Volume 3, Issue 3 (2009) Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal - Student Poster Special

This Special Issue of The Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal showcases student posters presented at the University of Wollongong’s 2009 forum on marketing ethics. The aim of publishing these works is to disseminate how approximately 500 commerce students were encouraged and enabled to display their work and to give examples of this work so that other educators might by empowered to hold similar forums.

Journal Articles


Drink beer to save the planet
Lauren Barfield, Chris Mallate, Rachel Boyle, Laurelle Metusela, and Barnaby Bartlett


What are you Really Drinking?
Iain Russell, Stephen Gibb, Lloyd Fermine, and Kendall Park


Nestlé Milo
Sarah Kimberley Stevens