar

Factors that influence consumer adoption of e-government services in the UAE: A UTAUT model perspective, Gwendolyn Rodrigues, Jawahitha Sarabdeen, and Sreejith Balasubramanian

SME2EM: Smart mobile end-to-end monitoring architecture for life-long diseases, Mohamed A. Serhani, Mohamed El Menshawy, and Abdelghani Benharref

When do online consumers shop in an offline store: the moderating effects of product characteristics, Kathy Ning Shen, Yuanfeng Cai, and Zhaoyang Guo

Moving from the developing to the developed: compensation disparities of Chinese expatriates, Kathy Ning Shen and Xuanli Xie

Asymmetric causality between Australian inbound and outbound tourism flows, Abbas Valadkhani, Russell Smyth, and Barry O'Mahony


Internal marketing - a pretence, Prakash Vel, Aakash M. Shah, and Sunita Mathur

The impact of implementing green supply chain management practices on corporate performance, Hassan Younis, Balan Sundarakani, and Prakash Vel

Export commitment and the global financial crisis: perspectives from the New Zealand wine industry, Yang Yu and Valerie J. Lindsay

Papers from 2015


The use of Facebook as a customer engagement tool by newspapers in the UAE: an exploratory study, Amany Abdelkader Saad Abdel Aaty and Swapna Koshy

A Market efficiency comparison of Islamic and non-Islamic stock indices, Osamah Al-Khazali, Guillaume Leduc, and Mohammad Saleh Alsayed

Financial risk and Islamic banks' performance in the GCC countries, Hussein Al Tamimi, Hela Miniaoui, and Walaa El Kelish

Functional form of connections between perceived service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the automotive servicing industry, Slavko Azman and Bostjan Gomiscek


Building entrepreneurial Universities in a specific culture - barriers and opportunities, Ali Bhayani


Social and peer influences in college choice, Ali Bhayani

The role of university-industry collaboration in the development of a knowledge economy: Case study of universities in the United Arab Emirates, Ali Bhayani


An exploratory study of consumer demeanor towards financial investment, Hemantkumar P. Bulsara, Heta A. Desai, and Hela Miniaoui

Service and service-intensive New Zealand internationalising SMEs: managers' perceptions of government assistance, David Crick and Valerie J. Lindsay


High-growth firms and productivity: evidence from the United Kingdom, Jun Du and Yama Temouri

An automatic mobile-health based approach for EEG epileptic seizures detection, Mohamed El Menshawy, Abdelghani Benharref, and Mohamed A. Serhani

Use of cell-site diversity to mitigate rain attenuation in 10-66 GHz fixed WiMAX, Sharmini Enoch and Ifiok Otung

Comparative study of cone-shaped versus flat-panel speakers for active noise control of multi-tonal signals in open windows, Stefano Fasciani, Jianjun He, Bhan Lam, Tatsuya Murao, and Woon-Seng Gan

Effect of domestic and foreign technological collaborations on different level of product innovation radicalness, Panagiotis Ganotakis and M Kafouros

Understanding the drivers of international performance for born global firms: an integrated perspective, Stephan Gerschewski, Elizabeth L. Rose, and Valerie J. Lindsay


E-Learning in higher education – opportunities & challenges for Dubai, Theophilus K. Gokah, Namrata Gupta, and Esinath Ndiweni

Service delivery process in the luxury hotel industry in Dubai: a hotelier's perspective, Veronique Gregorec, Prakash Vel, and Collins A. Brobbey

Differences in accounting treatment of Ijarah: a case study of UAE Islamic banks, Namrata Gupta

Hardware comparison capturing received signal strength indication (RSSI) for wireless sensors network (WSN), M Jais, P Ehkan, R B. Ahmad, I Ismail, Thennarasan Sabapathy, Muzammil Jusoh, Hasliza Rahim, and Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek


Leadership Development Programs: Investigating the impact of contextual and cultural factors on LDP effectiveness in United Arab Emirates, Amira Amanalla Kamali, Payyazhi Jayashree, and Valerie J. Lindsay

Tweet expansion method for filtering task in twitter, Payam Karisani, Farhad Oroumchian, and Masoud Rahgozar


Barriers and solutions to adopting blended‐learning in private schools for students from low‐income families, Zeenath Reza Khan, Nurun Nahar Huda, and Veena Mulani

Human before the garment : Bangladesh tragedy revisited. Ethical manufacturing or lack thereof in garment manufacturing industry, Zeenath Reza Khan and Gwendolyn Rodrigues

Role of nurse practitioners in reducing cardiovascular risk factors: a retrospective cohort study, Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, Alenka Terbovc, Bostjan Gomiscek, and Janko Kersnik

Assessing sustainability of employee suggestion schemes: a framework, Flevy Lasrado


Role of managerial leadership in promoting quality: Experience from Quality Award winning organization in UAE, Flevy Lasrado


Assessing sustainability of employee suggestion schemes: Cases from the United Arab Emirates, Flevy Lasrado, Mohammed Zaki Arif, and Aftab Haider Rizvi


An analysis of UAE Quality Award Winners : A case study, Flevy Lasrado and Bostjan Gomiscek


A tool to measure maturity of an employee suggestion scheme, Flevy Lasrado and Bostjan Gomiscek


Peak Performance Prism: A conceptual model of people enablers in organisations, Flevy Lasrado and Alison Thirlwall


SME entry into an emerging market: a resource-based and institutional approach, Valerie J. Lindsay, Michel Rod, and Nicholas Ashill


Stabilization of laminated beams with interfacial slip, Assane Lo and Nasser-eddine Tatar

