Papers from 2013

'Which World, and Why do We Worry About It?', Paul Sharrad


A multi agent system based implementation for semantic web services, J Shen, G Beydoun, and G C. Low

Security threats of violent Islamist extremism and terrorism for South East Europe and beyond, Dragan Simeunovic and Adam Dolnik

An introduction to dating techniques: a guide for geomorphologists, Craig Sloss, Kira Westaway, Quan Hua, and Colin Murray-Wallace

Lines across the Sea: Trans-Pacific Passenger Shipping in the Age of Steam, Frances Steel

Identifying the Taiwanese electronic health record systems evaluation framework and instrument by implementing the modified Delphi method, Yung-Yu Su, Khin T. Win, and Tieh-Chi Chung

Identifying worked shell: a consideration of methodological issues with particular reference to Pleistocene contexts, Katherine Szabo

The 'Metal Age' at the niah Caves, c. 2000-500 years ago, Katherine Szabo, Franca Cole, Lindsay Lloyd-Smith, Graeme Barker, Chris Hunt, Philip Piper, and Chris Doherty

Shell midden from the Batanes excavations, Katherine Szabo, Shawna Hsiu-Ying Yang, Timothy Vitales, and Brent Koppel

Maths and stats for journalists, Stephen J. Tanner

Introduction: Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World, Stephen J. Tanner and Nick Richardson

Applying nutrition principles in the lifecycle, Linda Tapsell

Food and health: a biological perspective, Linda Tapsell

Nutrition in a social and environmental context: an introduction, Linda Tapsell

Categorising foods in terms of healthy diets: cuisines, dietary patterns and dietary guidelines, Linda Tapsell, Karen Charlton, and Vicki Flood

Nutrition during the lifecycle: the prevention of chronic disease in adulthood, Linda Tapsell, Karen Charlton, and Barbara Meyer

Nutrition tools: dietary assessment, food databases and dietary modelling, Linda Tapsell, Vicki Flood, Yasmine Probst, Karen Charlton, and Peter Williams

Future directions in nutrition, Linda Tapsell and David Jacobs Jr

Extending knowledge of food components, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Jimmy Louie, Eleanor Beck, Vinodkumar Gopaldasani, Vicki Flood, Rebecca Thorne, and Barbara Meyer

Food: the primary source of energy and nutrients, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Jimmy Louie, Karen Charlton, and Barbara Meyer

What lies below: cephalopods and humans, Helen Tiffin

Learning structural representations of text documents in large document collections, Ah Chung Tsoi, M. Hagenbuchner, Milly KC, and Shujia Zhang

Retail cost optimisation and the role of information technology, Prakash Vel, Nasim Sadat Mosavi, and Anand Subramanian

An exploratory investigation of the effect of integrated marketing communications on consumer decision making process: a case study of Jetset Eurostar, Prakash Vel, Ricky Sharma, and Tahera Ismail


The 'Tiger Mother' factor: Curriculum, schooling and mentoring of Asian students in an Australian context, Wilma Vialle


The economy, Simon Ville


Recent highlights in the development of isatin-based anticancer agents, Kara L. Vine, Lidia Matesic, Julie M. Locke, and Danielle Skropeta


Dodgy science or global necessity? Local media reporting of marine parks, Michelle Voyer, Tanja Dreher, William Gladstone, and Heather Goodall

"It doesn't even feel like it's being processed by your head": lesbian affective home journeys to and within townsville, Queensland, Australia, Gordon Waitt and Lynda Johnston

Undead universities, the plagiarism plague, paranoia and hypercitation, Ruth Walker


Environmental assessments in the marine areas of the polar regions, Robin M. Warner


Implementing the rule of law for nature in the global marine commons: developing environmental assessment frameworks, Robin M. Warner

RFID applications in e-healthcare, Mohamed Watfa, Manprabhjot Kaur, and Rashida Firoz Daruwala

