Papers from 2012

Conceptualising the human in cultural landscapes and resilience thinking, Lesley Head

Response, Lesley Head


Nature, culture and time: contested landscapes among environmental managers in Skane, southern Sweden, Lesley Head and Joachim Regnell

The case for an innovations framework for technology-enabled learning environments and knowledge translation, Elizabeth Heathcote and Shane Dawson

Developing a model for a self-study professional learning community, Garry F. Hoban, Peter D. McLean, Wendy S. Nielsen, Amanda Berry, Christine A. Brown, Gordon L. Brown, Barbara Butterfield, Patricia A. Forrester, Lisa K. Kervin, Jessica Mantei, Jillian M. Trezise, Louise C. Rossetto, and Irina Verenikina

Environmentally aware business process improvement in the enterprise context, Konstantin Hoesch-Klohe and Aditya Ghose


Virtual worlds and health: healthcare delivery and simulation opportunities, David Holloway

Indonesia: a presidential system with checks and balances, Nadirsyah Hosen

Supporting WIL: A faculty-wide mapping tool at the University of Canberra, C Hungerford and Sharon R. Bourgeois

Exposing the background: deep and local, Daniel Hutto


Attending to Anthony McCall's Long Film for Ambient Light, Lucas M. Ihlein

El Puente: en el centro del mundo, E Izett and Ian A. McLean


Archaeological science in Australia: integrating across disciplines and scales of analysis, Zenobia Jacobs


Numerical simulation of fully grouted rock bolts, Hossein Jalalifar and Naj Aziz

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose, Alison L. Jones

Action regulation theory, Michael L. Jones

Advertising, branding, and pediatric nutrition, Bridget Kelly

The case for and against the regulation of food marketing directed towards children, Bridget Kelly, Rohan Miller, and Lesley King

Teaching Notes: Noor Dubai: managing blindness In developing countries, Linzi J. Kemp and Immanuel Azaad Moonesar

Noor Dubai foundation: managing blindness In developing countries, Linzi J Kemp, Immanuel Azaad Moonesar, and Shurooq Al Banna

Adaptive management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Richard Kenchington, Debora M. De Freitas, and Diane Tarte

International approaches to sustainable coastal management and climate change, Richard Kenchington, Bob Pokrant, and John Glasson

Lessons from regional approaches to coastal management in Australia: a synthesis, Richard Kenchington, Laura Stocker, and David Wood


Uncertain seas ahead: legal and policy approaches to conserving marine biodiversity in the face of changing climate, Richard Kenchington and Robin Warner

Forensics challenges for mobile phone security, Halim Khelalfa

Supporting Families and Carers, Robert King and Trevor P. Crowe

An empirical investigation of third party logistics providers in Thailand: barriers, motivation and usage of information technologies, Duangpun Kritchanchai, Albert Wee Kwan Tan, and Peter Hosie

Bounded rationality and the emergence of simplicity amidst complexity, Cassey Lee

Exporting, productivity and innovation in Malaysian manufacturing, Cassey Lee

Microeconomic reform in Malaysia, Cassey H. Lee

Climate change and Australia's frogs: how much do we need to worry?, Francis Lemckert and Trent Penman

A re-distributed knowledge management framework in help desk, Nelson K. Y. Leung

Regulatory reform and the growth of private entrepreneurship in Vietnam, Viet Le and Charles Harvie

Lim Keng Lian, Jason Lim

To negotiate trade and avoid politics: the overseas Chinese trade missions to China and Taiwan, 1956-57, Jason Lim

Bioinspired self-assembly I: self-assembled structures, Leonard F. Lindoy, Christopher Richardson, and Jack K. Clegg


Sensing and rheological capabilities of MR elastomers, Weihua Li, Tongfei Tian, and Haiping Du

The effect of gender on associations between driving forces to adopt ICT and benefits derived from that adoption in medical practices in Australia, Robert C. Macgregor, Peter N. Hyland, and Charles Harvey


Instructing, constructing, deconstructing: the embodied and disembodied performances of Yoko Ono, Vera Mackie


Shanghai dancers: gender, coloniality and the modern girl, Vera C. Mackie

The modern girl: icon of modernity, Vera C. Mackie

Transnationale bricolage. Gothic Lolita en de politieke economie van de mode, Vera C. Mackie

Australian indigenous sentencing courts: restoring culture in the sentencing court process, E Marchetti

Innovative justice practices, Elena Marchetti and Kathleen Daly


Breaking the seige: guidelines for struggle in science, Brian Martin

Controversies, Brian Martin

Levels of reality and scales of application, Patrick McGivern

The (in)visibility of "language" within Australian educational documentation: Differentiating language from literacy and exploring particular ramifications for a group of "hidden" ESL/D learners, Sophie McIntosh, Renae O'Hanlon, and Denise Angelo

Response of salt marsh and mangrove wetlands to changes in atmospheric CO2, climate, and sea level, Karen Mckee, Kerrylee Rogers, and Neil Saintilan

