Papers from 2013

Introduction: the need for field research on terrorism, Adam Dolnik

Peering upwards: researching ruling-class men, Mike Donaldson and Scott Poynting


Tools for learning: technology and teaching strategies, Michelle J. Eady and Lori Lockyer

Conclusions: Beijing's power and China's borders, Bruce A. Elleman, Stephen Kotkin, and Clive H. Schofield

Introduction: Beijing's power and China's borders, Bruce A. Elleman and Clive H. Schofield

Tracing meaning without an author: RACTER's inspired electronics and the computerisation of poetry, Sally Evans

Demonic possession, exorcism and witchcraft, Sarah Ferber

Thomson Orogen, Chris L. Fergusson, R A. Henderson, P R. Blake, Robert Bultitude, D C. Champion, A J. Cross, J J. Draper, Timoghy J. Green, L Hutton, Peter A. Jell, G S. Lister, J L. Mckellar, M D. Mckillop, L Mulqueeny, R Offler, G Phillips, S Richards, I W. Withnall, D G. Wood, and R Wormald


Negotiating gender in men’s research among men, Michael G. Flood


Secure exchange of electronic health records, Alejandro Flores Zuniga, Khin Than Win, and Willy Susilo

Assessment of mental health and mental illness, Terry Froggatt and Susan Liersch


Discovery of communications patterns by the use of intelligent reasoning, J Fulcher, Minjie Zhang, Q Bai, and F Ren


Ambiguity in the sense of agency, Shaun Gallagher

Husserl and the phenomenology of temporality, Shaun Gallagher

The enactive hand, Shaun Gallagher

When the problem of intersubjectivity becomes the solution, Shaun Gallagher


Chinese language teaching and teacher training in Australia, Xiaoping Gao


Careers and organisational objectives: managing competing interests in cooperative research centres, Sam Garrett-Jones, Tim Turpin, and Kieren Diment

The global cowboy: rural masculinities and sexualities, Chris Gibson

Tourism, Chris Gibson

Indigenous geopolitics, Christopher Gibson

Urban cultural policy, city size, and proximity, Chris Gibson and Gordon R. Waitt

State of the art in business process management, Michael Glykas

Nutrition during the lifecycle: infancy and childhood, Sara Grafenauer, Vicki Flood, and Kanita Kunaratnam

Nutrition during the lifecycle: pregnancy and lactation, Sara Grafenauer and Rebecca Thorne

Historical overview of pathological narcissism, Brin F. S Grenyer

Tourism in a technology-dependent world, Ulrike Gretzel

Indigenous life writing: rethinking poetics and practice, Michael R. Griffiths

Electron spin resonance dating of vertebrate remains from the Pestera cu Oase, Rainer Grun, Tegan Kelly, and Maxime Aubert

Application of membrane technology for the development of sustainable biotechnology processes, Faisal Ibney Hai and Oskar Modin

Biocatalytic membrane reactors for the removal of recalcitrant and emerging pollutants from wastewater, F I. Hai, L D. Nghiem, and O Modin


An appraisal of the extent and geomorphological diversity of the coral reefs of the United Kingdom Dependent Territories, S Hamylton and S Andrefouet


Indigenous identities and the politics of authenticity, Michelle Harris, Bronwyn Carlson, and Evan S. Poata-Smith

Online health information for chronic disease: diabetes, Naffisah Hassan, Khin T. Win, and Peter N. Hyland

Brand alliance of D.A.R.E. and keepin' it REAL: A case study in brand dissemination practices, Michael L. Hecht and Jeong Kyu Lee

Religious pluralism, inclusive secularism, and democratic constitutionalism: the Indonesian experience, Nadirsyah Hosen

Why masculinity is still an important category: [trans]migrant men and the migration experience, Richard Howson

Psychology’s inescapable need for conceptual clarification, Daniel Hutto

Radically enactive cognition in our grasp, Daniel Hutto

Still a cause for concern: reasons, causes and explanations, Daniel Hutto

Interpersonal relating, Daniel D. Hutto

Intersubjective engagements without theory of mind: a cross-species comparison, Daniel D. Hutto


Why believe in contentless beliefs?, Daniel D. Hutto

In Conversation: Lucas Ihleinwith with Teri Hoskin, Lucas M. Ihlein and Teri Hoskin


The role of geosynthetics in improving the behaviour of ballasted rail tracks, Buddhima Indraratna and Sanjay Shrawan Nimbalkar


Ground improvement at the Port of Brisbane, Australia using vertical drains and vacuum assisted preloading, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and A S. Balasubramaniam

High intensity focused ultrasound and non-invasive body contouring, Mark Jewell and James L. Jewell

Study on oxidation of stainless steels during hot rolling, Zhengyi Jiang, Junxia Huang, Dongbin Wei, A Zhang, A Kiet Tieu, Xu Shi, and Sihai Jiao

How quickly did bird flu go off the public radar? Results of a follow-up CATI survey of Australian adults, Sandra C. Jones, Donald C. Iverson, Louise Waters, Max Sutherland, Julian Gold, and Chris Puplick

Don't let the sun get under your skin: Targeting adolescent sun protection with a novel social marketing campaign, Sandra C. Jones, Keryn Johnson, Joanne Telenta, Jeffrey A. Thom, Melinda Williams, Don Iverson, and Peter Caputi