First as a tragedy, then as a corpse, Andrew M. Whelan

A transactional view of shedding at the Berry Men's Shed, Alison Wicks

Understanding the development of occupational potential over time through the analysis of life stories, Alison Wicks

Tu Marcellus Eris: Nachträglichkeit in Aeneid 6, Ika Willis

Selecting medical students: the past, present and future, Ian Wilson and Barbara Griffin


Neurotrophin signaling and Alzheimer's Disease neurodegeneration - Focus on BDNF/TrkB signaling, Jenny Wong

Solutional weathering and karstic landscapes on quartz sandstones and quartzite, Robert Wray

Innovative solutions for Yangtze River's water crisis, Shu-Qing Yang


Coastal reservoir strategy and its applications, Shu-qing Yang, Jianli Liu, Pengzhi Lin, and Changbo Jiang

Food and nutrition policy and frameworks, Heather Yeatman, Joanna Russell, Deanne Condon-Paoloni, Vicki Flood, Eleanor Beck, and Peter Williams

Indigenous students in medical education: seeding success in motivating doctors to serve underserved Indigenous communities, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Rhonda Craven, Ian G. Wilson, Jinnat Ali, and Bingyi Li

An adaptive bilateral negotiation, Chao Yu, Minjie Zhang, and Fenghui Ren


Promoting global virtual teams across the globe: cross-cultural challenges and synergies, Norhayati Zakaria and Ghadeer Al Safi


The actiotope model of giftedness: A short introduction to some central theoretical assumptions, Albert Ziegler, Wilma Vialle, and Bastian Wimmer

Papers from 2012

Enhancing multimedia search using human motion, Kevin Adistambha, Stephen Davis, Christian Ritz, Ian S. Burnett, and David A. Stirling

Margin, minorities, and a political economy of displacement: the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, Bokhtiar Ahmed

Social perspectives on sustainability and equity in Australia, K Alford, F Boschetti, L Manderson, Jocelyn Davies, S Hatfield Dodds, I Lowe, and P Perez

A chronostratigraphic division of the Precambrian: possibilities and challenges, Wladyslaw Altermann, Brian Beard, Paul Hoffman, Clark Johnson, James Kasting, Victor Melezhik, Allen P. Nutman, Dominic Papineau, and Franco Pirajno

Mixed method research, Sharon Andrew and Elizabeth J. Halcomb

Printing techniques and performance of chipless tag design on flexible low-cost thin-film substrates, Rubayet E Anzim Anee, Sushim Mukul Roy, Nemai C. Karmakar, Ramprakash Yerramilli, and Gerhard F. Swiegers

Adding further complexity?: Extended Continental Shelf Submissions in East and Southeast Asia ( (NBR Special Report no.37, pp61-78), I Made Andi Arsana and Clive H. Schofield

Al ain dairy: managing supply and demand, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Etihad Airways: reputation management: an example of Eyjafjallajokull Iceland volcano, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Jumeirah group: stay different, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Abraaj Capital Limited: Celebration of entrepreneurship, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Ian Michael


Advanced technology investment company (ATIC): a destination global champion, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Immanuel Moonesar

All night silence: Live experimental sound in New Zealand public art galleries, Su Ballard

Nonorganic life: frequency, virtuality and the sublime in Antarctica, Su Ballard


New theoretical perspectives on family business entrepreneurial behavior, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

Educating for vulnerability, Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron and Catherine Layton

Strategic competition and emerging security risks: will Antarctica remain demilitarised?, Walter S. Bateman


Responsibility and intergenerational equity, Sharon Beder


Digital natives, Sue Bennett

Introduction: Agamben and Colonialism, Simone Bignall and Marcelo G. Svirsky

Attitudes towards english in Mauritius: linguistic paradox or cultural pragmatism?, Anu Bissoonauth


Classifying ecological quality and integrity of estuaries, Angel Borja; Alberto Basset; Suzanne Bricker; J-C Dauvin; M Elliot; T Harrison; J-C Marques; SB Weisberg,; and R West