The effect of delivery method of instructional materials to meet learning goals and objectives in online and open learning environments, Jonathan O. McKeown and Sarah K. Howard

Gordon Bennett: History painter - the ghost returns, Ian A. McLean

Gordon Bennett in a global perspective, Ian A. McLean

Modernismus Indigenas, Ian A. McLean

Black and White: A tale of cities and men, Ian A. McLean and Una Rey

Harry Potter and the myriad mothers: the maternal figure as lioness, witch and wardrobe, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman and Roslyn Weaver

Assessment of Recovery, Empowerment and Strengths, Tom Meehan and Frank P. Deane

After the fall: standing in the ruins of liberal education, Gregory C. Melleuish

Human practices and the challenges of upstream engagement in synthetic biology?, David W. Mercer

The effect of heating rate on reverse transformations in steels and Fe-Ni-based alloys, Yu Ya Meshkov and Elena Pereloma

The road from S and Marper to the Prum Treaty and the implications on human rights, Katina Michael

Implementing 'Namebers' using microchip implants: the black box beneath the skin, Katina Michael and M G. Michael

Structural lipidomics, Todd W. Mitchell, Simon H. J Brown, and Stephen J. Blanksby

The question concerning (internet) time, Teodor E. Mitew, Marta Celletti, Susan Leong, and Erika Pearson

Norms, practices, and rules of virtual community of online gamers: applying the institutional theoretical lens, Shafiz Mohd Affendi

Discourse correlates of the therapeutic method and patient progress, Alison R. Moore, David G. Butt, and Caroline Henderson-Brooks

Invigorating play: the role of affect in online multiplayer fps games, Christopher L. Moore

New ways, old ways: Aboriginal education and belonging, Jane Moore and Carol Birrell

Incidental learner-generated focus on form in a task-based EFL classroom, Paul J. Moore

Nurse education, research and evidence-based practice, Lorna Moxham

Activity and exercise, Lorna Moxham and Peter Reaburn

Mental health nursing, Lorna Moxham, Paul Robson, and Shane Pegg

Understanding terrorist groups, Samuel J. Mullins

Responding to the challenge of mental health recovery policy, Lindsay G. Oades

The collaborative recovery model: developing positive institutions to facilitate recovery in enduring mental illness, Lindsay G. Oades, Trevor P. Crowe, and Frank P. Deane


Peer support in a mental health service context, Lindsay G. Oades, Frank P. Deane, and Julie Anderson

Experience cycle methodology: a method for understanding the construct revision pathway, Lindsay Oades and Linda L. Viney

New drugs under development for Alzheimer's disease, Lezanne Ooi, Kirubakaran Shanmugam, Mili Patel, Rachel Debono, and Gerald Munch


Ferdinand Hochstetter in Australia, 1858-1859, Michael K. Organ


The goal-free effect, Fred Paas and Femke Kirschner


Organization of brainstem nuclei, George Paxinos, Xu-Feng Huang, Gulgun Sengul, and Charles Watson

On ‘cruelty’: law, literature and difference, Penelope J. Pether

The pragmatic function of intonation: cueing agreement and disagreement in spoken English discourse and implications for ELT, Lucy Pickering, Guiling Hu, and Amanda Ann Baker


Key-based scrambling for secure image communication, Prashan Premaratne and Malin Premaratne


New structural similarity measure for image comparison, Prashan Premaratne and Malin Premaratne

What does being "well-prepared" for wildfire mean?, Tim Prior and Christine Eriksen


Teaching academic writing at the University of Wollongong, Emily Rose Purser

The implications of climate change for maritime security forces, Chris Rahman

I malavitosi dei castelli d’erba: la criminalità organizzata italoaustraliana nei media e nell’editoria in Australia, Gaetano Rando

Participation – a poetic perspective, Gaetano Rando


Climate change mitigation activities in the ocean: turning up the regulatory heat, Rosemary Rayfuse and Robin Warner

Depth of Field, Jacky Redgate

Bilateral single-issue negotiation model considering nonlinear utility and time constraint, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, and John A. Fulcher

Institutional path dependence in port regulation: A comparison of New Zealand and Australia, James Reveley and Malcolm Tull

Towards a brighter future?, Ian T. Ring

EnviroServe: the green company in the United Arab Emirates, Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Vineetha Mathew

Teaching notes: EnviroServe: the green company in the United Arab Emirates, Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Immanuel Azaad Moonesar


Plant genetic resources, international protection, G. L. Rose

The human rights of people with severe and persistent mental illness: can conflicts between dominant and non-dominant paradigms be reconciled ?, Alan Rosen, Tully Rosen, and Patrick D. McGorry

The Northern Territory Intervention in Australia: a grassroots perspective, Miliwanga Sandy and Kathleen F. Clapham

Legal issues in e-healthcare systems, Jawahitha Sarabdeen