The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Business - Papers .


Papers from 2013


A template for integrated reporting, Indra Abeysekera

Extending the use of market orientation: transforming a charity into a business, Paul A. Chad


Does health capital have differential effects on economic growth?, Arusha V. Cooray


Application of the task-technology fit model to structure and evaluate the adoption of e-books by academics, John D'Ambra, Concepcion S. Wilson, and Shahriar Akter


Validly measuring destination image in survey studies, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grun


Careers and organisational objectives: managing competing interests in cooperative research centres, Sam Garrett-Jones, Tim Turpin, and Kieren Diment


Faculty and academic staff perceptions, experiences and expectations of the PASS Program: A case study, Tairan K. Huang, Matthew P.J Pepper, Corinne L. Cortese, and Sally Rogan


Innovation and economic education: an integration, Eduardo Pol


Metacapitalism vs healthcare, Sanja Pupovac and George M. Mickhail

C-OAR-SE-based single-item measures for the two-stage Technology Acceptance Model, John R. Rossiter and Bradley C. Braithwaite


Are low-skill public sector workers really overpaid? A quasi-differenced panel data analysis, Peter Siminski

Downward stickiness of interest rates in the Australian credit card market?, Abbas Valadkhani, Sajid Anwar, and Amir Arjomandi


Does the interest rate for business loans respond asymmetrically to changes in the cash rate?, Abbas Valadkhani, Amir Arjomandi, and Martin J. O'Brien

Global output growth and volatility spillovers, Abbas Valadkhani, Charles Harvie, and Indika Karunanayake

Papers from 2012


Measuring and recognizing the value of purchased goodwill: A note on market value measurement method, Indra Abeysekera


Role of remuneration committee in narrative human capital disclosure, Indra Abeysekera


Continuance of mHealth services at the bottom of the pyramid: the roles of service quality and trust, Shahriar Akter, Pradeep Ray, and John D'Ambra

Economic development and structural breaks: an application of the Lee and Strazicich (2003) lagrange multiplier test to the Libyan economy, 1970-2007, Issa Saleh Ali and Reetu Verma

Macroeconomic consequences of increased productivity in less developed economies, Syed Zahid Ali, Sajid Anwar, and Abbas Valadkhani

Revealing the screening: organisational factors influencing the recruitment of immigrant professionals, Shamika Almeida, Mario Fernando, and Alison Sheridan


Factors affecting the export participation and performance of Thai manufacturing small and medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), Yot Amornkitvikai, Charles Harvie, and Teerawat Charoenrat

Financial development, political rights, civil liberties and economic growth: evidence from South Asia, Sajid Anwar and Arusha V. Cooray


The impact of pre-school on adolescents’ outcomes: evidence from a recent english cohort, Patricia Apps, Silvia Mendolia, and Ian Walker


An empirical analysis of Iran's banking performance, Amir Arjomandi, Charles Harvie, and Abbas Valadkhani


Measuring the banking efficiency and productivity changes using the Hicks-Moorsteen approach: the case of Iran, Amir Arjomandi, Charles Harvie, and Abbas Valadkhani


Identifying barriers to internal supply chain integration using Systems Thinking, Franciscus Bakker, Tillmann Boehme, and Dirk Pieter van Donk

Book Review: Leadership Studies: The Dialogue of Disciplines, Mary Barrett


New theoretical perspectives on family business entrepreneurial behavior, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores


Collaborative network success and the variable nature of trust, Ronald Beckett and Michael Jones


How coviewing reduces the effectiveness of TV advertising, Steven Bellman, John R. Rossiter, Anika Schweda, and Duane Varan

An analysis of the world's environment and population dynamics with varying carrying capacity, concerns and skepticism, Peter Berck, Amnon Levy, and Muhammad K. Chowdhury

The effectiveness of oral presentation assessment in a Finance subject: An empirical examination, Shyam S. Bhati

A method for reconciling subjectivist and objectivist assumptions in management research, Tillmann Boehme, Paul Childerhouse, Eric Deakins, and Denis Towill

