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Journal Article

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Jood, P, Peleckis, G, Wang, P, Dou, SX, Yamauchi, H, & Karppinen, M (2010), Phase formation and magnetotransport of alkali metal doped Na0.75CoO2 thermoelectric oxide, Journal of Applied Physics, 107(9), pp. 1-3.


Synthesis and characterization of bulk NaxCoO2 samples substituted by K and Rb is reported. Phase formation studies revealed a narrow stable region for Na-alkali metal-Co system. Whisker and platelike single crystalline structures have been found to form on the surface of the pellets in case of K doping. All samples were metallic and no characteristic anomaly in R-T curves was observed for Rb doped sample. Magnetoresistance measured has a pronounced positive response only for K-doped and pure NaxCoO2 phases, reaching 11% and 7% at 5 K temperature, respectively.





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