Cold and flu affect more than you: A social marketing campaign targeting influenza transmission on a university campus, Sandra C. Jones, Lyn Phillipson, Karen Larsen-Truong, and Lance Barrie

BHP and OK Tedi, Mary A. Kaidonis

Electrospun nanofibers and nanocomposites, M Kanafchian, Aida Haghi, and M Ziabari

Joint development in the Timor Sea, Stuart Kaye

Ring synthesis, Paul A. Keller, Mohammed K. Abdel-Hamid, and Ashraf M. Abdel-Megeed


Crossover cinema: a conceptual and genealogical overview, Sukhmani Khorana


Maps and movies: talking with Deepa Mehta, Sukhmani Khorana

Deconstructions of the (Japanese) Nation-State in Uehashi Nahoko’s Moribito (Guardian) Series, Helen Kilpatrick and Orie Muta


Differentiated assessment activities: customising to support learning, Swapna Koshy

Patents and the emerging markets of Asia: ASEAN and Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

The most favoured nation treatment principle, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Expanding the master-apprentice model: tool for orchestrating collaboration as a path to self-directed learning for singing students, Lotte Latukefu and Irina Verenikina

Mammalian expression systems and transfection techniques, Daunia Laurenti and Lezanne Ooi

Mammalian expression systems and transfection techniques, Daunia Laurenti and Lezanne Ooi

Nearer to God - transformational experiences of short-term mission travellers, Yoon Jung Lee and Ulrike Gretzel

Perceived host gaze in the context of short-term mission trips, Yoon Jung Lee and Ulrike Gretzel

Changing culture: developing a framework for leadership capacity development, Geraldine Lefoe and Dominique R. Parrish


Do You See what I See? Iconic Art and Culture and the Judicial Eye in Australian Law, Marett Leiboff


Striving for equity and diversity, Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir


Development of adaptive seismic isolators for ultimate seismic protection of civil structures, Jianchun Li, Yan-Cheng Li, Weihua Li, and Bijan Samali

Observations of the political and economic situation in China by the British Mercantile Community during the Civil War, 1945-1949, Jason Lim


Magnetorheological elastomers and their applications, W H. Li, X Z. Zhang, and H Du

'Neolithic’ societies c. 4000-2000 years ago: Austronesian farmers?, Lindsay Lloyd-Smith, Graeme Barker, Huw Barton, Judith Cameron, Franca Cole, Patrick Daly, Chris Doherty, John Krigbaum, Helen Lewis, Jessica Manser, Victor Paz, Philip Piper, Ryan J. Rabett, Garry Rushworth, and Katherine Szabo

The impact of regular cannabis use on the human brain: A review of structural neuroimaging studies, Valentina Lorenzetti, Dan I. Lubman, Alex Fornito, Sarah Whittle, Michael J. Takagi, Nadia Solowij, and Murat Yucel

Technological Change, Adam Robert Lucas

Bergson, history and ontology, Craig A. Lundy

From structuralism to poststructuralism, Craig A. Lundy


Faith-based substance abuse programs, Geoffrey C. B Lyons, Frank P. Deane, and Peter J. Kelly

Four women, four incidents: gender, activism and martyrdom in modern Japan, Vera C. Mackie


Japan, labour migration and the global order of difference, Vera C. Mackie


Sweat, perfume and tobacco: the ambivalent labor of the dancehall girl, Vera C. Mackie

Introduction: Japan and the High Treason Incident, Vera C. Mackie and Susumu Yamaizumi


Il ruolo della mediazione nei casi di violenza familiare: L’esperienza delle corti indigene, Elena Marchetti and Riley Downie


Effective crisis governance, Brian Martin

Revisiting mode: Context in/dependency in Ancient History classroom discourse, James Martin and Erika S. Matruglio

“Never again” or again and again: The Genocide Convention, the responsibility to protect and mass atrocity prevention, Deborah Mayersen

Conclusion: Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia, Deborah Mayersen and Annie Pohlman

Introduction: Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia, Deborah Mayersen and Annie Pohlman


Authentic assessment - key to learning, Grace McCarthy

Pre-service teachers, professional experiences and culture shock: 'Enactment and sense making' in new spaces and places, Barbra McKenzie, Phil Fitzsimmons, Andrew Matthes, Jason Hinze, and Lorinda Bruce

Inventing Australian Aboriginal art: from anti-art to fine art, Ian McLean

Processus interculturels dans l'art Aborigene, Ian McLean

Strategic Aboriginalism: Paul Taylor, postmodernism, neo-Expressionism and Aboriginal art, Ian McLean

The secret history of performance art, Ian McLean

Reconsidering root causes: a new framework for the structural prevention of genocide and mass atrocities, Stephen Mcloughlin and Deborah Mayersen


Myriad mirrors: Doppelgangers and doubling in The Vampire Diaries, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

'Legal form' and the purchase of human rights discourse in domestic policy-making: the achievement of same-sex marriage in Canada, Luke McNamara


Acteurs, usagers et evaluation des dispositifs de prevention precoce: L'example des programmes EPPE et Sure Start au Royaume-Uni, Edward Melhuish

Does one generation have a responsibility to the next?, Gregory C. Melleuish

How we make our money, Gregory C. Melleuish