Papers from 2016

Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education Resources, Geng Sun, Tingru Cui, Ghassan Beydoun, Jun Shen, and Shiping Chen

The deformation and degradation of granular material under high-frequency cyclic loading, Q D. Sun, B Indraratna, and S Nimbalkar


A high availability application service platform for nuclear power enterprises, Zhe Sun, He Jin, Jianming Yong, Salim Al Isma'ili, Changying Li, and Jun Shen

Recipient revocable identity-based broadcast encryption: how to revoke some recipients in IBBE without knowledge of the plaintext, Willy Susilo, Guomin Yang, Rongmao Chen, Yi Mu, Fuchun Guo, and Yang-Wai Chow

A wireless mobile robots deployment approach for maximising the coverage of important locations in disaster rescues, Xing Su, Minjie Zhang, and Baiquan Bai


The Effect of Energy Transmission on Mine Coal Pillars, Faham Tahmasebinia, Ismet Canbulat, Chengguo Zhang, Serkan Saydam, and luming Shen

SRB-Kigyouseido System no sekkeishisou to sono Sustainability Management eno eikyou: nitibeigou kigyou no hikakubunnseki no wakugumi, Nobyuki Takaoka and Anura De Zoysa


Radar imaging of stationary indoor targets using joint low-rank and sparsity constraints, Van Ha Tang, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Son Lam Phung, and Fok Hing Chi Tivive


Indoor scene reconstruction for through-the-wall radar imaging using low-rank and sparsity constraints, Van H. Tang, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Son Lam Phung, and Fok Hing Chi Tivive


Dialogic accounting and accountability systems for women's empowerment: a Participatory Action Research (PAR) case study in a microfinance-NGO in Bangladesh, Farzana A. Tanima and Judy Brown

Multilevel energy storage based frequency regulation in remote area power supply systems, Yingjie Tan and Kashem M. Muttaqi

‘Psychological Needs in a Physiological world? How can we hope to breathe under water?’, Ellie K. Taylor


How humans adapt to exercising and working in the tropics, Nigel A.S. Taylor

Stability design of columns with intermediate gravity loads, Lip H. Teh and Benoit P. Gilbert


Zmanjševanje dejavnikov tveganja za nastanek srčnožilnih bolezni pri pacientih, vodenih v referenčni ambulanti družinske medicine - vloga diplomirane medicinske sestre, Alenka Terbovc, Bostjan Gomiscek, and Ksenija Tusek-Bunc


Bank outreach and performance: evidence from banking efficiency in Sri Lanka, Bolanda Hewa Thilakaweera, Charles Harvie, and Amir Arjomandi


Team-based curriculum design in creating continuing professional development for university teaching staff, Lisa K. Thomas, Kathryn Harden-Thew, Janine Delahunty, and Bonnie Amelia Dean

Development of conceptual model for social commerce research through integration with big data analysis, Xuemei Tian, Libo Liu, Kristijan Mirkovski, and Mengxiang Li

Is consensus a viable concept to justify use of online collaborative networks in multi-stakeholder governance?, William Tibben, Robert B. K Brown, Ghassan Beydoun, and Reza Zamani

Choosing the diagonal loading factor for linear signal estimation using cross validation, Jun Tong, Qinghua Guo, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu, and Peter J. Schreier


Relationship initiation between universities and industry: best practice model, Adrian Tootell, Gordon G. Wallace, Sam Garrett-Jones, and Elias Kyriazis


MSIS 2016: a comprehensive update of graduate level curriculum recommendation in Information Systems, Heikki Topi, Susan A. Brown, Joao Alvaro Carvalho, Brian Donnellan, Helena Karsten, Jun Shen, Bernard C. Y Tan, and Mark F. Thouin

Metamorphic testing: A new student engagement approach for a new software testing paradigm, Dave Towey, Huai Liu, Tsong Yueh Chen, Fei-Ching Kuo, and Zhiquan Zhou


Developing a Person Centered Fear and Dementia (FaDe) assessment tool for individuals living with a dementia, Victoria Traynor, Susan Stephen, Emma Barkus, Helen Pavlik, Ping Yu, Siyu Qian, Nicole Carrigan, and Mengxiang Li