Root causes of ineffective healthcare delivery and their mitigation, Tillmann Boehme, Sharon Williams, Paul Childerhouse, Eric Deakins, and Denis Towill

eCollaboration among tourism SMEs: why it works, why it doesn't - an empirical study from Australia, Lois Burgess, Carole Alcock, and Michael Jones


Championing SME eCollaboration, Lois Burgess and Michael L. Jones

Australian traveller's use of the internet: understanding Australian planning and booking behaviour, Lois Burgess and Greg Kerr

Exploring the determinants and dimensionality of SME eCollaboration trust, Lois Burgess, Belinda Parrish, Michael Jones, and Lorenzo Seritti

Political capital vs. constraint: evidence of CEO entrenchment in Chinese private firms, Jerry Cao, Michael Lemmon, Xiaofei Pan, Meijun Qian, and Gary G. Tian

A theory of mood-influenced consumption and investment in health, Michael Caputo and Amnon Levy

A study of consequences of students' use of technology in classroom: a case of Philipines, Virginia Carbonilla Gorra, Ruth G. Cababug, and Shyam Bhati

The use of team-based learning as an approach to increased engagement and learning for marketing students: a case study, Paul Chad

Professional photography - a focus on branding for success, Paul A. Chad


Board structure and survival of New Economy IPO firms, Nongnit Chancharat, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, and Gary G. Tian


Technical efficiency performance of Thai manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Identifying technical inefficiency factors for Thai manufacturing small enterprises, Teerawat Charoenrat, Charles Harvie, and Yot Amornkitvikai

Impact of anonymity on liquidity in limit order books: evidence from cross-listed stocks, Ching (Jane) Chau, Alex Frino, Gary G. Tian, and Shiguang Ma


Layoffs and urban poverty in the state-owned enterprise communities in Shaanxi Province, China, Zhiming Cheng

The changing and different patterns of urban redevelopment in China: a study of three inner-city neighborhoods, Zhiming Cheng

Layoffs in China's City of Textiles: adaptation to change, Zhiming Cheng and Melanie Beresford


Do neighbourhoods have effects on wages? A study of migrant workers in urban China, Zhiming Cheng and Haining Wang

Modelling the dynamics, structural breaks and the determinants of the real exchange rate of Australia, Khorshed Chowdhury

The real exchange rate and the Balassa-Samuelson hypothesis in SAARC countries: an appraisal, Khorshed Chowdhury

Estimating the determinants, dynamics and structural breaks in the real exchange rate of Libya, Khorshed Chowdhury and Issa Ali


Hope for the future: Identifying the individual difference characteristics of people who are interested in and intend to foster-care, Joseph V. Ciarrochi, Melanie J. Randle, Leonie M. Miller, and Sara Dolnicar

Indigenous safety promotion program evaluation: lessons and challenges, Kathleen F. Clapham and Pamela E. Grootemaat


Migrant remittances, financial sector development and the government ownership of banks: evidence from a group of non-OECD economies, Arusha Cooray

Suffrage, democracy and gender equality in education, Arusha V. Cooray


The impact of migrant remittances on economic growth: evidence from South Asia, Arusha V. Cooray

The adoption, character and impact of strategic human resource management: a case study of two large metropolitan Vietnamese public hospitals, Anne Cox and Timothy Bartram

The contribution of the processual approach to the theory and practice of organizational change, Patrick Dawson


Reflective assessment in work-integrated learning: to structure or not to structure, that was our question, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Chris Sykes, Shirley Agostinho, and Mike Clements


'So, what did you do?' A performative, practice-based approach to examining informal learning in WIL, Bonnie Dean, Chris Sykes, and Jan Turbill


Water conservation behaviour in Australia, Sara Dolnicar, Anna Hurlimann, and Bettina Grun


Biclustering: overcoming data dimensionality problems in market segmentation, Sara Dolnicar, Sebastian Kaiser, Katie Lazarevski, and Friedrich Leisch


Quality-of-life and travel motivations: integrating the two concepts in the Grevillea Model, Sara Dolnicar, Katie Lazarevski, and Venkata Yanamandram


