A transactional view of shedding at the Berry Men's Shed



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A. Wicks, "A transactional view of shedding at the Berry Men's Shed", in Transactional perspectives on occupation (eds M. P. Cutchin & V. A. Dickie), (Springer, Netherlands, 2013) 119-131.


Shedding refers to the whole experience that occurs within a men's shed program. A transactional view of shedding at the Berry Men's Shed reveals the human and material transformations that occur as well as the resultant individual and community benefits. Understanding shedding from a transactional perspective highlights the complexity and multidimensional nature of shedding. Shedding involves more than just doing. It involves doing with others and doing for others. Moreover, a transactional view of the Berry Men's Shed demonstrates the valuable contributions of community-based, occupation-focused programs and the importance of opportunities for such programs to be developed organically. Such understandings are not gained when a view of occupation is too individualistic or when interrelations between person and context rather than their holistic transactions are studied.

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