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Bai, Y., Han, C., Chen, X., Yu, H., Zong, X., Li, Z. & Wang, L. (2015). Boosting the efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells up to 7.11% through simultaneous engineering of photocathode and photoanode. Nano Energy, 13 609-619.


We demonstrate a new strategy of boosting the efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs) by engineering the photocathode and photoanode simultaneously. Nanostructured photocathodes based on non-stoichiometric Cu2-xSe electrocatalysts were developed via a simple and scalable approach for CdS/CdSe QDs co-sensitized solar cells. Compared to Cu2S CE, remarkably improved photovoltaic performance was achieved for QDSSCs with Cu2-xSe CEs. The superior catalytic activity and electrical conductivity of Cu2-xSe CEs were verified by the electrochemical impedance spectra and Tafel-polarization measurements. To maximize the efficiency enhancement, the photoanodes were optimized by introducing a pillared porous titania composite as the scattering layers for further light harvesting and charge transfer improvement concurrently. The combination of effective Cu2-xSe electrocatalysts and pillared titania scattering layers contributed to one of the best reported efficiencies of 7.11% for CdS/CdSe QDs co-sensitized solar cells.

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ARC/DP130102274, ARC/DP130102699



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