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Li, Z., Feng, H., Zhuang, J., Pu, N., Wang, L., Xu, X., Hao, W. & Du, Y. (2016). Metal-silicene interaction studied by scanning tunneling microscopy. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 28 (3), 1-5.


Ag atoms have been deposited on 3 x 3 silicene and √3 x √3 silicene films by molecular beam epitaxy method in ultrahigh vacuum. Using scanning tunneling microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, we found that Ag atoms do not form chemical bonds with both 3 x 3 silicene and √3 x √3 silicene films, which is due to the chemically inert surface of silicene. On 3 x 3 silicene films, Ag atoms mostly form into stable flat-top Ag islands. In contrast, Ag atoms form nanoclusters and glide on silicene films, suggesting a more inert nature. Raman spectroscopy suggests that there is more sp 2 hybridization in √3 x √3 than in √7 x √7/3 x 3 silicene films.

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ARC/LE100100081, ARC/LE110100099