One legacy of Mazanec: binary questions are a simple, stable and valid measure of evaluative beliefs, Sara Dolnicar and Friedrich Leisch


"Pick-any" measures contaminate brand image studies, Sara Dolnicar, John R. Rossiter, and Bettina Grun


The contribution of vacations to quality of life, Sara Dolnicar, Venkata Yanamandram, and Katie Cliff

Emergent solutions for global climate change: lessons from green IS research, Catherine Dwyer and Helen Hasan

Domain-based benchmark experiments: exploratory and inferential analysis, Manuel Eugster, Torsten Hothorn, and Friedrich Leisch


Emergency service volunteers: a comparison of age, motives and values, Julie E. Francis and Michael Jones

Flexible Rasch mixture models with package psychomix, Hannah Frick, Carolin Strobl, Friedrich Leisch, and Achim Zeileis

Negotiating the credibility of performance auditing, Warwick Funnell and Margaret Wade

Raymond J. Chambers - A Personal Reflection, Michael Gaffikin

Globalisation and the changing functions of Australian universities, Sam Garrett-Jones and Tim Turpin


Informing destination recommender systems design and evaluation through quantitative research, Ulrike Gretzel, Yeong-Hyeon Hwang, and Daniel Fesenmaier

Online representations of RVing neo-tribes in the USA and Australia, Anne Hardy, Dallas Hanson, and Ulrike Gretzel


An activity-theory analysis of corporate wikis, Helen M. Hasan and Charmaine C. Pfaff


The effect of female and male health on economic growth: cross-country evidence within a production function framework, Gazi Hassan and Arusha Cooray


Money buys financial security and psychological need satisfaction: testing need theory in affluence, Ryan T. Howell, Mark Kurai, and Wing Yin Leona Tam

Social security fraud, accountability and taming wicked problems, Freda Hui, Lee Moerman, and Kathy Rudkin

Submission to the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), Freda Hui, Lee Moerman, and Kathy Rudkin


Newspaper coverage of water issues in Australia, Anna Hurlimann and Sara Dolnicar

Openness and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: evidence from China, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran and Ying Liu

CO2 emissions, energy consumption, trade and income: a comparative analysis of China and India, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran, Reetu Verma, and Ying Liu


Banking records, business and networks in Colonial Sydney, 1817-24, Leanne Johns and Simon Ville

Effects of podcast tours on tourist experiences in a national park, Myunghwa Kang and Ulrike Gretzel

Perceptions of museum podcast tours: Effects of consumer innovativeness, Internet familiarity and podcasting affinity on performance expectancies, Myunghwa Kang and Ulrike Gretzel


Stock market and GDP growth volatility spillovers, Indika Karunanayake, Abbas Valadkhani, and Martin O'Brien


Propensity to shop: Identifying who shops til they drop, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong and Kenneth E. Miller


Community acceptance of recycled water - can we inoculate the public against scare campaigns?, Byron Kemp, Melanie J. Randle, Anna Hurlimann, and Sara Dolnicar


A taxonomy of mobile applications in tourism, Heather Kennedy-Eden and Ulrike Gretzel

The importance of 'bragging rights' to tourism marketing, Greg Kerr, Clifford Lewis, and Lois Burgess

Harvesting the "business test trip": converting business travelers to holidaymakers, Gregory Kerr, Katie Cliff, and Sara Dolnicar

Challenges in managing place brands: the case of Sydney, Gregory M. Kerr and Melodena Balakrishnan


Bragging rights and destination marketing: a tourism bragging rights model, Gregory M. Kerr, Clifford Lewis, and Lois Burgess

Psychosocial antecedents of communication, trust, and relationship effectiveness in new product development projects: a functional manager perspective, Elias Kyriazis, Paul Couchman, and Lester W. Johnson

Does functional managerial dependence affect working relationships during NPD projects: an Australian perspective, Elias Kyriazis, Lester W. Johnson, and Paul Couchman

Impulse purchasing in tourism - learnings from a study in a matured market, Christian Laesser and Sara Dolnicar

