Papers from 2014


Adaptive diagrams: A research agenda to explore how learners can manipulate online diagrams to self-manage cognitive load, Shirley Agostinho, Sharon Tindall-Ford, and Sahar Bokosmaty

Implications for neuroimaging for educational research, Pavlo D. Antonenko, Tamara van Gog, and Fred Paas

Implementing departmental peer observation of teaching in universities, Maureen Bell and Paul Cooper

Introduction: the movement of the few, Thomas Birtchnell and Javier Caletrio

Rockumentary and collective memory: a comparison of hype and the occy: a doco, Robert Carr

Dynamic visualisations and motor skills, Juan Cristobal Castro-Alonso, Paul Ayres, and Fred Paas

Small area methodology in poverty mapping, Raymond L. Chambers and Monica Pratesi

Historicizing capital as power: energy, capitalization and globalized social reproduction, Timothy DiMuzio

Introduction: The provocations of capital as power, Timothy DiMuzio

Environments that enhance dementia care: issues and challenges, Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett

Questions and answers: Understanding the connection between questioning and knowledge in game-centred approaches, Gregory J. Forrest

Medicalization in schools, Valerie Harwood and Samantha McMahon

Nursing care of people in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, Leeanne Heaton

Nursing care of clients having surgery, Ashley Kable and Sharon Bourgeois

A reflection on university teaching of the Nanjing controversy, Jason Lim


A multimodal analysis of the environment beat in a music video, Carmen Daniela Maier and Judith Leah Cross

Indigenous people and sentencing courts in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Elena Marchetti and Riley Downie

Simultaneous and sequential presentation of realistic and schematic instructional dynamic visualizations, Michelle L. Nugteren, Huib K. Tabbers, Katharina Scheiter, and Fred Paas

A Delphi study on developing a conceptual framework to understand the perception of Iranian physicians towards electronic health records, Seyed Mohammad Seyedi Alavi and Khin Than Win

'"Representational Waste": Refugees, Writing and Affect in this "Restless Epoch"', Antonio J. Simoes da Silva

Waiting at the border: white filmmaking on the ground of Aboriginal sovereignty, Lisa Slater


A social networking website that provides educational support to children living with Type 1 diabetes, Richard Sprod, Shirley Agostinho, and Barry Harper

A person-centred approach to assessing the male and female reproductive systems, Moira Stephens

Elite formation in the third industrial revolution, John Urry, Gil Viry, and Thomas Birtchnell

Papers from 2013


Learning designs as a stimulus and support for teachers' design practices, Shirley Agostinho, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer, Jennifer Jones, and Barry Harper

Science to inform and models to engage, Kristin Alford, Lenore Manderson, Fabio Boschetti, Jocelyn Davies, Steve Hatfield Dodds, Ian Lowe, and Pascal Perez


While we are talking about environmental justice, let's give children a voice, Peter Andersen


Modeling the positioning of trichomes on the leaves of plants, Robert S. Anderssen, Maureen P. Edwards, and Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr

Indonesia'a "Invisible" border with China, I Made Andi Arsana and Clive H. Schofield


Ethnic food: the other in ourselves, Paula Arvela

Music, the political score, and communism in Australia: 1945-1968, Anthony I. Ashbolt and Glenn Mitchell

Lammtara pictures: creating a cultural entertainment organisation - the way forwards, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

The 4D model of place brand management, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan and Greg Kerr

Albatrosses and western attitudes to killing wild birds, Graham C. Barwell

Piracy and maritime security: Japan's strategic challenges, Walter S. Bateman

Philippine-China border relations: cautious engagement amidst tensions, Lowell Bautista and Clive H. Schofield

Locations of nutrition practice, Eleanor Beck, Heather Yeatman, Linda Tapsell, Vicki Flood, and Barbara Meyer


Une analyse sociolinguistique du code switching chez les adolescents mauriciens de niveau secondaire, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

Racism, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities, and higher education: reviewing the burden of epistemological and other racisms, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews and Bronwyn Carlson


Aim(E) for completing school and university: analysing the strength of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Valerie Harwood, Samantha McMahon, and Amy Priestly

Case study: the patient with inflammatory bowel disease, Sharon R. Bourgeois and Denise Blanchard

Christian the lion: an interview with Ace Bourke, Melissa J. Boyde

Introduction: Captured: The Animal Within Culture, Melissa J. Boyde

Mining animal death for all its worth, Melissa J. Boyde

'Mrs Boss! We gotta get those fat cheeky bullocks into that big bloody metal ship!': Live export as romantic backdrop in Baz Luhrmann's Australia, Melissa J. Boyde

Sea-level rise impacts and responses: a global perspective, Sally Brown, Robert J. Nicholls, Colin D. Woodroffe, Susan Hanson, Jochen Hinkel, Abiy S. Kebede, Barbara Neumann, and Athanasios T. Vafeidis


Pre-socratic media theory, Brogan S. Bunt

Reforming how we prepare teachers to teach literacy: Why? What? How?, Brian Cambourne and Julie Kiggins

Actions of N-Acetylcysteine in the central nervous system: implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, David Camfield


