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Zhuang, J. C., Li, Z., Xu, X., Wang, L., Yeoh, W. K., Xing, X. Z., Shi, Z. X., Wang, X. L., Du, Y. & Dou, S. X. (2015). Pauli-limited effect in the magnetic phase diagram of FeSexTe1−x thin films. Applied Physics Letters, 107 (22), 222601-1-222601-5.


We present a detailed investigation on the doping dependence of the upper critical fieldHc2(T) of FeSexTe1−xthin films (0.18 ≤ x ≤ 0.90) by measuring the electrical resistivity as a function of magnetic field. The Hc2(T) curves exhibit a downturn behavior with decreasing temperature in all the samples, owing to the Pauli-limited effect (spin paramagnetic effect). The Pauli-limited effect on the upper critical field can be monotonically modulated by variation of the Se/Te composition. Our results show that Te-doping induced disorder and excess Fe atoms give rise to enhancement of the Pauli-limited effect.

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ARC/DP120100095, ARC/DP140102581