Tell me who you think you are and I tell you how you travel : Exploring the viability of market segmentation by means of travelers' stated personality: Insights from a mature market (Switzerland), Christian Laesser and Anita Zehrer

The road taken (and not taken) in the mathematization of economics, Cassey Lee

Microeconomic reform in Malaysia, Cassey H. Lee

Designing persuasive destination websites: a mental imagery processing perspective, Woojin Lee and Ulrike Gretzel

BCOM Asia Pacific Edition, Carol M. Lehman, Debbie D. DuFrene, Joy Cameron-Dow, Mary Barrett, and Wayne Murphy

Towards the development of an evaluation questionnaire for academic conferences, Clifford Lewis and Gregory M. Kerr


Comparative critique of the performance evaluation methods in the Australian energy industry, Feng Li and George M. Mickhail

The value of political connections when accessing the IPO market, Qigui Liu, Jinghua Tang, and Gary G. Tian

Founding-family control, information opacity, and the cost of debt: evidence from China, Liangbo Ma, Shiguang Ma, and Gary G. Tian

Political connections, founder-managers, and their impacts on tunneling in China's listed firms, Liangbo Ma, Shiguang Ma, and Gary G. Tian

The snowball effect: variation and its impact on organizational performance, Carol J. McNair-Connolly, Bryant Richards, and Ted Watts


The impact of husband’s job loss on partners’ mental health, Silvia Mendolia


Industry associations and non-competitive behaviour in Australian wool marketing: evidence from the Melbourne Woolbrokers' Association, 1890-1939, David Merrett and Simon Ville

Risky business: socializing asbestos risk and the hybridization of accounting, Lee C. Moerman and Sandra L. van der Laan

semPLS: structural equation modeling using partial least squares, Armin Monecke and Friedrich Leisch

Corporate governance and corporate finance practices in a Kuwait Stock Exchange market listed firm: a survey to confront theory with practice, Mohammad Al Mutairi, Gary Tian, Helen Hasan, and Andrew Tan


Human capital externalities, departmental co-authorship and research productivity, Frank Neri and Joan Rodgers

The role of socio-cultural norms in workplace stress: an empirical study of bank employees in Nigeria, Adunola Oke and Patrick M. Dawson


Organization-based social marketing: An alternative approach for organizations adopting sustainable business practices, Mary Franks Papakosmas, Gary Noble, and John Glynn

Retrofitting Drucker: knowledge work under cognitive capitalism, Michael A. Peters and James Reveley


Reconciling the invisible hand and innovation, Eduardo Pol


The preponderant causes of the USA banking crisis 2007-08, Eduardo Pol

A critical view on the environmental disclosure: evidence of Royal/Dutch Shell oil spills in Nigeria, Sanja Pupovac, Mary A. Kaidonis, and Lee C. Moerman


Attracting volunteers in highly multicultural societies: a marketing challenge, Melanie J. Randle and Sara Dolnicar


Heterogeneity among potential foster carers: an investigation of reasons for not foster caring, Melanie Randle, Leonie Miller, Sara Dolnicar, and Joseph Ciarrochi

How Useful is Growth Literature for Policies in the Developing Countries?, B Bhaskara Rao and Arusha Cooray


Reply to "Response: Board composition and firm performance: Evidence from Bangladesh - a sceptical view", Afzalur Rashid, Anura De Zoysa, Sudhir Lodh, and Kathleen Rudkin


Reply to “Response: Board Composition and Firm Performance: Evidence from Bangladesh - A Sceptical View”, Afzalur Rashid, Anura De Zoysa, Sudhir Lodh, and Kathy Rudkin

Book review: Historical foundations of entrepreneurship research, James Reveley

Reciprocity, associability and cartelisation: organisational development of the New Zealand Shipowners' Federation: 1906-1960s, James Reveley

London calling: continuity and change in the city as financial other, James Reveley and John Singleton

Institutional path dependence in port regulation: A comparison of New Zealand and Australia, James Reveley and Malcolm Tull


Designing IS service strategy: an information acceleration approach, Pierre J. Richard, Tim Coltman, and Byron Keating


Public sector commercial orientation and the social contract: a study of performance management in a non-competitive environment, Ali Rkein and Brian H. Andrew

