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Zhang, Z., Jin, Z., Pan, Q., Xu, Y., Lin, X., Ma, G. & Cheng, Z. (2014). Temperature dependent photoexcited carrier dynamics in multiferroic BiFeO3 film: a hidden phase transition. Applied Physics Letters, 104 (15), 151902-1-151902-5.


The ultrafast carrier dynamics of the multiferroic BiFeO3 film in a broad temperature range is investigated using optical pump-probe spectroscopy. The photoexcited electrons release their energy with optical phonons emission through electron-phonon coupling in about 1 ps. The following intermediate process is identified as dynamical spin-lattice coupling in several picoseconds. Furthermore, the peak values of the optical reflectivity and the time constants of carrier relaxation channels show significant changes while the temperature varies from 137.5 K to around 195 K, this aligns with the previously reported hidden phase transition. Our study demonstrates that ultrafast spectroscopy is a sensitive method to look into the dynamical interactions among the on-site high-energy electrons accumulated in the p conduction band of Bi, coherent optical phonon, as well as the spin degree of freedom. These features play crucial roles in the characterization of phase transitions.

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