Wind v water: glacial maximum records from the Willandra Lakes, James Bowler, Richard Gillespie, Harvey Johnston, and Katarina Boljkovac


Future fire regimes of Australian ecosystems: new perspectives on enduring questions of management, Ross A. Bradstock, Richard J. Williams, and A Malcolm Gill

Finding creativity in a small city:How qualitative mapping methods can reveal new geographies of creativity, Chris Brennan-Horley

Energy from photosystem II: Manganese water oxidation catalysts, Robin Brimblecombe, G Charles Dismukes, Gerhard F. Swiegers, and Leone Spiccia

Geomorphic features and infauna diversity of a subtropical mid-ocean carbonate shelf: Lord Howe Island, Southwest Pacific Ocean, Brendan P. Brooke, Matthew A. Mcarthur, Colin D. Woodroffe, Michelle Linklater, Scott L. Nichol, Tara J. Anderson, Richard Mleczko, and Stephen Sagar

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Ian Buchanan

Michel de Certeau, Ian Buchanan

Esquizoanálisis: Un proyecto incompleto, Ian M. Buchanan

eCollaboration among tourism SMEs: why it works, why it doesn't - an empirical study from Australia, Lois Burgess, Carole Alcock, and Michael Jones


Championing SME eCollaboration, Lois Burgess and Michael L. Jones

Exploring the determinants and dimensionality of SME eCollaboration trust, Lois Burgess, Belinda Parrish, Michael Jones, and Lorenzo Seritti


Treatment adherence, Mitchell K. Byrne and Frank P. Deane

Conclusion and future perspective: drawing inspiration from the complex system that is nature, Clyde W. Cady, David M. Robinson, Paul F. Smith, and Gerhard F. Swiegers

Point of view: on being an "expert" with a point of view, Brian Cambourn

Herbal extracts and cognition in adulthood and ageing, David Camfield, Lauren Owen, Andrew Pipingas, Con Stough, and Andrew Scholey

An introduction to grid-based methods, Peter Caputi

Analyzing grids: New and traditional approaches, Peter Caputi, Richard Bell, and Desley G. Hennessy


Global change and fire regimes in Australia, Geoffrey J. Cary, Ross A. Bradstock, A Malcolm Gill, and Richard J. Williams

Professional photography - a focus on branding for success, Paul A. Chad


An empirical case for introductory psychology tutorials in a large-class format, Amy Y. C Chan, Chris Brewer, and Jessica L. Browne

Balancing knowledge management and knowledge mobility in the connected University, Chris Chesher and Sarah Howard

Estimating the determinants, dynamics and structural breaks in the real exchange rate of Libya, Khorshed Chowdhury and Issa Ali


A social network model for understanding technology use for knowledge-intensive workers, Kon Shing Kenneth Chung


Researching the safety of Indigenous children and youth: an urban perspective, Kathleen F. Clapham, Freidoon Khavarpour, Reuben J. Bolt, Mark Stevenson, and Steven Su

Postcolonial vampires in the Indigenous imagination: Philip McLaren and Drew Hayden Taylor, Maureen Clark

Good supervision: the creative work in process: effective and engaged postgraduate supervision in creative writing, Catherine Cole

Towards genomic selection in oilseed brassica, Wallace A. Cowling, Brian R. Cullis, Cameron P. Beeck, and Matthew N. Nelson

Geographic Information Systems (GISs), spatial statistics in, Noel A. Cressie and Desheng Liu

The self-characterization technique: Uses, analysis and elaboration, Nadia Crittenden and Chantel Ashkar


Star shots: Stigma, self disclosure and celebrity in bipolar disorder, Wendy Cross and Ken Walsh

Individual recovery planning: aligning values, strengths and goals, Trevor P. Crowe, Frank P. Deane, and Lindsay G. Oades