A wideband F-shaped patch antenna for S-band CubeSats communications, Faisel Em M Tubbal, Raad Raad, and Kwan-Wu Chin

Tilt bearing capacity of single-shear single-row bolted connections in cold-formed steel, Mehmet Eren Uz and Lip H. Teh

Leading the school through learning networks, Matthieu Vaessen, C Wolff, C Evers, and Maarten F. de Laat


Internal marketing - a pretence, Prakash Vel, Aakash M. Shah, and Sunita Mathur


Modelling of Dynamic Fracture Propagation in Coal Pillars using FLAC 2D, Gaetano Venticinque and Jan Nimcik

Digital play, iPad Apps and Young Children's Development, Irina Verenikina, Lisa K. Kervin, and Maria Clara Rivera

Intra-hour and hourly demand forecasting using selective order autoregressive model, Dao Hoang Vu, Kashem M. Muttaqi, Ashish P. Agalgaonkar, and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

DEM-CFD modelling of particle flow mechanisms in dustiness testers, Sathaphon Wangchai, David B. Hastie, and Peter W. Wypych

Large-scale Isolated Gesture Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks, Pichao Wang, Wanqing Li, Song Liu, Zhimin Gao, Chang Tang, and Philip O. Ogunbona

Large-scale Continuous Gesture Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Pichao Wang, Wanqing Li, Song Liu, Yuyao Zhang, Zhimin Gao, and Philip O. Ogunbona


Action recognition based on joint trajectory maps using convolutional neural networks, Pichao Wang, Zhaoyang Li, Yonghong Hou, and Wanqing Li

Load forecasting in a smart grid through customer behaviour learning using L1-regularized continuous conditional random fields, Xishun Wang, Minjie Zhang, and Fenghui Ren


Employment of Graduates of Japanese Language, Rowena G. Ward


Even the Activist’s Gotta Eat: Taking Ownership, Building Platforms, Leesa Watego

Cloud computing and E-learning: potential pitfalls and benefits, Mohamed K. Watfa

A new framework for cloud business process management, Mohamed K. Watfa, Nafez A. L Najjar, Jad Cheikha, and Nayef Buali

An innovative mobile application for M-learning, Mohamed K. Watfa, Nikiforos Rota, Henna Wadhwani, and Nsimba Kupessa

Implications of virtual project management on project management processes, Mohamed K. Watfa and Catherine Todd

An educational virtualization infrastructure, Mohamed K. Watfa, Vincent A. Udoh, and Said M. Al Abdulsalam


Operational Considerations for Tube Bundle Gas Monitoring Systems, Martin Watkinson, Snezana Bajic, Lauren Forrester, and Larry Ryan


Evaluation of a Personal Data Logger to Measure Real-Time Breathing Cycles Across Varying Work Rates, Jane L. Whitelaw, Alison L. Jones, Brian Davies, and Gregory E. Peoples


Hygiene that works, or makes us work? Examining the "work of breathing" through negative pressure respirators, Jane L. Whitelaw, Gregory E. Peoples, Alison L. Jones, and Brian Davies

Force or farce Community consultation in local government, Ian C. Willis

Guardian angels the red cross on the wartime home front, Ian C. Willis

On the determination of the undrained shear strength from vane shear testing in soft clays, Lachlan Wilson, Georgios Kouretzis, Jubert Pineda, and Richard B. Kelly

The link between repatriation assistance and international volunteer's psychological contract in Australian aid/charity/mission organizations, Blake Woodward, Anne N. Cox, and Mary Barrett

From gumnuts to buttons: applying immersive and interactive educational tools to illuminate the Aboriginal historical perspective and develop understanding of cultural safety, Siobhan T. Wragg and Debra A. Hocking

How does mobile computing develop transactive memory in virtual team? A social identification view, Yi Wu, Tingru Cui, and Yimeng Deng

Latest developments in the research and application of dust control technology, Peter W. Wypych and Vitold Ronda

Dust control technology for coal handling and processing: Crushing station case study, Boshi Xia, Rongfu Liao, Andrew P. Grima, Renhu Pan, and Peter W. Wypych