The Dutch East-India Company and accounting for social capital at the dawn of modern capitalism 1602-1623, Jeffrey Robertson and Warwick Funnell

Advertising management principles are derived mostly from logic and very little from empirical generalizations, John Rossiter


Emotional branding pays off: how brands meet share of requirements through bonding, companionship, and love, John Rossiter and Steven Bellman


A new C-OAR-SE-based content-valid and predictively valid measure that distinguishes brand love from brand liking, John R. Rossiter

A new measure of social classes, John R. Rossiter

Editorial: JBR Special issue on executional elements in advertising. Journal of Business Research, John R. Rossiter


How to use qualitative research to design a managerially useful E-service questionnaire, John R. Rossiter

Print advertising: celebrity presenters, John R. Rossiter and Ale Smidts

Alternative housing systems for fattening bulls under Austrian conditions with special respect to rubberised slatted floors, C Rouha-Muelleder, Evelin Absmanner, E Kahrer, H Zeiner, Theresa Scharl, Friedrich Leisch, C Stanek, and Josef Troxler

Developing a multiple-request individual giving model, Jose Sakakibara, Elias Kyriazis, and Jennifer Algie

A project sponsor's impact on practice-based learning within projects, Andrew J. Sense

Building regional adaptive capability through a local government insider-researcher network, Andrew J. Sense


Social networks, social learning and service systems improvement, Andrew Sense and Matthew Pepper


Media-induced voluntourism in Yunnan, China, Jun Shao, Michelle Scarpino, YoonJung Lee, and Ulrike Gretzel

Parent-overseas subsidiary management and relationships in Malaysian diversified firms, A B. Sim


A comparative case study of the internationalization strategies of Malaysian, Singaporean and Taiwanese firms, Ah Ba Sim

Changing fortunes: income mobility and poverty dynamics in Britain, Peter M. Siminski


I was only nineteen, 45 years ago: What can we learn from Australia's conscription lotteries?, Peter Siminski and Simon Ville


Tribes in personal finance? The Dave Ramsey phenomenon, Ciorstan Smark

Unintended effects of implementation intentions on goal pursuit initiation vs. persistence: substitution and acceleration, Jelena Spanjol, Leona Tam, and Jose Antonio Rosa

Enhancing employee creativity: the role of environmental orientation fit, Jelena Spanjol, Leona Tam, and Vivian W.Y. Tam

Two-part fractional regression model for the demand for risky assets, Olena Stavrunova and Oleg Yerokhin


The consequences and correction of inflation in personal savings estimates in specific future time frames, Leona Tam and Uptal M. Dholakia

When impediments make you jump rather than stumble: The beneficial effects of regulatory non-fit on forming implementation intentions to attain goals, Leona Tam and Jelena Spanjol


A dissemination methodology for learning and teaching developments through engaging and embedding, Lesley Treleaven, Chris Sykes, and Jarrod Ormiston


Interest rate pass through and the asymmetric relationship between the cash rate and the mortgage rate, Abbas Valadkhani and Sajid Anwar


Is the rising cost of education uniform across all of Australia's Capital Cities?, Abbas Valadkhani, Shima Hassan Zadeh Forughi, and Amir Arjomandi

The transfer of training and development practices in Japanese subsidiaries in Vietnam, Anne N. Vo and Zeenobiyah Nadiyah Hannif

The Role of smartphones in mediating the touristic experience, Dan Wang, Sangwon Park, and Daniel Fesenmaier


New performance measurement and management control systems, Ted Watts and Carol J. McNair-Connolly


Why do some business relationships persist despite dissatisfaction? a social exchange review, Venkata K. Yanamandram and Lesley White


A new way of identifying biomarkers in biomedical basic-research studies, Alexander Yassouridis, Tonia Ludwig, Axel Steiger, and Friedrich Leisch

Tourist-activated networks: implications for Dynamic Bundling and EN Route Recommendations, Florian Zach and Ulrike Gretzel


Occupational health and safety management in organizations: A review, Michael Zanko and Patrick Dawson


