Papers from 2015

A 'Treat Equal to Wagner': Grainger's interactions with the music and culture of Polynesia, Graham C. Barwell

Legal and policy responses to climate change in the Philippines, Lowell Bautista

Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: geochronology, Vickie C. Bennett and Allen Phillip Nutman

The Trio Capital fraud and its victims: a study in freedom of information legislation failure, David Blackall and Jolyon Sykes

Land mismanagement and the development imperative in Fiji, William C. Clarke and R John Morrison

The 1928 MacRobertson Round Australia Expedition: colonial adventuring in the twentieth century, Georgine W. Clarsen

Clinical pharmacology and toxicology, Matthew Doogue and Alison L. Jones


Engaging creativity in industrial regions: Mapping vernacular cultural assets, Christopher Gibson, Andrew T. Warren, and Ben Gallan

Tropical Southeast Asia, Avijit Gupta

Effects of PEV penetration on voltage unbalance, Ahmed Haidar and Kashem M. Muttaqi

Introduction: Colonization and Domestic Service: Historical and Contemporary Perspective, Victoria Haskins and Claire K. Lowrie

Revenge killings in 1945 and their absence from the historical narrative in Singapore, Jason Lim

White mistresses and Chinese "houseboys": domestic politics in Singapore and Darwin from the 1910s to the 1930s, Claire K. Lowrie

Feminism, Vera Mackie

Introduction: Framing sexuality studies in East Asia, Vera Mackie and Mark McLelland

Militarised sexualities in East Asia, Vera Mackie and Miyume Tanji

Australian Indigenous Short Film: 'Introducing Wayne Blair's Djarn Djarns and Black Talk, Colleen McGloin


Sex, censorship and media regulation in Japan: a historical overview, Mark McLelland


'How to Sex'? The Contested Nature of Sexuality in Japan, Mark J. McLelland

Farmers' perceptions of and responses to annual flood events in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta: adapting to climate change impacts, Van Kien Nguyen and Kim Alexander

Progress of food-based dietary guidelines around the globe, Yasmine Probst, Rebecca L. Thorne, and Jane E. O'Shea

Min water treatment techniques and the application of vacuum membrane distillation, Mohammad Ramezanianpour and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

Adrift on complex waters: geographical, geopolitical and legal dimensions to the South China Sea disputes, Clive Schofield

Alterations of haematological function across the life span, Moira Stephens

Cancer, Moira Stephens


The case studies: CHAT in use - Case study 13.1 Designing an effective undergraduate vocal pedagogy environment: A case of cultural-historical activity approach in a singing course, Irina Verenikina and Lotte Latukefu


Young and savvy: Indigenous hip-hop as regional cultural asset, Andrew T. Warren and Rob Evitt

Improving TCP performance in mix networks, Mohamed Watfa, Mohaned Diab, and N Stephen

Papers from 2014


Adaptive diagrams: A research agenda to explore how learners can manipulate online diagrams to self-manage cognitive load, Shirley Agostinho, Sharon Tindall-Ford, and Sahar Bokosmaty


Connecting isolated senior citizens: illustrating the complexity of social information systems development, Carole Alcock, Lois Burgess, and Helen Hasan


Attribution theory: untangling the relationship between management and workers, Irit Alony

Implications for neuroimaging for educational research, Pavlo D. Antonenko, Tamara van Gog, and Fred Paas


Ethics-in-practice in collaborative management research, Richard Badham and Michael Zanko

Commitment, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

New machine aesthetics: the radio paintings of Simon Ingram, Su Ballard

A robot walks into a room: google art project, the new aesthetic, and the accident of art, Susan (Su) Ballard

The audience and the art machine: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's Opera for a Small Room, Susan (Su) Ballard


Case study: Transfield and Tenex: endurance and weakness in two migrant family businesses in Australia, Mary Barrett


The 4-L framework of family business leadership, Mary Barrett


Theories to define and understand family firms, Mary Barrett

Maritime boundary delimitation, excessive claims and effective regime building in the South China Sea, Sam Bateman

Regional navies and coastguards: striking a balance between "lawships" and warships, Sam Bateman

Sovereignty as an obstacle to effective oceans governance and maritime boundary making - the case of the South China Sea, Sam Bateman


Towards a new understanding of identity: discourses of belonging in Goethe's Italienische Reise and Heine's Italian Reisebilder, Lukas Bauer

Implementing departmental peer observation of teaching in universities, Maureen Bell and Paul Cooper

Networks, Thomas Birtchnell

Introduction: the movement of the few, Thomas Birtchnell and Javier Caletrio

"Weeping is Singing": after the war, a transnational lament, Merlinda Bobis


Cancer biology: molecular and genetic basis, Ulrich A. Bommer, Kara L. Vine, and Oncology Education Committee Cancer Council Australia