Bilateral-secure signature by key evolving, Tao Xiang, Xiaoguo Li, Fei Chen, and Yi Mu

A dynamic evolutionary strategy for time ahead energy storage management in microgrid, Chixin Xiao, Danny Sutanto, Kashem M. Muttaqi, and Minjie Zhang

Retinal vessel segmentation based on adaptive difference of Gauss filter, Zhitao Xiao, Mengdie Wang, Fang Zhang, Lei Geng, Jun Wu, Long Sun, and Jun Tong

Generally hybrid proxy re-encryption: a secure data sharing among cryptographic clouds, Peng Xu, Jun Xu, Wei Wang, Hai Jin, Willy Susilo, and Deqing Zou

A distributed pseudo TDMA protocol for Multi-Transmit-Receive Wireless Mesh Networks, Yuanhuizi Xu, Kwan-Wu Chin, and Sieteng Soh


Optimum Size of Coal Pillar Dimensions Serving Mechanised Caving Longwall Face in a Thick Seam, Guanyu Yang, Cun Zhang, Runlong Yan, and Shuai Jia


Social media analysis on evaluating organizational performance: a railway service management, Jie Yang and Ahm Mehbub Anwar

Exploring technology integration in education using fuzzy representation and feature selection, Jie Yang, Jun Ma, and Sarah Katherine Howard

Coastal reservoir - to supply SE Queensland sufficient freshwater from the sea without desalination, Shu-qing Yang

Determination of velocity distribution and flow resistance in vegetated channel flows, Shu-qing Yang and Ram Balachandar

Two-dimensional SiOx as a high performance Li storage material prepared by solution evaporation induced interfacial sol-gel reaction, H Yoo, Eunjun Park, J Bae, Jongwon Lee, Min-Sik Park, Y Jo, Jung Ho Kim, S X. Dou, Young-Jun Kim, and Hansu Kim

Experimental investigation of GFRP reinforced square concrete columns under axial and eccentric loading, Jim Youssef and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Three-dimensional particle focusing under viscoelastic flow based on dean-flow-coupled elasto-inertial effects, Dan Yuan, Jiangshan Zhang, Sheng Yan, Chao Pan, Gursel Alici, Nam-Trung Nguyen, and Weihua Li

Experimental study on bond behavior between concrete and GFRP pultruded i-section using push-out test, Jiansong Yuan and Muhammad N. S Hadi


The Effect of Temperature on the Application of Chemical Solutions to Rock, Vivian Yuan and Paul Hagan

An adaptive learning framework for efficient emergence of social norms, Chao Yu, Hongtao Lv, Sandip Sen, Jianye Hao, Fenghui Ren, and Rui Liu

Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel multi-tube concrete columns: stub column tests, Tao Yu, Chun Wa Chan, Lip H. Teh, and Jin Guang Teng


Hybrid double-skin tubular columns with a large rupture strain FRP outer tube: stub column tests, Tao Yu, Shi Shun Zhang, Le Huang, and Chun Wa Chan


Self-mixing interferometry and its applications, Yanguang Yu, Yuanlong Fan, and Bin Liu


Characterization of angular detection dependence of prompt gamma-rays with respect to the Bragg peak in a water phantom using proton beam irradiations, Melek Zarifi, Susanna Guatelli, David Bolst, Brian F. Hutton, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, and Yujin Qi

Power quality in the future grid - Results from CIGRE/CIRED JWG C4.24, Francisc Zavoda, Roberto Langella, George C. Lazaroiu, Mathias H. J Bollen, Sarah Ronnberg, Jan Meyer, and Phil Ciufo

A 3D discrete event simulation model of a truck-shovel network system, Weiguo Zeng, Ernest Y. Baafi, David K. Walker, and Dalin Cai


Sample Size and Sample Strength Effects on Testing the Performance of Cable Bolts, Hao Zhai, Paul Hagan, and Danqi Li


Terahertz spectroscopic characterization for carbon-based materials, Hao Zhang, Josip Horvat, and R A. Lewis