Accounting as an instrument of Neoliberalisation? Exploring the adoption of fair value accounting in China, Ying Zhang, Jane Andrew, and Kathleen Rudkin

Papers from 2011

Long run business objectives and business performance of Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera SMEs during the 2007-2009 economic slowdown, Zainah Abdullah, Nor Rashidah Zainal, Azizan Abdullah, and Charles Harvie


Civil war, stock return, and intellectual capital disclosure in Sri Lanka, Indra Abeysekera

Reputation Building, Website Disclosure and the Case of Intellectual Capital, Indra Abeysekera


The relation of intellectual capital disclosure strategies and market value in two political settings, Indra Abeysekera


Modeling quality dynamics in IT services management, Dr. Shahriar Akter, John D'Ambra, and Pradeep Ray


An evaluation of PLS based complex models: the roles of power analysis, predictive relevance and GoF index, Shahriar Akter, John D'Ambra, and Pradeep Ray


Trustworthiness in mHealth information services: an assessment of a hierarchical model with mediating and moderating effects using partial least squares (PLS), Shahriar Akter, John D'Ambra, and Pradeep Ray


Complex modeling in marketing using component based SEM, Shahriar Akter and Umme Hani


Modeling the effects of quality in a transformative health service, Shahriar Akter and Umme Hani


Viewing systems as services: the role of service quality, Shahriar Akter, Pradeep Ray, and John D'Ambra

The importance of fear-reduction in fear-based road safety advertising appeals, Jennifer Ann Algie

Oil related shocks and macroeconomic adjustment: case of Libya, 1970-2007, Issa Saleh Ali and Charles Harvie

Oil revenue, macroeconomic policy responses and economic development: the case of the Libyan economy 1970-2007, Issa Saleh Ali and Charles Harvie

Taxpayer's rights under the liberalization of tax information provisions in Hong Kong, Brian H. Andrew, Samuel Y. S Chan, and Daniel K. C. Cheung


Policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Brian H. Andrew and Mary A. Kaidonis

Accounting for climate change and the self-regulation of carbon disclosures, Jane L. Andrew and Corinne L. Cortese

VFR purpose of trip does not always mean staying with hosts - predicting VFR purpose of trip and choice of accommodation, Elisa Backer and Christian Laesser

Process and ethics in collaborative management research, Richard Badham and Michael Zanko

Do they speak SNAG? Comparing male students' perceptions of workplace communication dilemmas with those of female students and female managers, Mary Barrett


Australia: the challenge of father-daughter succession in family business: a case study from the land down under, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores


Informal Flexibility? Issues for Accountants Working Part-time in Small Firms, Mary Barrett and Glenda Strachan


Active Ageing: Using an ARCON framework to study U3A (University of the Third Age) in Australia, Ronald C. Beckett and Michael Jones

Power dimensions and influence reputation in tourist destinations: empirical evidence from a network of actors and stakeholders, Pietro Beritelli and Christian Laesser

Factors affecting trust in relationships within bank branches in India, Shyam S. Bhati and Anura De Zoysa

The effect of maternal employment on youth overweight in Australia, J Bishop


Reflections on interpretive supply chain research, Tillmann Boehme, Paul Childerhouse, Eric Deakins, and Denis Towill


Supply chain integration and pathways of least resistance, Tillmann Boehme, Paul Childerhouse, Eric Deakins, and Denis Towill


Self-Congruity Theory: To What Extent Does it Hold in Tourism?, P. Boksberger, Sara Dolnicar, Christian Laesser, and Melanie J. Randle

A regional WIL model: sharing a new approach, Graham D. Bowrey, Michael D. Clements, and Bonnie Dean


Analysing texts used to contribute to the discharge of public sector financial accountability, Graham D. Bowrey and Ciorstan J. Smark

To what extent are regional tourism organisations (RTOs) in Australia leveraging the benefits of web technology for destination marketing and eCommerce?, Lois Burgess, Belinda Gibbons, and Carole Alcock

The role of fashion in influencing the travel decision and destination choice, Lois Burgess, Gregory M. Kerr, and Clifford Lewis