Uniform stability of a laminated beam with structural memory, Assane Lo and Nasser-eddine Tatar


Do corporate sustainability practices enhance organizational economic performance?, Matjaz Maletic, Damjan Maletic, Jens Dahlgaard, Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, and Bostjan Gomiscek


Effect of sustainability-oriented innovation practices on the overall organisational performance: an empirical examination, Matjaz Maletic, Damjan Maletic, Jens Dahlgaard, Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, and Bostjan Gomiscek


The Impact of financial crisis on Islamic and conventional indices of the GCC countries, Hela Miniaoui, Hameedah Syani, and Anissa Chaibi

Evolvement of information security research on employees' behavior: A systematic review and future direction, Mohamed Mohamed AlAskar, Shahper Vodanovich, and Kathy Ning Shen


A re-examination of the finance-growth nexus for the MENA region using static and dynamic panel data, Naeem Muhammad and Abu R. Islam

Financial development and economic growth: an empirical evidence from the GCC countries using static and dynamic panel data, Naeem Muhammad, Abu R. Islam, and Hazem A. Marashdeh

The impact of franchisor support, brand commitment, brand citizenship behavior, and franchisee experience on franchisee-perceived brand image, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, Margaret J. Matanda, and Michael T. Ewing

Indian Entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates, Ganesh N. Prabhu and Arijit Sikdar

Managing institutional differences for international outsourcing success: the case of a small New Zealand manufacturing firm, Revti Raman, Valerie J. Lindsay, and Nikki Everton


Competitiveness of clothing industry based on Porter's diamond model: SAFTA countries, Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Zeenath Reza Khan


The dynamic interactions of growth and depreciation, Ali Saedvandi


Impediment of privacy in the use of clouds by educational institutions, Jawahitha Sarabdeen and Mohamed Mazahir Mohamed Ishak


The impact of cloud computing on information systems agility, MHD Samer Sawas and Mohamed Watfa

Real time EEG compression for energy-aware continous mobile monitoring, Mohamed A. Serhani, Mohamed El Menshawy, Abdelghani Benharref, and Alramzana Nujum Navaz


Determinants of information technology expenditure: a contingent model, Kathy Ning Shen, Mohamed Khalifa, and Valerie J. Lindsay


The role of intensity of Facebook usage in social capital development: An example with Arab students, Kathy Ning Shen, Shahper Vodanovich, and Mohamed Khalifa

Context into text into context: marketing practice into theory; marketing theory into practice, Terry Smith, Tom Williams, Sidney Lowe, Michel Rod, and Ki-Soon Hwang

Organisational sequestering of workplace bullying: Adding insult to injury, Alison Thirlwall

Haptic-audio simulator for visually impaired indoor exploration, Catherine Todd, Swati Mallya, Sara Majeed, Jude Rojas, and Katy Naylor

Brand personification as a service marketing mechanism, Prakash Vel, Hesham Mubarak, and Majed A. Malak

Sales force appraisal system: integration and automation, Prakash Vel and Amith Raman


Social competence of digital natives: Impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) use, Shahper Vodanovich, Kathy Ning Shen, and David Sundaram

New learning methodologies using modern technologies, Mohamed Watfa and Diana M. Audi

Network energy reduction via an adaptive shutdown algorithm, Mohamed Watfa, L Chehab, and Z Balbahaith

The effects of social identification and organizational identification on student commitment, achievement and satisfaction in higher education, Stephen Wilkins, Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Daniel Kratochvil, and Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Time sensitive blog retrieval using temporal properties of queries, Mohamed S. Zahedi, Abolfazl Aleahmad, Masoud Rahgozar, Farhad Oroumchian, and Arastoo Bozorgi

Papers from 2014

Employee oriented vs. work oriented cultures and the moderating role of education on intention to share knowledge, Hanan A. Al Mehairi and Kevin Binning

An assessment of employee commitment to work among UAE nationals, Saeed Askary, Saigeeta Kukunuru, and Robert Pech


Development and internationalization of social entrepreneurial ventures: a conceptual framework, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Valerie J. Lindsay


A structural analysis of green supply chain management enablers in the UAE construction sector, Sreejith Balasubramanian


Practical ABC intelligence solution for Quadratic Assignment Problems, Golnar Behzadi and Balan Sundarakani


Novel cloud and SOA-based framework for E-health monitoring using wireless biosensors, Abdelghani Benharref and Mohamed Adel Serhani


Determinants of market entry modes used by Universities to expand internationally, Ali Bhayani


Support system for women entrepreneurship in India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, Uganda and Russia: A comparative exploratory study, Hemantkumar P. Bulsara, Jyoti Chandwani, Shailesh Gandhi, and Hela Miniaoui


Audio steganograpgy by phase modification, Fatiha Djebbar and Beghdad Ayad


Institutions and equity structure of foreign affiliates, Nigel Driffield, Tomasz Mickiewicz, and Yama Temouri


Inward investment and the drivers of post recession recovery in Germany, Nigel Driffield and Yama Temouri


Advancing the entrepreneurial orientation construct: the role of passion and perseverance, Stephan Gerschewski, Patricia Mcdougall-Covin, Valerie J. Lindsay, and Elizabeth L. Rose

A review of organizational crisis and suggestions for future research, Salim Ghazvini Kor and Arijit Sikdar

A comparison of ethical perceptions of earnings-management practices - MENA region and USA, Leonie Jooste

Leadership development program (LDP): A review of contextual and cultural factors and how they impact LDP effectiveness, Amira Amanalla Kamali, Payyazhi Jayashree, and Valerie J. Lindsay