Papers from 2014

Metabotropic glutamate receptor in the pathophysiology and treatment of schizophrenia and major depression, Kelly A. Newell, Natalie Matosin, and Jeremy S. Lum

Simultaneous and sequential presentation of realistic and schematic instructional dynamic visualizations, Michelle L. Nugteren, Huib K. Tabbers, Katharina Scheiter, and Fred Paas

The thiol antioxidant lipoic acid and Alzheimer's disease, Lezanne Ooi, Mili Patel, and Gerald Münch


AIME and the University of Wollongong: The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea, Paul Chandler, Valerie Harwood, Samantha McMahon, Amy Priestly, and Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews

Adult sexual violence: harassment, assault and rape, Nagesh B. Pai and Shae-Leigh C. Vella

Integrating monitoring, control and surveillance and anti-money laundering tools to address illegal fishing in the Philippines and Indonesia, Mary Ann E. Palma-Robles

The impact of military service on future labor-market outcomes, Alfredo R. Paloyo

Understanding and improving the thermal stability of layered ternary carbides in ceramic matrix composites, Wei Kong Pang and Itmeng Low

Suprasegmental measures of accentedness, Lucy Pickering and Amanda Ann Baker


Strategic marketing sustainability: from a marketing mix to a marketing matrix, Alan Pomering

Anthropomorphic brand presenters: the appeal of Frank the Sheep, Alan A. Pomering and Maria Frostling-Henningsson

Fitting clinical workflow: the case for wound care in a residential aged care home, Siyu Qian and Ping Yu

Singapore: forward operating site, Christopher Rahman

A dynamic, optimal approach for multi-issue negotiation under time constraints, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, and Quan Bai

A 'happy' coincidence: cognitive capitalism and well-being enhancement in schools, James Reveley

Notes on strategies for leaving and arriving home, Sarah Rodigari

Tidal flats and salt marshes, Kerrylee Rogers and Colin Woodroffe

Combating transnational environmental crime: future decisions, Gregory L. Rose

Conclusion: towards standards for early prevention and intervention of nearly everything for better mental health services, Alan Rosen and Peter Byrne

Seven-membered rings, John H. Ryan, Jason A. Smith, Christopher J. T Hyland, Adam Meyer, Charlotte C. Williams, Alex C. Bissember, and Jeremy Just


Defining areas for joint development in disputed waters, Clive Schofield

Defining the 'boundary' between land and sea: territorial sea baselines in the South China Sea, Clive Schofield

Securing the world’s most dangerous Strait?: The Bab al-Mandeb and Gulf of Aden, Clive Schofield

The Eldorado effect: reappraising the “Oil Factor” in maritime boundary disputes, Clive Schofield


Stickiness in knowledge transfer, Margret Schuller

Clinical exercise physiology placement supervision processes and practices: where are we and where to next?, Rebecca Sealey, Jacqueline Raymond, Herb Groeller, Kieron Rooney, Meagan Crabb, and Kerrianne Watt


Building workforce competencies through complex projects, Andrew Sense and Senevi Kiridena

Appellant S395/2002 v Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Nan Seuffert

A Delphi study on developing a conceptual framework to understand the perception of Iranian physicians towards electronic health records, Seyed Mohammad Seyedi Alavi and Khin Than Win


Justice with a vengeance: retributive desire in popular imagination, Cassandra Sharp

Diaspora: the enigma of dispersal, Paul Sharrad

Machine learning techniques for AD/MCI diagnosis and prognosis, Dinggang Shen, Chong-Yaw Wee, Daoqiang Zhang, Luping Zhou, and Pew-Thian Yap

'"Representational Waste": Refugees, Writing and Affect in this "Restless Epoch"', Antonio J. Simoes da Silva


‘Calling our Spirits home’: Indigenous cultural festivals and the making of a good life, Lisa Slater


Sovereign bodies: Australian Indigenous cultural festivals and flourishing lifeworlds, Lisa Slater

Waiting at the border: white filmmaking on the ground of Aboriginal sovereignty, Lisa Slater


A social networking website that provides educational support to children living with Type 1 diabetes, Richard Sprod, Shirley Agostinho, and Barry Harper

A person-centred approach to assessing the male and female reproductive systems, Moira Stephens

Polymorphism in casein protein aggregation and amyloid fibril formation, David Thorn, Heath Ecroyd, and John A. Carver

Re-visiting the Victorian subject, Maggie Tonkin, Mandy Treagus, Madeleine Seys, and Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

The applicability of gaming elements to early childhood education, Holly Tootell and Alison E. Freeman

Elite formation in the third industrial revolution, John Urry, Gil Viry, and Thomas Birtchnell

Coaching young athletes to positive development: implications for coach training, Stewart A. Vella and Wade Gilbert

Sea change: Gender, sexualities, mobility, and home, Gordon R. Waitt

Paying for proximity: touching the moral economy of ecological voluntourism, Gordon R. Waitt, Robert Figueroa, and Tom Nagle

Tourism and creative economies, Gordon R. Waitt and Christopher R. Gibson

Travel-as-homemaking, Gordon R. Waitt and Patricia Macquarie


Theories for competitive advantage, Hui-Ling Wang

Introduction: revitalization of China's industrial cradle, Mark Wang and Zhiming Cheng

The portents of changing climate: maritime security implications for the South China Sea, Robin Warner


Regional governance for fisheries and biodiversity, Robin Warner, Kristina Gjerde, and David Freestone

Crafting masculinities: A cultural economy of surfboard-making, Andrew T. Warren

Nanostructured conducting polymers for electrochemical sensing and biosensing, K Westmacott, Bo Weng, Gordon G. Wallace, and A J. Killard