Venture Capital and Executive Incentives in China, Jerry Cao, Qigui Liu, and Gary G. Tian


Political connection and managerial entrenchment: evidence from CEO turnovers in China, Jerry Cao, Xiaofei Pan, Meijun Qian, and Gary G. Tian


Disproportional ownership structure and pay–performance relationship: evidence from China's listed firms, Jerry Cao, Xiaofei Pan, and Gary Tian


Informing implementers of lean strategy in process industries - the central role of schedulers, Peter Caputi, Tim Coltman, and Irit Alony

Towards a framework for Web 2.0 community success: a case of Youtube, Joshua Chang and C. Lewis

Identifying technical inefficiency factors of Thai manufacturing SMEs: a comparison between the pre and post financial crisis of 1997, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Technical efficiency of Thai manufacturing SMEs: a comparative study of north-eastern provinces, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

From planned to market economy: the rise and fall of the City of Textiles, Xi'an, Zhiming Cheng

Supply chain integration: an international comparison of maturity, Paul Childerhouse, Eric Deakins, Tillmann Boehme, Denis Towill, Stephen Disney, and Ruth Banomyong

International emission inequality and per capita abatement schemes, Muhammad K. Chowdhury, Amnon Levy, and Jonathan Livermore

Pairwise output convergence in selected countries of East Asia and the Pacific: an application of Stochastic Unit Root test, Muhammad K. Chowdhury and Girijasankar Mallik

How many pictures should your print ad have?, Rafi Chowdhury, G Douglas Olsen, and John Pracejus

Influence of interactive thematic maps on tourist perceptions: a network analysis, Jin Young Chung, Faiz Anuar, Hanyoung Go, and Ulrike Gretzel

Best-worst scaling approach to predict customer choice for 3PL services, Tim Coltman, Timothy M. Devinney, and Byron Keating


Accounting for corruption: Abuse of rank and privilege, Kathleen A. Cooper and Ian K. Fargher

An epistemic community as influencer and implementer in local government accounting in Australia, Kathleen A. Cooper, Lee C. Moerman, and Helen J. Irvine


The role of the government in financial sector development, Arusha Cooray

Gender inequality in education: political institutions or culture and religion?, Arusha Cooray and Niklas Potrafke

Standardising oil and gas accounting in the US in the 1970s: insights from the perspective of regulatory capture, Corinne L. Cortese

The transfer of HRM policies and practices to a transitional business system: the case of performance management practices in the US and Japanese MNEs operating in Vietnam, Anne Cox and Pauline Stanton

Comparing perceptions of marketing communication channels, Peter J. Danaher and John R. Rossiter

Dispersed change agency and the improvisation of strategies during processes of change, Patrick M. Dawson and Kathryn Charles

The sociology of innovation and new biotechnologies, Patrick M. Dawson and Lisa Daniel

The power of stories to persuade: the storying of midwives and the financial narratives of central policy makers, Patrick M. Dawson, Jane Farmer, and Elizabeth Thomson


A centre of international trade and transport logistics, Eric Deakins, Paul Childerhouse, and Tillmann Boehme

Relationships within banks in India: A theoretical perspective , Anura De Zoysa and Shyam S. Bhati

What information stakeholders of companies in developing countries want? Sri Lankan evidence, Anura De Zoysa and Shyam S. Bhati

Effects of the entrepreneurial and managerial orientations of owner-managers on company performance: An empirical test in Sri Lanka, Anura De Zoysa, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara, and Athula S. Manawaduge

Capital structure and firm performance in emerging economies: an empirical analysis of Sri Lankan firms, Anura De Zoysa, Muhammad K. Chowdhury, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara, and Athula S. Manawaduge


The impact of job loss on family dissolution, Denise Doiron and Silvia Mendolia

Personality and motivation matter in touring holidays: a preliminary investigation into heterogeneity among touring travelers, Sara Dolnicar, John Gountas, and Sandra Gountas


Key drivers of airline loyalty, Sara Dolnicar, Klaus Grabler, Bettina Grun, and Anna Kulnig