The local index formula in noncommutative geometry revisited, Alan L. Carey, John Phillips, Adam C. Rennie, and Fyodor A. Sukochev


Semi-finite noncommutative geometry and some applications, Alan L. Carey, Adam C. Rennie, and John Phillips


The ‘new frontier’: Emergent Indigenous identities and social media, Bronwyn Carlson

Mindfulness in coaching: philosophy, psychology, or just a useful skill?, Michael J. Cavanagh and Gordon B. Spence

Locating play: the situated localities of online and handheld gaming in South East Asia, Dean Chan

Effective human resources management practices in small and medium enterprises: global perspectives of the MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey) economies, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara and Pramila Rao

Nutrition during the lifecycle: nutritional needs of older adults, Karen Charlton and Karen Walton

On turbulence transition in three-dimensional boundary layer flow, J C. Chen and Weijia Chen

Nano/composite materials for lithium-ion batteries, Shulei Chou, Jiazhao Wang, Hua K. Liu, and Shi Xue Dou

Out of the shadows, Maureen Clark

Feminism and gender, Georgine W. Clarsen

The dog and the chameleon poet, Anne A. Collett

Digital natives: Exploring the diversity of young people's experience with technology, Linda Corrin, Sue Bennett, and Lori Lockyer

Calling in childrearing: Promoting meaningful, purposeful living in family life, Justin Coulson, Gerald Stoyles, and Lindsay Oades

Vietnamese migrant clothing workers in Malaysia: global production, transnational labour migration and social reproduction, Vicki D. Crinis


Extracellular chaperones, Rebecca A. Dabbs, Amy R. Wyatt, Justin J. Yerbury, Heath Ecroyd, and Mark R. Wilson

Focus groups in health research, Patricia M. Davidson, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, and Leila Gholizadeh

The use of time in the design, conduct and write-up of longitudinal processual case study research, Patrick Dawson

Thermomechanical processing (TMP) and strain-induced phase transformation in titanium alloys, A Dehghan-Manshadi and Rian Dippenaar

Exploring the 'tool metaphor' for using digital technology in teaching students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Roselyn M. Dixon and Irina Verenikina

Ecotourists - Who are they and what should we really call them?, Sara Dolnicar, Venkata Yanamandram, and Emil Juvan

Introduction: the need for field research on terrorism, Adam Dolnik


Tools for learning: technology and teaching strategies, Michelle J. Eady and Lori Lockyer

Conclusions: Beijing's power and China's borders, Bruce A. Elleman, Stephen Kotkin, and Clive H. Schofield

Introduction: Beijing's power and China's borders, Bruce A. Elleman and Clive H. Schofield

Demonic possession, exorcism and witchcraft, Deborah S. Ferber


Negotiating gender in men’s research among men, Michael G. Flood

Assessment of mental health and mental illness, Terry Froggatt and Susan Liersch


Discovery of communications patterns by the use of intelligent reasoning, J Fulcher, M Zhang, Q Bai, and F Ren


Careers and organisational objectives: managing competing interests in cooperative research centres, Sam Garrett-Jones, Tim Turpin, and Kieren Diment

The global cowboy: rural masculinities and sexualities, Chris Gibson

Tourism, Chris Gibson

Urban cultural policy, city size, and proximity, Chris Gibson and Gordon Waitt

State of the art in business process management, Michael Glykas

Nutrition during the lifecycle: infancy and childhood, Sara Grafenauer, Vicki Flood, and Kanita Kunaratnam

Nutrition during the lifecycle: pregnancy and lactation, Sara Grafenauer and Rebecca Thorne

Tourism in a technology-dependent world, Ulrike Gretzel

Electron spin resonance dating of vertebrate remains from the Pestera cu Oase, Rainer Grun, Tegan Kelly, and Maxime Aubert


An appraisal of the extent and geomorphological diversity of the coral reefs of the United Kingdom Dependent Territories, S Hamylton and S Andrefouet


Indigenous identities and the politics of authenticity, Michelle Harris, Bronwyn Carlson, and Evan S. Poata-Smith

Online health information for chronic disease: diabetes, Naffisah Hassan, Khin T. Win, and Peter N. Hyland

Brand alliance of D.A.R.E. and keepin' it REAL: A case study in brand dissemination practices, Michael L. Hecht and Jeong Kyu Lee

Religious pluralism, inclusive secularism, and democratic constitutionalism: the Indonesian experience, Nadirsyah Hosen

Psychology’s inescapable need for conceptual clarification, Daniel Hutto

Radically enactive cognition in our grasp, Daniel Hutto

Still a cause for concern: reasons, causes and explanations, Daniel Hutto

Interpersonal relating, Daniel D. Hutto


Why believe in contentless beliefs?, Daniel D. Hutto

In Conversation: Lucas Ihleinwith with Teri Hoskin, Lucas M. Ihlein and Teri Hoskin


Ground improvement at the Port of Brisbane, Australia using vertical drains and vacuum assisted preloading, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and A S. Balasubramaniam

High intensity focused ultrasound and non-invasive body contouring, Mark Jewell and James L. Jewell