Papers from 2016

Sir Robert Menzies and Australian Education, Gregory C. Melleuish

Utilitarianism contra sectarianism: the official and the unauthrorized civic religion of Australia, Gregory C. Melleuish and Stephen A. Chavura

Seven-membered rings, Adam G. Meyer, Jason A. Smith, Christopher J. T Hyland, Charlotte C. Williams, Alex C. Bissember, and Thomas P. Nicholls


Managerial coaching: A practical way to apply leadership theory?, Julia Milner and Grace McCarthy

Can semantic networks capture intra- and inter-registerial variation? Palliative care discourse interrogates Hasan's message semantics, Alison Rotha Moore

Lovers, wrestlers, surgeons: a contextually motivated view of interpersonal engagement and body alignment in surgical interaction, Alison Rotha Moore

The Use of Force, Cameron Moore

Teacher cognition and action in the design and implementation of intercultural group assessment in higher education, Paul J. Moore and Greg Hampton

Shipping: safety of life at sea, Anthony P. Morrison

Sinter plant operations: hazardous emissions, Jin-Luh Mou and R John Morrison

Sinter plant operations: raw materials, Jin-Luh Mou and R John Morrison

Entry modes as a component of international marketing strategy: a mixed-method analysis of higher education services, Vik Naidoo, Jerome D. Donovan, Trenton J. Milner, and Cheree Topple


Removal of emerging contaminants for water reuse by membrane technology, Long D. Nghiem and Takahiro Fujioka

By-products of anaerobic treatment: methane and digestate from manures and cosubstrates, Long D. Nghiem, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, John Wickham, Hao H. Ngo, and Wenshan Guo

Aerobic treatment of effluents from the aquaculture industry, Hao H. Ngo, Wenshan Guo, T Tram Vo, Long D. Nghiem, and Faisal I. Hai

Coastline Degradation as an Indicator of Global Change, Robert J. Nicholls, Colin D. Woodroffe, and Virginia R. Burkett

Promoting engagement in science education, Wendy S. Nielsen

The digital music boundary object, Raphael Nowak and Andrew M. Whelan

Experience cycle methodology: A qualitative method to understand the process of revising personal constructs, Lindsay G. Oades and Fiona Patterson

Responding to forced displacement as a mass atrocity crime, Philip C. Orchard

Fisheries enforcement and the concepts of compliance and monitoring, control and surveillance, Mary Ann Palma-Robles

Ethical and societal considerations in breast cancer screening, Lisa M. Parker and Stacy M. Carter

Fish oil for physical performance in athletes, Gregory E. Peoples and Peter L. McLennan


Retained austenite: transformation-induced plasticity, Elena V. Pereloma, Azdiar A. Gazder, and Ilana B. Timokhina

Adaptogens, Naomi Perry and David A. Camfield

Confrontational content, gendered gazes and the ethics of adaptation in Outlander and Game of Thrones, Jennifer A. Phillips

Jamie's 'Others': complicating masculinity and heroism through his foils, Jennifer A. Phillips

Engaging with "herself": fandom and authorship in the age of Tumblr, Jennifer A. Phillips and Katharina Freund

Comparative law as an engine of change for civil procedure, Colin B. Picker

The NCP Excavations in Lobang Hangus, Lobang Tulang, Gan Kira, and Kain Hitam, Philip Piper, Helen Lewis, Tim Reynolds, Sue J. McLaren, Ryan J. Rabett, Franca Cole, Katherine A. Szabo, Lucy Farr, and Graeme Barker

An integrated customer relationship model to improve retention in hospitality services, Suvenus Prachayakupt, G Barry O'Mahony, and James F. Sillitoe

Using digital stories to teach communication in the science curriculum, Emily Rose Purser

Globalized higher education, Xiaoying Qi

People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Christopher Rahman


The Limits to Maritime Security Collaboration in the Indo-Pacific Region, Christopher Rahman

Use of technology in maritime regulation and enforcement, Christopher Rahman

The role of controlled experiments in understanding variation in flake production, Zeljko Rezek, Sam C. Lin, and Harold L. Dibble

Toward "One Health" Promotion, Melanie Rock and Christopher J. Degeling

Peer-to-peer file sharing and academic integrity in the internet age, Ann M. Rogerson and Giselle Basanta

Detention of non-state actors engaged in hostilities - recommendations for future law, Gregory L. Rose

International jurisdictional challenges in the suppression of transnational environmental crime, Gregory L. Rose

Introduction, Gregory L. Rose and Bruce Oswald


Planned derailment for new urban futures? An actant network analysis of the "great [light] rail debate" in Newcastle, Australia, Kristian J. Ruming, Kathleen Mee, and Pauline M. McGuirk

Assessing the Assessments: Development of a Tool To Evaluate Assessment Items in Chemistry According to Learning Outcomes, Siegbert Schmid, Madeleine Schultz, Samuel Priest, Glennys A. O'Brien, Simon Pyke, Adam Bridgeman, Kieran Lim, Daniel Southam, Simon Bernard Bedford, and Ian Jamie

Untangling a complex web: understanding competing maritime claims in the South China Sea, Clive H. Schofield

Combating piracy and armed robbery at sea: from Somalia to the Gulf of Guinea, Clive H. Schofield and Ali Kamal-Deen