Three good reasons NOT to use factor-cluster segmentation, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grun


Quick, simple and reliable: forced binary survey questions, Sara Dolnicar, Bettina Grün, and Friedrich Leisch


Three good reasons NOT to use five and seven point Likert items, Sara Dolnicar, Bettina Grun, Friedrich Leisch, and John Rossiter

Water alternatives-who and what influences public acceptance?, Sara Dolnicar and Anna Hurlimann


What affects public acceptance of recycled and desalinated water?, Sara Dolnicar, Anna Hurlimann, and Bettina Grun

Exploratory analysis of benchmark experiments an interactive approach, Manuel J. A Eugster and Friedrich Leisch

A Social Innovation Based Transformative Learning Approach to Teaching Business Ethics, Mario Fernando

Spirituality and leadership, Mario Fernando

Strategic ambiguity and leaders' responsibility beyond maximizing profits, Mario Fernando and Ah Ba Sim

A framework of search engine use for travel planning, Daniel Fesenmaier, Zheng Xiang, Bing Pan, and Rob Law

The functions and norms that drive university student volunteering, Julie E. Francis

The mesoeconomics of social industries, Benoit Pierre Freyens

Allocative vs. technical spectrum efficiency, Benoit P. Freyens and Oleg Yerokhin

Keeping secrets? Or what government performance auditors might not need to know, Warwick N. Funnell

Social reform, military accounting and the pursuit of economy during the liberal apotheosis, 1906-1912, Warwick N. Funnell

Capitalist accounting in sixteenth century Holland: Hanseatic influences and the Sombart thesis, Warwick N. Funnell and Jeffrey Robertson

What is (accounting) history?, Michael J. Gaffikin

Career anchors and job satisfaction: the mediating effect of psychological empowerment, Samuel E. Garrett-Jones, Mario Fernando, and - Meiliani


Does water context influence behaviour and attitudes to water conservation?, M Gilbertson, A Hurlimann, and S Dolnicar

Intelligent systems in tourism: a social science perspective, Ulrike Gretzel

Narrating travel experiences: The role of new media, Ulrike Gretzel, D Fesenmaier, Yoon Jung Lee, and Iis Tussyadiah

Why we travel this way: An exploration into the motivations of recreational vehicle users, Ulrike Gretzel and Anne Hardy

Facebook as an edutainment medium to engage students in sustainability and tourism, Ulrike Gretzel and Annica Isacsson

Creating more credible and persuasive recommender systems: The influence of source characteristics on recommender system evaluations, Ulrike Gretzel and Kyung Hyan Yoo

Influence of personality on travel-related consumer-generated media creation, Ulrike Gretzel and Kyung Hyan Yoo

topicmodels: an R package for fitting topic models, Bettina Grun and Kurt Hornik

A cross-cultural investigation of students' career planning, Marjaana Gunkel, Christopher Schlaegel, Ian M. Langella, Joy V. Peluchette, and Elena Reshetnyak


Workplace relationships and perceptions of job quality: what does it matter, Zeenobiyah Hannif and Anne Cox

The export participation of Thai manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) , Charles Harvie, Teerawat Charoenrat, and Yot Amornkitvikai

Firm-specific factors contributing to the technical inefficiency of Thai manufacturing SMEs: evidence from industrial censuses in 1997 and 2007, Charles Harvie, Muhammad K. Chowdhury, and Teerawat Charoenrat


The Effect of Corporate Governance, Corporate Financing Decision and Ownership Structure on Firm Performance: A Panel Data Approach from Kuwait Stock Exchange, Helen M. Hasan and Mohammad Al Mutairi


The Impact of Corporate Financing Decision on Corporate Performance in the Absence of Taxes: Panel Data from Kuwait Stock Market, Helen M. Hasan, Mohammad Al Mutairi, and Elizabeth A. Risik


Suggesting a practical agenda for Green IS - recent solutions within a framework of efficiency, information, and effectiveness, Helen M. Hasan and Irit Alony

Internet savvy users of online news using the Q-methodology approach, Nor Hazlina Hashim, Helen M. Hasan, and Joseph A. Meloche


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