Gleams of light: evolving knowledge in writing creative arts doctorates, Diana Wood Conroy

Mangrove shorelines, Colin D. Woodroffe, Catherine E. Lovelock, and Kerrylee Rogers

The impact of climate change on coastal ecosystems, Colin D. Woodroffe, Robert J. Nicholls, Virginia R. Burkett, and Donald L. Forbes


Beyond body facism: the place for health education, Jan Wright


Chinese International Film Encounters: Closing the Gaps with Hollywood with Soft Power Appeal at Home and Abroad (中国电影与韩国的国际碰撞-中国电影通过软实力追赶好莱坞), Brian Yecies

Patients' adoption of the e-appointment scheduling service: A case study in primary healthcare, Xiaojun Zhang, Ping Yu, and Jun Yan

Papers from 2013


Learning designs as a stimulus and support for teachers' design practices, Shirley Agostinho, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer, Jennifer Jones, and Barry Harper

Science to inform and models to engage, Kristin Alford, Lenore Manderson, Fabio Boschetti, Jocelyn Davies, Steve Hatfield Dodds, Ian Lowe, and Pascal Perez


While we are talking about environmental justice, let's give children a voice, Peter Andersen


Modeling the positioning of trichomes on the leaves of plants, Robert S. Anderssen, Maureen P. Edwards, and Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr

Indonesia'a "Invisible" border with China, I Made Andi Arsana and Clive H. Schofield


Ethnic food: the other in ourselves, Paula Arvela


Music, the political score, and communism in Australia: 1945-1968, Anthony I. Ashbolt and Glenn Mitchell

Music, the political score, and communism in Australia: 1945-1968, Anthony I. Ashbolt and Glenn Mitchell

Exploring human-plant entanglements: the case of Australian dioscorea yams, Jennifer Atchison and Lesley Head

From comorbidity to multiple health behaviour change, Amanda Baker, Sarah Hiles, Louise Thornton, Amanda Searl, Peter Kelly, and Frances Kay-Lambkin

Americana Group: KFC in Mecca (or Makkah), Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

ARAMEX PJSC: Carving a competitive advantage in the global logistics and express transportation service industry, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

East meets west: the world is round and time is cyclic, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Lammtara pictures: creating a cultural entertainment organisation - the way forwards, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Perspectives: corporate community engagement and empowerment, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

The 4D model of place brand management, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Greg Kerr

PEPSICO AMENA: The role of packaging in brand activation, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Ian Michael

General Electric: How GE worked to transform oncology healthcare in KSA, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Immanuel Moonesar


Erewhon: media, ecology, and utopia in the antipodes, Susan P. Ballard


Erewhon: media, ecology, and utopia in the antipodes, Susan (Su) Ballard

The Niah Caves, the ‘Human Revolution’, and foraging/farming transitions in Island Southeast Asia, Graeme Barker, Huw Barton, Franca Cole, Chris Doherty, David Gilbertson, Chris Hunt, Lindsay Lloyd-Smith, Philip Piper, Ryan J. Rabett, Tim Reynolds, and Katherine Szabo

Archaeological investigations in the Niah Caves, 1954-2004, Graeme Barker, Patrick Daly, Franca Cole, Lindsay Lloyd-Smith, Philip Piper, Ryan J. Rabett, and Katherine Szabo

Participatory approaches, Olivier Barreteau, P.W.G Bots, Katherine Daniell, Michel Etienne, Pascal Perez, Cecile Barnaud, D Bazile, Nicolas Becu, J.-C. Castella, William's Dare, and Guy Trebuil

Late Pleistocene foragers, c. 35,000-11,5000 years ago, Huw Barton, Graeme Barker, David Gilbertson, Chris Hunt, Lisa Kealhofer, Helen Lewis, Victor Paz, Philip Piper, Ryan J. Rabett, Tim Reynolds, and Katherine Szabo

Albatrosses and western attitudes to killing wild birds, Graham C. Barwell

World of Chaucer: adaptation, pedagogy, and interdisciplinarity, Graham Barwell and Christopher Moore

Piracy and maritime security: Japan's strategic challenges, Sam Bateman

Dispute settlement in the Law of the Sea Convention and territorial and maritime disputes in Southeast Asia: issues, opportunities and challenges, Lowell Bautista

Philippine-China border relations: cautious engagement amidst tensions, Lowell Bautista and Clive H. Schofield

Locations of nutrition practice, Eleanor Beck, Heather Yeatman, Linda Tapsell, Vicki Flood, and Barbara Meyer


Factors conducive to joint development in Asia -lessons learned for the South China Sea, Robert Beckman, Clive Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, Tara Davenport, and Leonardo Bernard


Moving forward on joint development in the South China Sea, Robert Beckman, Clive Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, Tara Davenport, and Leonardo Bernard


Une analyse sociolinguistique du code switching chez les adolescents mauriciens de niveau secondaire, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

Racism, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities, and higher education: reviewing the burden of epistemological and other racisms, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews and Bronwyn Carlson


Aim(E) for completing school and university: analysing the strength of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Valerie Harwood, Samantha McMahon, and Amy Priestly

Case study: the patient with inflammatory bowel disease, Sharon R. Bourgeois and Denise Blanchard

Beyond the boundary: vernacular mapping and the sharing of historical authority, Katherine Bowles


Beyond the boundary: vernacular mapping and the sharing of historical authority, Katherine Bowles

Christian the lion: an interview with Ace Bourke, Melissa J. Boyde

Introduction: Captured: The Animal Within Culture, Melissa J. Boyde

Mining animal death for all its worth, Melissa J. Boyde