In search of workplace partnership at Suncorp, Dhara Shah, Ying Xu, Paul J. Gollan, and Adrian Wilkinson

Finding stories of justice in the art of conversation: ethnography in cultural legal studies, Cassandra E. Sharp

G. V. Desani, Paul Sharrad

Cooperative maritime surveillance and enforcement, Yubing Shi and W Gullett

Modelling mode choice of individual in linked trips with artificial neural networks and fuzzy representation, Nagesh Shukla, Jun Ma, Rohan Wickramasuriya, Nam Huynh, and Pascal Perez

Questioning care, Lisa Slater

The land holds all things: Kim Scott's Benang - a guide to postcolonial spatiality, Lisa Slater

Performing anger to signal injustice: the expression of anger in victim impact statements, Sarah Sorial

It's the thoughts that count: substitution for goal striving actions, Jelena Spanjol and Wing Yin Leona Tam


Young people in the global north: Environmental heroes or pleasure-seeking consumers, Elyse R. Stanes and Natascha Klocker

Vortex-induced vibration marine current energy harvesting, Brad Stappenbelt, Andrew D. Johnstone, and Jesse Anger

Diversion of individuals with disability from the criminal justice system: control inside or outside criminal law?, Linda Roslyn Steele

Shipping - Imperial, Frances Steel

The cruise ship, Frances Steel

Follow the Senqu: Maloti-Drakensberg paleoenvironments and implications for early human dispersals into mountain systems, Brian A. Stewart, Adrian Parker, Genevieve Dewar, Mike W. Morley, and Lucy F. Allott

Seeking community views on allocation of scarce resources in a pandemic in Australia: Two methods, two answers., Jackie M. Street, Helen S. Marshall, Annette J. Braunack-Mayer, Wendy Rogers, and Philip Ryan

Organic cooperatives facilitating sustainable consumption, Catherine Sutton-Brady and Arpit Raswant


Flow in sport, Christian F. Swann

Molluscan Remains from the Niah Caves: Methods and Approaches, Katherine A. Szabo

Worked shell from the Niah Caves, Katherine A. Szabo

Health benefits of herbs and spices in aging adults, Linda C. Tapsell and Elizabeth Neale

Military clothing and protective materiel: protection at the limits of physiological regulation, Nigel A.S. Taylor and Mark J. Patterson

Rotten to the bone: discourses of contamination and purity in the European horsemeat scandal, Nik Taylor and Jordan J. McKenzie

Border crossings: the transnational career of the television crime drama, Sue Turnbull


Gifted education in modern Asia: Analyses from a systemic perspective, Wilma Vialle and Albert Ziegler

Nonverbal assessment methods, Beverly M. Walker


About this book, Ruth Walker

Developing new regulatory paradigms for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction, Robin M. Warner

Utilising a Leadership Blueprint to Build the Capacity of Schools to Achieve Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Amanda A. Webster

Archives of cloth: shadows of the past in re-visioning textiles, Diana Wood Conroy

Views from Australia and the Asia Pacific, Diana Wood Conroy

Sexuality, gender and youth sport, Jan Wright


Moving beyond body image: A socio-critical approach to teaching about health and body size, Jan Wright and Deana Leahy

Economic instruments in pollution law in New South Wales, Australia: a case for greater use and refinement, Sarah K. Wright

Evaluating social partnership in the Australian context, Ying Xu, Glenn Patmore, and Paul J. Gollan

A structure optimization algorithm of neural networks for pattern learning from educational data, Jie Yang, Jun Ma, and Sarah Katherine Howard

Developing food literacy through food production, Heather Yeatman


Chinese transnational cinema and the collaborative tilt toward South Korea, Brian Yecies

Network approaches to the understanding of Alzheimer's disease: from model organisms to humans, Justin J. Yerbury, Dan Bean, and Giorgio Favrin

Prediction of the opponent's preference in bilateral multi-issue negotiation through Bayesian learning, Jihang Zhang, Fenghui Ren, and Minjie Zhang

Papers from 2015


On dynamic multiple criteria decision making models: A goal programming approach, Belaid Aouni, Cinzia Colapinto, Davide La Torre, Danilo Liuzzi, and Simone Marsiglio

International marine governance and protection of biodiversity, Jeff Ardron and Robin M. Warner

Vision and virtual environments, David R. Badcock, Stephen Palmisano, and James G. May

Anglo-Chinese and the politics of overseas travel from New South Wales, 1898 to 1925, Kate Bagnall

Weld Haz properties in modern high strength niobium pipeline steels, Frank J. Barbaro, Zhixiong Zhu, Lenka Kuzmikova, Hui Jun Li, and Han Jian

Schizotypy and substance use, Emma Barkus


Talking yourself into work: insights from sociolinguistics about gender and the employment interview, Mary Barrett

A 'Treat Equal to Wagner': Grainger's interactions with the music and culture of Polynesia, Graham C. Barwell

Theoretical and numerical perspectives on performance of stone-column-improved soft ground with reference to transport infrastructure, Sudip Basack, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and Firman Siahaan

Maritime Asia: An Australian perspective, Walter S. Bateman

The East Asian seas: competing national spheres of influence, Walter S. Bateman

Legal and policy responses to climate change in the Philippines, Lowell Bautista

Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: geochronology, Vickie C. Bennett and Allen Phillip Nutman


Relation between trust theory and agency theory, Shyam S. Bhati