Caring, Sharon R. Bourgeois and Pamela van der Riet

A literary fortune, Megan Brown

Schizoanalysis and the pedagogy of the oppressed, Ian Buchanan

Schizoanalytic modernism: the case of Antonin Artaud, Ian Buchanan

The clutter assemblage, Ian Buchanan

Introduction: Inventing Schizoanalysis, Ian Buchanan and Lorna Collins


A conceptual model of B2B online service quality, Lois Burgess

Motivated selection in verbal art, 'verbal science', and psychotherapy: when many methods are at one, David Butt, Caroline Henderson-Brooks, Alison Moore, Russell Meares, Joan Haliburn, Anthony Korner, and Roy Eyal

Introduction, Peter Byrne and Alan Rosen

I can't believe I fell for muppet man!: Female nerds and the order of discourse, Raewyn Campbell

A "happy blending'? Maori networks, anthrolpology and 'Native' policy in New Zealand, the Pacific and beyond, Jane L. Carey

Introduction: Indigenous networks: historical trajectories and contemporary connections, Jane L. Carey and Jane Lydon

Rockumentary and collective memory: a comparison of hype and the occy: a doco, Robert Carr

Dynamic visualisations and motor skills, Juan Cristobal Castro-Alonso, Paul Ayres, and Fred Paas

Small area methodology in poverty mapping, Raymond L. Chambers and Monica Pratesi

Methods for assessing the quality of data in public health information systems: a critical review, Hong Chen, Ping Yu, David Hailey, and Ning Wang

Active layer limitations and non-geminate recombination in polymer-fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells, Tracey M. Clarke, Guanran Zhang, and Attila J. Mozer

Mobilizing music festivals for rural transformation, John Connell and Christopher Gibson


Outback Elvis: Musical creativity in rural Australia, John Connell and Christopher Gibson


Human resource management in multinational companies, Anne Cox

Human resource management in Vietnam, Anne Cox

Indigenous and non-Indigenous medical students' perspectives on willingness to serve in underserviced communities, Rhonda G. Craven, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Bingyi Li, and Ian Wilson


Building new knowledge frameworks for productive organisations, Kathryn Crawford

Setting quality standards for stem cell banking, research and translation: the international stem cell banking initiative, Jeremy M. Crook and Glyn N. Stacey

Identifying with the frontier: federation new woman, nation and empire, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Shame, Marie Corelli, and the "New Woman" in Fin-de-Siecle Britain fin-de-siecle Britain, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Coming home: international and domestic Medievalism in the films of Ridley Scott, Louise D'Arcens

Introduction: International Medievalism and Popular Culture, Louise D'Arcens and Andrew Lynch


The durability of the 'Antarctic Model' and Southern Ocean governance, Ruth A. Davis


The processual perspective: studying change in organisations, Patrick Dawson

Gaseous nitrogen emissions from Australian cattle feedlots, O Tom Denmead, Deli Chen, Doug Rowell, Zoe Loh, Julian Hill, Stephanie Muir, David W.T Griffith, Travis Naylor, Mei Bai, Frances Phillips, and Sean McGinn

Supporting students in the move from spoken to written language, Beverly Derewianka

From provocation to interrogation: the global political economy of the 1%, exploitation and the unfashionable problematic of 'captial' in IPE, Timothy DiMuzio

Historicizing capital as power: energy, capitalization and globalized social reproduction, Timothy DiMuzio

Introduction: The provocations of capital as power, Timothy DiMuzio

Toward a genealogy of the new constitutionalism: the empire of liberty and domination, Timothy DiMuzio

The beloved that does not bite: genre, myth, and repetition in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Debra L. Dudek

Robust active control of an integrated suspension system, Haiping Du, James Lam, Weihua Li, and Nong Zhang

Detecting identity: reading the clues in German-language crime fiction by Klupfel and Kobr and Steinfest, Kerry Dunne

Intersections of global and local in Soul Kitchen (2009): Faith Akin's Heimatfilm, Kerry Dunne

Fat is the future: bioprospecting, fat stem cells, and emergent breasted materialities, Nadine Ehlers

What can we learn from international evidence on trends in income distributio, Henry Ergas


Human Capital Theory, Shamika Fernando and Mario Fernando


Human Capital theory: explaining the underutilisation of skilled immigrants in Australia, Shamika Fernando, Mario Fernando, and Zeenobiyah Nadiyah Hannif

Environments that enhance dementia care: issues and challenges, Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett


Preventing violence against women and girls, Michael Flood

Men's antiviolence activism and the construction of gender-equitable masculinities, Michael G. Flood


Questions and answers: Understanding the connection between questioning and knowledge in game-centred approaches, Gregory J. Forrest

Invasion by woody shrubs and trees, Kris French, Ben Gooden, and Tanya Mason

Residues and usewear, Richard Fullagar

Battling the challenges of training nurses to use information systems through theory-based training material design, Malatsi Galani, Ping Yu, Fred Paas, and Paul Chandler