Study on Rib Spalling Mechanism and Spalling Depth in Large Mining Height Fully-Mechanized Face, Hong-wei Zhang, Xing Fu, and Yu-zhi Shen

Joint analog network coding and channel allocation in the walking scenario for WBAN, Hongyun Zhang, Farzad Safaei, and Le Chung Tran

A decentralised multi-agent system for emergency resource allocation in metropolitan regions (demonstration), Jihang Zhang, Minjie Zhang, Fenghui Ren, and Jiakun Liu

High throughput cell-free extraction of plasma by an integrated microfluidic device combining inertial microfluidics and membrane, Jun Zhang, Sheng Yan, Dan Yuan, Gursel Alici, Nam-Trung Nguyen, and Weihua Li

A buck-boost converter based multi-input DC-DC/AC converter, Neng Zhang, Danny Sutanto, and Kashem M. Muttaqi

A novel topology for integration of solar PV and energy storage system, Neng Zhang, Danny Sutanto, and Kashem M. Muttaqi

Design and control of a boost inverter based multi-input converter, Neng Zhang, Danny Sutanto, and Kashem M. Muttaqi


Interaction forces in RC beams strengthened with NSM FRP round bars, Shi Shun Zhang and Tao Yu


Learning structured dictionary based on inter-class similarity and representative margins, Yuyao Zhang, Philip O. Ogunbona, Wanqing Li, and Gordon G. Wallace

Terahertz generation from graphene surface plasmon polaritons excited by a cyclotron electron beam, Tao Zhao, Min Hu, Renbin Zhong, Xiaoxing Chen, Ping Zhang, Sen Gong, C Zhang, and Shenggang Liu

Growth, characterization and piezoelectric applications of langasite-type and YCOB crystals, Yanqing Zheng, Kainan Xiong, Xiaoniu Tu, Erwei Shi, Bernd Neubig, Shujun Zhang, Hongfei Zu, and Qing Ming Wang


Learning a pose lexicon for semantic action recognition, Lijuan Zhou, Wanqing Li, and Philip O. Ogunbona

Energy management of double layers shape-stabilized phase change materials wallboard in office building, Na Zhu, Zhenjun Ma, Pingfang Hu, Pengpeng Liu, and Fuli Liu


Deformability Modulus of Jointed Rocks, Limitation of Empirical Methods and Introducing a New Analytical Approach, Mahdi Zoorabadi

Papers from 2015

Visualising the effect of DG on voltage profile in medium voltage distribution networks, Yasmin Nigar Abdul Rasheed, Ashish P. Agalgaonkar, and Philip Ciufo


Application of Continuous Drilling Technologies in Coal Mining, Scott Adam and Joel Kok

A comparison of voltage regulation and control methods, Izzah Afandi, Philip Ciufo, Ashish P. Agalgaonkar, and Sarath Perera


Diachronic analysis of salt-Affected areas using remote sensing techniques: the case study of Biskra area, Algeria, Gabriela M. Afrasinei, Maria T. Melis, Cristina Buttau, John M. Bradd, Claudio Arras, and Giorgio Ghiglieri

Phase III randomised double-blind controlled trial of oral risperidone, haloperidol or placebo with rescue subcutaneous midazolam for delirium management in palliative care, Meera Agar, Peter Lawlor, Steve Quinn, Gideon Caplan, Brian Draper, Debra Rowett, Linda Devilee, Belinda Fazekas, Christine Sanderson, Nicola McCaffery, Janet Hardy, Brian Le, Simon Eckermann, Mark Hill, and David C. Currow


How finger tracing of temperature graphs on an iPad can support primary school students' learning, Shirley Agostinho, Sharon K. Tindall-Ford, Paul Ginns, Steven J. Howard, Wayne Leahy, and Fred Paas

Stress-induced transformations during the compression of a Ti-1033 alloy, Mansur Ahmed, Azdiar A. Gazder, Ahmed A. Saleh, David Wexler, and Elena V. Pereloma


Have you got your head in the sand? Respirable crystalline exposures of restorative stonemasons, Kerrin Alamango, Jane L. Whitelaw, and Linda A. Apthorpe