This section primarily includes audio and visual items. Additional related material can be found under the Creative Works document type, which is a classification primarily used for the ERA process.


Papers from 2014

Package mipfp, Johan Barthelemy, Thomas F. Suesse, and Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad

Papers from 2013


Four Short Films Made with Love: 'Nothing as it Seems', David Blackall

A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Communist, David Blackall and Nick Mclaren

Leaked documents create tension around Trio collapse, David Blackall, Nick Mclaren, and Greg Miskelly

Clocks and Clouds: In A Pentagonal Room, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima

Eat, Pray, Mourn: Crime and Punishment in Jakarta, Siobhan A. McHugh and J. Baker

Hidden Sidetracks (ABC Radio Broadcast), Terumi Narushima

Papers from 2012

Frank the Poet: A Convict's Tour to Hell, Maree Delofski, Nick Franklin, and Mark Gregory

Elixir, Elizabeth D. Eastland


Quiet Terror, Elizabeth D. Eastland

Stirring, Elizabeth D. Eastland and Wendy Suiter

On tour in Europe: 'Australian theatre' and the theatre aesthetics of 'The Sydney Front', Margaret M. Hamilton

Radical history - Interview on Hindsight - Citizen in the Republic of the Arts: Lucien Henry, Terence H. Irving

Aboriginal embassy:, Nick Mclaren, David Blackall, Terumi Narushima, and Oliver Kutzner

Papers from 2011


Lost Innocents of Kashmir, David Blackall, Kraig Grady, and Oliver Kutzner


The Virtual Museum of the Pacific, Peter W. Eklund, Frank Howarth, and Jennie A. Lawson

Papers from 2010

Nuclear Energy: A Panacea for Climate Change?, Adam Robert Lucas


Talking Heads, Thompson Peter, Sue Woolfe, Gordon Graham, and Wendy Suiter


In the Heat of the Night. Thermogenesis - how some plants produce heat to attract insect pollinators, Sharon A. Robinson, G. M.A. Netherwood, N. M. Grant, and J. Barnes

Papers from 2009


Power for the People, S. A. McHugh


Marrying Out Part 1 - Not in Front of the Altar, Siobhan McHugh


Marrying Out Part 2- Between Two Worlds, Siobhan McHugh

Safe Learning in Lectures, Peter D. McLean and Maureen Bell

Intellectually Disabled People and the NSW Courts, Linda Roslyn Steele

Myeloma in the 21st century: living on, Moira Stephens

Papers from 2006

Time-based art: an Introduction, Su Ballard

Children of the Sun, Adam Loughlin, Bronwyn Lumby, and Rebecca Carlson

Papers from 2003

Bringing Them Home [brief television commercial shown on Win TV], Bronwyn Lumby

Papers from 2001


Sleep: Ghostwriting, Su Ballard


Tune into Fairfield City: A Multicultural Driving Tour, A Castillo and Tanja Dreher

Papers from 1992


Can it Hurt Less? [Video], David Blackall

Applications in Air Pollution Control, Judy A. Raper

Papers from 1988


Echo of a Distant Drum [Episode 1], Siobhan McHugh