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Abdulaziz, N., Glass, A. & Bastaki, E. (2005). The H-ternary line code power spectral density modelling investigation. In B. Yeo, M. Gagnaire & C. Omidyar (Eds.), Second IFIP International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (pp. 72-77). Dubai: IEEE.


The power spectral density of the H-ternary line code is investigated in this paper. Accurate simulation results are extracted from a simulation model that generates and encodes very long P-N binary sequence. The simulation results are compared with that of the theoretical results obtained from the analytical model. Both results almost fit with each other except for very low frequency components where the simulation results drift slightly. This deviation is a result of the fact that the simulation model is able to generate more realistic data sequence that mimics real-world data.





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